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  3. yup out the room within about 5 seconds, we lived on a new build and ironically they got in similar to how i would've done to run about empty half built houses as my "hut" when i was a kid albeit i only did it to windows where the handle was up and i could just make the little bar pop up, They put lever in the gap between opening part of the window/ main frame but they didn't care if there was a locking handle down/bar, just leant on it so the bar popped up and the handle ripped off, which is prob what woke me. Those wee screw down bits things you get for the bar part make a big difference apparently puts them off (at the time) how they got out was impressive tbh, talking about a standard large panel window with two small windows that opened out like a door on either side, about a foot and a half wide max, dad said pair of them instantly turned and lept through it without breaking stride landing in the garden then to the end of the road where a lad was in car waiting. didn't get much since i woke up, stuff outta mums bag, similar to above, had been breaking into a load in the area same way. actually this is easier, not that we've lived there in ages, same windows still, so that big window on the left with the two small ones flanking it, they bounced through the small window nearest the adjoining house, landed in garden and took off, wouldn't have been bushes and such then just grass we'd only moved in and it was a new build google maps
  4. Excellent, love Hagi tbh one of the reasons I took to football was Italia 90 and tbh Hagi torturing Paul McGrath, both amazing players Then in 94 Romania vs Argentina was a cracker, Romanias second goal especially was all hagi, just getting it out wide and playing two passes inside like they were nothing
  5. Did they escape then or what, half-a-story harry
  6. you'd be surprised, i'm a light sleeper so everything wakes me up always has done, we got burgled when i was about 10. I heard someone downstairs, wandered down about 5am(it turned out) i assumed it was a bit later and it was mum getting ready for work, peered through crack of the door and seen two lads, one at at a tv other at this corner unit thing with ornaments and the like in it, wandered myself back upstairs woke up the parents who thought i was talking shite and sleepwalking (i'm still prone to doing that), until mum heard the corner unit being unlocked, queue dad downstairs shouting etc, police came and all that Kid bro slept through the entire thing woke up about 10am , tbh dad prob would've slept through similar if i'd not woken them up, absolutely dead to the world when they're asleep.
  7. Should start studying your own mate, I've only got one now so it's infinitely bigger than the other.
  8. Found his level, finally
  9. Just four years since his England call up.
  10. Sad to hear that, Troops. Unfortunately utter cunts walk amongst us.
  11. How did they manage to get in and how many of you were in the house? Can't imagine sleeping through something like that. Get that lass who sorted Barnesy out to sort a whip round!
  12. aye, that's a shit hand like troops, sorry to hear that too.
  13. I'm not saying one tit was THAT bigger than the other, but I reckon she couldn't avoid swimming in circles.
  14. I've never studied bollocks but I've never noticed such an obvious disparity between right and left chebs before.
  15. Sorry to hear that, mate.
  16. Pissed off woke up this morning to find that we'd been burgled not much was taken as we dont have a lot. The son's ps4 & Mrs T's handbag with her purse bank/credit cards driving licence all have been reported stolen & stopped they've not been used. It's the fact we live in a paraplegic bungalow & somebody's been in our home. The only good thing is they've only taken stuff it can be replaced at least nobody was hurt. No printsvleft the forensic guy said they'd worn gloves i hope the bastards use any money they make to buy drugs that they either get a bad batch or O.D. the bastards. To make matters worse we cancelled home insurance about 3 months ago as money was tight & we thought we lived in a safe area
  17. Not sure re: the latter but definitely had an issue with asymmetric tits
  18. Was it Manc-Mag who had the obsession with symmetrical breasts and labia?
  19. Not a doctor but arent tits like bollocks in that there is always one bigger than the other?
  20. Different needs for different requirements though. China is attempting to fast pace itself into a developed nation - I don't see any way of doing that without steamrolling over people's rights. They're also doing a decent job of controlling a populace who have become far too nationalistic, and are probably a greater threat without the CCP than they are with them, at this point in time. Were they a developed country, then obviously the situation would be totally different. I will stress though, that they don't have my blessing. Just my understanding on a pragmatic level that some things (population control in a nation with 25% of the world's population and 8% of the world's fresh water) are more important than others (human rights with respect of having children).
  21. Scifo's was like a traction engine.
  22. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/40716688
  23. It's quite clear on this photo actually. The right one is definitely my favourite.
  24. I mentioned it to a few mates last night but it seemed I was the only one who spotted it. I'm glad I'm not the only one.
  25. Thankyou. I knew I wouldn't be alone. Mrs HF rolled her eyes when i pointed it out.
  26. Transfers

    I think I've spotted the flaw in your plan there Baldrick.
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