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  1. We've played less games though
  2. Hope it takes off tomorrow. The song not the costumes mind
  3. That was perhaps the biggest thing I got from that bbc gareth Thomas documentary, surely there is social obligation for a footballer to come out now? Perhaps I am being unfair but it almost makes me angry, perhaps all footballers no matter their sexual orientation are just selfish pricks!
  4. What's ridiculous about it though? It's a statement of intent and would be a good sign from the club, and certainly can only be good? What's your issue?
  5. That last 'paragraph' is spot on. Being LGBT is a protected characteristic legally now just like race so should be dealt with just as seriously by the stewards.
  6. Sorry yeah I realised after I said that
  7. Ffs
  8. How do you know? The language and behaviour I've heard from football fans in my time suddenly doesn't encourage me to take my gay son to football anytime soon!
  9. Be visible? Show that the club is happy to accept all sectors of society? I fully support it and the idea that homophobic bigotry should be treated like racism is more these days.
  10. Tbh I've never been much of a manics fan and only really rate the holy bible. Pleased you kids enjoyed anyway
  11. Not the manics without Ritchie tbh
  12. Come on then, who's in charge around here?
  13. No money riding on it for this season?
  14. Kodi works fine for me tbh
  15. I didn't just hear them singing our going up-going down song did I?