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  1. Aye, I'd forgotten about Lejeune. He should be a first team player.
  2. Every player we've brought in so far is essentially a squad player. Is there anyone good enough to improve our first team?
  3. If you field a Championship team then expect Championship quality. The first team needs several new faces and we aren't going to get them.
  4. I'm struggling to see anyone on the field who looks likely to create anything for us.
  5. It didn't look intentional to me but the commentators weren't so sure.
  6. So is @The Fish going to keep tabs on these in @Happy Face absence?
  7. Has he been any good in recent seasons? Looks like he's been first choice for Napoli which bodes well.
  8. You were nearly in the right country.
  9. How exactly is Monasterboice in Ant's neck of the woods?
  10. Which is how they've managed to avoid armed conflict to this point.
  11. 31,237 was the official attendance. Don't forget that the kids aren't back at school yet to pick up their frees tickets.
  12. They're excellent on the AGA.
  13. Where's our straight white males supporters group?
  14. So this is where the Sissoko money is going.
  15. Hold on there a minute. Can you imagine CT setting his lard ass beside you at the match in a pair of hot pants? Sexy fellas only.