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  1. Sad to hear that, Troops. Unfortunately utter cunts walk amongst us.
  2. Transfers

    You're still on probation so I'd pipe doon, Layvin.
  3. I've had the odd compliment on it, funny enough, which I found a bit weird as it's something I wouldn't do myself on somebody else's watch. (Not because I'm an ignorant cunt, I just wouldn't pay it that much attention).
  4. Pinched that.
  5. The back is a 'skeleton' as well. It needs wound up if you leave it off for a couple of days. It was a fathers day present as my old one bit the dust. It's about £110 as I couldn't bare paying much more on a watch. Also has to be a leather strap, not keen on any kind of metal strap tbh.
  6. Watched it yesterday and like Tooj thought the tension and cinematography were excellent. I thought it was largely good but it didn't convey the numbers involved at times. Anyway, overall very good and definitely nothing like films based on US battles/soldiers.
  7. Don't wear it much unless I'm going out and even then probably less than half the time. Still like it though.
  8. That's him?
  9. I'm currently reading, 'Sapiens, a brief history of humankind' by Yuval Noah Harari. Been a very interesting read so far. Basically homo sapiens have wiped out everything from the get go and would've been a lot happier being hunter gatherers. (It's a lot better than that summary tbh).
  10. The oldest wanted us to call her new sister that because she was Disney princess daft. She'd tell Grannies cooing at her sister in the pram her name was 'Briar Rose'. Sometimes we wouldn't bother correcting her just to see the looks on the Grannies faces.
  11. Ah! Arathorn's young'un. How's Arathorn these days?
  12. Discover? My Mam used to watch it. It was about a women being an crime detective/author using the pen name Remington Steele and Brosnan pretending to be Steele. It was as shit as it sounds tbh.
  13. Honestly wasn't sure if someone had tried to take a pic of him on the sly and he'd noticed them doing it but then I realised who we're talking about here.