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  1. Genuinely thought this would be a thread about missing posters from here.
  2. The one certainty is I'll eff and blind at the TV when they call them united and omit the same title for us. Also it'll be the man U show where we're barely an afterthought. I'm getting angry now and it hasn't even started yet.
  3. Must've missed this. He's still busy on the Twitter so it must've been this place that he'd had enough of.
  4. An old workmate of mine who was a character in his own right, told me about being in Cork, (IIRC?') and cracking on with a lercal taxi driver whose patter by the sound of it was similar to my old work pal. Anyhow, he gets talking about Roy Keane's father who was known to the local taxi drivers for being a bit of a blaggart when he was full of peeve. One day, the taxi driver picks Keane's Dad up and he's obviously had a few and full of it. "Do you know who my son is?" He says. The driver says to my mate that he didn't let on he knew. "Go ahead, I don't know who your son is." Pissed Keane senior replies, "I'll give you a clue, he's Ireland's and Manchester United's greatest ever captain. There you go!" The taxi driver looks in the mirror deadpan and says, "fuck me! You big Paul McGrath's dad?" Keane senior took it well, "fucking Paul McGrath? I'm Roy Keane's Dad! Fucking Paul McGrath?" Might've just been a tale for a tourist but it made my pal laugh.
  5. We used to have a poster called Paddington who came from Peru. Bit of a hairy cunt IIRC? You'll get it if he reads any anti Peruvian posts I tells ya! Two things stick out about McGrath for me. One, a canny anecdote from an old workmate, 'a mag at work' I suppose. Two, 'big Ron' getting serenaded at SJP after the fifth goal had flew in with 'where's your drunken centre half?' as McGrath had allegedly blew the game on account of still being pissed the day of the game.
  6. No, Geordie.
  7. You're Nicholas Witchell aren't you?
  8. That doesn't work Ken, otherwise I'd be a big Hong Kong fan.
  9. Who watches these shit reality shows, man?