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  1. Was at the fight but missed the Kelly match up. Nothing else to get excited about though.
  2. FFS.
  3. Not everyone has piped gas! We should be getting running water is the next few years too.
  4. No. That’s the fucking point.
  5. We’re finally getting gas next year. Is it worth getting in to replace my oil boiler?
  6. Left his job at Talksport as he refused to work for a company owned by Murdoch. Seems like a decent lad.
  7. Trump blaming those pesky Muslims for the rise in the UK crime rate.
  8. During the referendum it was all about sovereignty and immigration and blue passports yet since then 90% of the focus has been on trade and the economy. It’s almost like the leavers didn’t want the brain dead to think about the real issues.
  9. Do they? I haven’t heard any over here claiming that. They’re more concerned with not being the whipping boys of Europe and get into the Europa League.
  10. Cabaye can 20% get fucked. Townsend is alright.
  11. Theresa May hasn’t been moist in 46 years.
  12. He’ll be on a zero hour contract stacking the shelves at SD within a week.
  13. There’s still a big gap in their valuations. I still don’t know how that cunt thinks he deserves to make a profit from us.