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  1. Past hour
  2. Encouraging first half hour, fell apart after that. Pogba the difference. They are miles off the title imo
  3. Some shocking defending in this game, the past month has been utter shite from us. We need to be more solid and more committed at the back. Every time a ball goes into the box we look shaky.
  4. We've missed Lascelles today. Have to take the positives onwards, good first half, good going forward. Murphy actually looked decent at times today. Need to pick up points against Watford and West Brom.
  5. Lost my stream & i dont care United bastards
  6. Stupid defending, tons of space, goals shipped left and right. Thats a Pardew team you little pricks Its a really strange game. We've played some very good stuff. Created chances. Scoreline is harsh but fact is we've been poor at the back.
  7. Like I said, Pardew team now. Disgusting defending. Who was that Clark? Pathetic.
  8. 4-1 down at Old Trafford, enjoy your chance Mitro.
  9. Mitrovic=something happens Josselu = nothing happens
  10. If Shelvey had of done that they'd be hell on
  11. Fucking disgusting player Smalling. Should have been sent off in the 3-3 a couple of seasons back as well. Cunt.
  12. Shelvey has grafted his bollocks off here, poor supporting cast
  13. Some of the players look tired. Bring on Perez and Mitro. Take a chance. Nothing to lose.
  14. Struggling to see Joselu's contribution to the game, yet again.
  15. We lacked urgency in defense there, plenty of space and opportunity for us with the ball, we're failing to make the most if it at the minute.
  16. I hope this doesn't turn into a hiding as we don't deserve it
  17. Fuck me if Savage wanks off Rashford anymore his dick will be broken. Fucking nonce
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