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  1. Yesterday
  2. Managed to hit 281. Seems to be easier to force your way to a degree from 280 since you can apply the armor mods so readily. Plenty of clan stuff to do this week by the looks. Going to target to be 290 by next Tuesday.
  3. 9/10 under pressure I go with the inner voice. Most people in situations public/social or otherwise don't really know what's going on and are worrying about themselves and looking for the usual cues anyway - you can basically get away with a lot. I find there is a lot of weird pressure from my friends about being myself...I'm not here to perform fuckers! My mind wanders when others are talking, it's quite pleasant really. It amuses me that people set up stories like they just cured cancer and it turns out the cat got lost or summat....
  4. I know a lad that drank on it, apparently he tried to drive on it because he really believed it was ok, then gave up and tried to fight as many people as possible before going to sleep.
  5. Zero people skills required. "aye, it's been busy" "I finish at ..... " "aye, nice / crap weather" Is about all you need. Radio at reasonable level for when inane conversation is over and passenger reaches for cell phone.
  6. @DVATW Despite the subsidy they get from the BBC.

  7. ENTJ-A apparently
  8. Had tramadol after my cancer op, I went to a wedding and did other stuff(s) didn't end well for me but it was fun
  9. For some of the modes I played, playing as a team or with a system will be massively beneficial, particularly Hardline. Tempted to get myself a headset.
  10. Did Meyers Briggs Test through a leadership course at work a couple of years ago. Came out with ENTP
  11. Not for sale
  12. No advertising your spares. Edit your post. How much?
  13. 2 tablets 4 times a day. I was on a few other things as well so I was off my head all the time or at best drowsy. Lost a good few days to it like I was having ibroprofen or paracetamol at the same time too. Apparently paracetamol accelerates it. im off it now like but I've got a few spare just in case...
  14. Plenty of people believed him to be more than good enough for us.
  15. Just stare at their tits.
  16. Not going all tranny and Suzanne but them are fucking woeful Ant mate
  17. I'm not enough of a 'people' person I'm afraid
  18. Currently onto book four of the Bernicia Chronicles, loving them all so far. Basically it's set in 7th century Britain and is based around the life of one warrior, but also attempts to factor in real life events. So Oswald of Northumbria has quite a prominent role in things at the moment. I'm a proper nerdlinger for anything Anglo-Saxon, so if that's what you like then I can't recommend them enough.
  19. How many a day to you have to take? Some days I have to take 8 of them, proper space cadet shit.
  20. I'm leaning towards no... I'll be actively looking for something better whether I take it or not. I'm basically without a disposable income here but it's otherwise great. Just not working shifts is the greatest, in a better mood for it. Rarely even have a pop at j69 anymore
  21. If it has the Quantum pickups I'm sold, still waiting on an email. ALL THE IBANEZEZ
  22. i wear the likes of this for work , prefer boots than broges or whatever
  23. That's great! Get more!
  24. Actually not a bad suggestion.
  25. Leave me alone man, I have issues
  26. Drive a taxi, meet new people, work your own hours, be your own boss while you figure stuff out.
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