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  1. Thought it was pretty average tbh and the plot diversions didn't help either. It wasn't shite but I'd hoped for better.
  2. Aye, that's how I'm seeing it go ATM.
  3. HRMC haven't knocked us back, the accounting dept don't think we're entitled to it. We bought bathroom gear last year and got vat knocked off at sale after filling in the form. A couple of years ago we paid in full at our old house but went back a few days later for vat refund but the wife reckons this was because we didn't have appropriate docs on us at sale. In this instance we paid up front in 'sale' early Jan whilst building of extension was still in progression.
  4. Bit of advice required; We in the past have had bathrooms installed to suit my missus and have been able to fill in a form with the companies involved which us back the vat on the costs due to the Wife's disability. We got a kitchen ordered a few months ago and queried whether this was the same as we weren't so sure. We went to a well known business and were assured by the manager of the place that he dealt with the forms all the time and it was ok. He then gave us the form to be filled in by the fitter on completion of the job and to be handed back to themselves who would send it off for our refund. I stressed that this needed to be correct otherwise I wouldn't be buying the kitchen we'd picked but would get something different and was assured it wasn't a problem. Anyway, after the job was finally completed with adjustments it turns out too much stuff was ordered and returned three weeks ago. I still haven't been refunded yet and last night the wife had a forwarded email from their financial dept saying the kitchen didn't qualify after we handed them the completed form. So the £2000 ish I was expecting back isn't going to happen. I've looked again at hrmc rules and they may be right but it also states that suppliers must pay vat back at sale and it's up to suppliers to make sure exemption is appropriate and both parties must not fraudulently try to claim vat exemption. As far as I've read it this manager has intentionally or not, fraudulently sold me a kitchen at the wrong price. I'm obviously going to see them in the next couple of days, (I'm in the middle of 12hr nightshifts ATM). Have I a leg to stand on? I've contemplated small claims and also the police if I get an attempted brush off. I'm fucking boiling over this as with the DWP business I'm already £10k down till our appeal hearing having bought our former motability car.
  5. Absolutely. RIP.
  6. Transfers

    @Happy Face I must have your bubble too as I've only seen a few 'placaters' telling 'everybody', (nobody in mine or your case), to chill out.
  7. 'Bally' and 'Catts' to have a bare chested knuckle fight for the right to take training. Loser has to sign a years extension on their contract.
  8. There's also a Japanese car thief called Nikki Moto who has even less to do with it.
  9. Simon Grayson has said he isn't interested in the Sunderland job. Also, Larry Grayson is 'shutting the door' on any chance of managing Sunderland as although he's actually dead, he still wouldn't want to be seen there.
  10. Obviously his inexperience shining through in his tweet.
  11. Anyone had a go or own one of these? Bought one primarily for the youngest daughter's birthday but obviously we all had a go. It's the Sony VR headset and I couldn't believe the technology tbh. Had a go at a shark cage game which was great but the next two games was a VR addition to her star wars game plus a halo type game which knocked me nauseous. I've never been one for travel sickness but can only think this is what it was as my mind was tricked into moving fast whilst sitting on a static settee, I played both the latter games a day apart and was sound before I put the headset on. Anyway, amazing technology if you can take it, ( @Dr Gloom surely has one!)
  12. See the daily mail has printed pics of the bloke whose fridge allegedly caught fire. I'm sure there'll be plenty of backslapping going on at the DM offices and bar tonight.
  13. It's came as a bit of a supplies to me too, tbh.