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  1. I still follow United.
  2. Arsenal fans, man. Imagine him somewhere like Ayresome park?
  3. I thought it would be a pile of shite but fair do's.
  4. If you were the unscrupulous type it would make a good excuse if you were tashing it.
  5. Introductions

    Don't tell him, TomThumb. He's the IT kid for a small gang of Irish burglars.
  6. My mate works on it. Reckons it's been falling into disrepair for years and only the last couple of years has there been any serious plans for a massive overhaul with some finances secured for 20 years. Reckons it was close to closing down in the near future without it. Guess Tyne & Wear public transport not as important as other places and systems elsewhere?
  7. It's a video by 'republica' called, eerily enough, 'ready to go'. Apologias, noelie.
  8. Anyway, anyone got any tips for any football fan websites? I feel like a roam somewhere.....
  9. Just laughing about it at work when I noticed one of the poor dears sitting down the bottom end, (like club, like fan). Almost felt sorry for him/them. 'Almost'.
  10. I honestly don't hate them or anything because they're just crystal palace.
  11. Hahaha. I'd have fucking loved it had he been there. Some quality journalists there speaking really well of the situation and clearly have good dialogue with Rafa so it would've been hilarious hearing him speak directly after Caulkin. @TheGingerQuiff honestly, give it a listen, it's worth the time.
  12. I've never ever taken Palace seriously going back to being a kid and hearing their one and only chant of 'eagles' during a cup game when Gazza scored a raker. A boring club, knobhead chairman with blonde highlights and a tango complexion and a boring support made up from the cast of 'the office'. Absolutely a division 2 club.
  13. That was a brilliant performance from a group of players (copyright Chris Hughton) that had me purring. 100% down to having a manager like Benitez who drills them to fuck and has hungry players who all fight for each other. It's amazing where a bit hunger gets you and we've all seen the flip side. I must've been watching a different player to acrossthepond if he thinks Merino us average as he was shaky v Huddersfield but the best player on the pitch v West Ham and almost as good again today. This is how we need to play to prosper and if Rafa stays and we don't get any freak injuries we should be ok.