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Holden McGroin

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    darn sarf
  1. I think Mayweather will just grind him down for a few rounds then it will get stopped. He'll be too quick for McGregor and far too wily around the ring. The lead upto the fight will be more interesting than when they are in the ring. Mayweather is so calm and calculated he wont even give him a chance to fire off a left.
  2. Pickford going to Everton for £30m? Crazy.
  3. I like his stubborness. A lot of people view him as weak but he sticks to his guns. I'd want this trait in a leader rather than May dropping her knickers at the first sign of unrest.
  4. I dont think he was that good and his finishing was pretty poor to be honest. I doubt he would have made a PL striker. More lower league. I agree he has messed his life up. He obviously has issues.
  5. Transfers

    Cairney looked quality last night. And their right back Fredericks.
  6. They could well go down again.
  7. AC seems to be giving away too much in the trailers for me. Big promotion push. Normally a sign that the movie isn't going to be good.
  8. Good. Im off to See Guardians tonight. Hopefully get to see Alien Covenant at the weekend as well although im not expecting a classic. Prometheus was probably the biggest movie disappointment i've had in years.
  9. He has been our best centre half this season. Hopefully we can get someone decent alongside him next season. M'Bemba looks like he'll be out of favour and Hanley will be sold.
  10. Split - Good story line but poor execution 6/10
  11. AJ is lightening quick for a heavyweight. 19 KOs out of 19 backs that up.
  12. Totally agree. It looks like Joshua emptied his tank in the 5th trying to put him away but to stay in the fight showed fantastic spirit. I was on my feet in the 11th. Great fight.
  13. I'm not going to lie. I didnt fancy reading 7 pages so just made an assumption.
  14. Anita as well. Not sure why Rafa seems to prefer him over Yedlin.
  15. Dummett has started the most Championship games for us this season. Nice guy but not good enough for the PL. He needs to be shipped out.