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  1. How to make a bad situation worse.
  2. If you wouldn't mind.
  3. You're right but Clement left the club when Abraham was 13. I don't think their paths would have crossed too much.
  4. I think Clement would have left Chelsea long before Abraham was getting a look in at the senior team.
  5. Where has this back hander allegation come from?
  6. Let's not forget that Rafa signed his fair share of plums at Liverpool before we get too excited at Carr's departure.
  7. What's the problem with the zero hours contracts these workers were on?
  8. Surely they should have been aware of the social housing element before buying. If it wasn't the residents of Grenfell then it would have been other low-income residents moving in anyway.
  9. Nice to see everyone in Kensington pulling together at this time.
  10. Aye you're right. It's flats earmarked for social housing. They aren't moving them into penthouse apartments. Fair play to the Berkeley Group for helping out.
  11. I thought they were moving them into up market accommodation as an emergency measure. Unless by pure chance a load of social housing has suddenly been finished in the last week or so.
  12. Triggered.
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-40336803 Another example of what the Tories are getting into bed with. Can you imagine anyone trying to defend the flying of an ISIS flag in the streets of Britain? Never mind a sitting MP.
  14. Do you think that the DUP want a IRA member as prime minister?