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  1. Tbh I've never been much of a manics fan and only really rate the holy bible. Pleased you kids enjoyed anyway
  2. Not the manics without Ritchie tbh
  3. Come on then, who's in charge around here?
  4. No money riding on it for this season?
  5. Kodi works fine for me tbh
  6. I didn't just hear them singing our going up-going down song did I?
  7. Yes. Entry fee and I'll take it seriously this time
  8. who they playing?
  9. Yeah but they are 'all more than away fans' so 3000 is a fair result.
  10. I would be very surprised if he was sacked, surely far more likely for Rafa to be the dumper than the dumpee.
  11. Jimbo's telly?
  12. 'just'? It's quite a lot to hope for, this is Newcastle ffs!
  13. Should we be seriously worried then?
  14. thanks mate I'll see if i can find what I'm after on one of those sites ( Lemon Twigs)
  15. I remember a day when you could easily downloads torrents to enable you have listen to an album before deciding to buy it. However in these spotify days it seems there are no sites like piratebay around anymore to allow you to do this! I know I could just stream music in my car but I really like having some cds to shove on - can anyone offer any assistance?