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  2. Transfers

    We've still got 4 keepers unfortunately. Personally would like 1-Reina 2-Elliot or Darlow 3-Woodman
  3. Transfers

    Aye got to the point where it just didn't seem as if he was learning earlier in the season and that late Villa equaliser was the finish of him after a few shaky moments. I think everyone was willing him to do well but mistake after mistake meant fans and finally Rafa ran out of patience.
  4. Aye, same here. Incredible the way Afghanistan in particular have risen from nowhere. It's not long ago they were only affiliate members of the ICC (that's two levels below Test status with the likes of Malta, Greece and the Isle of Man). Think Ireland will do ok eventually too as they often seem to punch above their weight when it comes to sport in general.
  5. Ireland and Afghanistan given test status. Happy to hear that.
  6. Viz letters page:
  7. The fact that he recommended Riviere as a signing even if he was well down the list, should have been enough to get him sacked. You can't tell me that even for the price we paid for him we couldn't have signed many better players.
  8. Does this mean that the City Of London will indeed become independent
  9. Yeah but they'd have been 'heavily vetted'
  10. Had about 12 nutritionists, the fat cunt
  11. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-40362594 My mate who works at an influential bank reckons the financial sector will remain in the EU come hell or high water....That the emergency forward planning meetings have had various reassurances from Govt. sources.
  12. Divorce bill first. ''Britain and the EU agreed to focus the first stages of negotiations over Brexit on divorce proceedings from the bloc in a meeting that both sides hailed as constructive after an early concession from London on the sequence of talks. The two sides agreed to prioritise negotiations on Britain’s exit bill and a settlement on rights for EU citizens living in the UK and Britons on the continent, in line with Brussels’ longstanding demands for the structure of the discussions. Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, and David Davis, the UK Brexit minister, stressed after their talks in Brussels that an exit deal was achievable, but both conceded the talks were up against the clock, with Britain set to leave the EU in March 2019.'' https://www.ft.com/content/34b704a0-54d7-11e7-9fed-c19e2700005f?mhq5j=e1
  13. You could see it as soon as we were linked with some shitty arsed French winger on the last day of the January window when we were allegedly working our bollocks off on Townsend. Wonder who was in the ear of Charnley there. I also wonder who wanted his pockets lined by that agency again.
  14. Transfers

    A shame that it didn't work out for him really but with Elliott and Darlow, you do have to wonder why he was signed. I know Elliott was injured for a lot of the time but Woodman didn't move until January IIRC.
  15. Allardyce had a "Performance Director" I believe, didn't he?
  16. Nice to see the whole media establishment calling them out on this.
  17. That reminds me the local posh supermarket is now stocking this little beauty. ''Made in Rhyl by the Snowdonia Cheese Company, this is a fiery, red-wax-coated Red Leicester made from pasteurised milk with chillies and crushed pepper. The company also makes a fantastic black-wax-coated mature cheddar called Little Black Bomber, and a creamy cheddar with garlic and herbs called Green Thunder.'' http://www.visitwales.com/~/media/20db93a0820b480c800c6906ab8ba98f.ashx?h=361&la=en&w=642 http://www.visitwales.com/things-to-do/attractions/food-and-drink/welsh-cheese
  18. Surely they should have been aware of the social housing element before buying. If it wasn't the residents of Grenfell then it would have been other low-income residents moving in anyway.
  19. On the upside at least there won't be a stampede for locally sourced vegan furniture or Alpine milk hand pulled by Wagnerian virgins at dusk on pristine buttercup adorned slopes.
  20. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/owen-jones-gleefully-brands-daily-mail-an-open-sewer_uk_594b7656e4b01cdedf0058cc
  21. And aye, the values of those places will plummet, what a load of shite. They'll be worth more than what they paid for them already. They won't even see the people in the social housing bit they just don't like the idea of it.
  22. Yep - propagating this idea that anyone with money works hard and anyone without is a lazy skiver. Just like when Cameron accused people on benefits for their presumption of entitlement with no thought for that of him and his ilk.
  23. Fuck them, I hope they're seething, the utter cunts
  24. "Worked very hard" = "Had rich parents, could afford privileged educations, had contacts for good jobs, worked about as hard as everyone else just with the advantages of hereditary wealth and class."
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