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  1. Finally bored him to death?
  2. Worrying performance but too early to give a shite about results. It does look like without a couple of decent players in there are big problems on the horizon.
  3. Obvious WUM is obvious. He's ripping the piss out of anyone who responds to him.
  4. Joselu Jattrick.
  5. He doesn't need to have said anything new tbf.
  6. Saivet's on the subs' bench in front of him.
  7. Also a very good point.
  8. That's a very good point.
  9. Hopefully Manquillo does well at LB and makes that spot his own.
  10. I'm worried too, @trooper , but I don't think Rafa's teams tend to underestimate the opposition.
  11. Don't waste your breath, @aimaad22 .
  12. I would have got there in the end.
  13. Fuck. I know things.
  14. Thought Ant was in Drogheda for some reason. It's Dundalk isn't it? You're all "down there" anyway.
  15. Glad I didn't lead you astray in the end. Happened to be in your neck of the woods last weekend and had a lovely steak in a quite unexpected location. Very average carvery looking sort of place in Monasterboice and the steak really stood out. You'll probably know the one I'm on about or I'll find it on the map.