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  1. I think wykiki was referencing a very old inside joke that I couldn't even begin to explain.
  2. Everyone/no one.
  3. Finished it last night and thought it was superb all the way through. Agree it isn't what it started out as, but that would've just been a top-notch procedural drama doing the usual routine of raising and reducing tension by season. This feels like it could be more and certainly different. Like it didn't just blow its load and leave us nowhere to go.
  4. We're on oil where I'm currently at, too. Indoor loos though, so not quite as bad as eberk.
  5. I'd make an off-colour joke here but I'm too concerned it'd be too close to the truth. Sunderland easily amongst the worst place... I've ever been to. There's a place called Waukegan in Illinois that might run it close.
  6. I'm not trying to detract from your vibrant metropolis but do you really want to be going beyond the top 5 anything in England? I'd like to see some lists put together, to the extent that I may even google it.
  7. If you're allowed to cherry-pick that one, then:
  8. Oh Good Lord. Spoiler that shit, please.
  9. Anything to distract you from your current predicament?
  10. Well, Rafa did happen. Kind of makes you wonder if he's known about this since before he joined.
  11. I'll wank myself into oblivion if it actually happens but where NUFC is concerned it's best to prepare the bunker for armageddon.
  12. Don't worry, there's plenty can go wrong before things look rosy. Ashley makes a rape/stoning joke during negotiations, Charnley shows up, can't agree a price, due diligence reveals Ashley is a crooked prick all before we find out new owners are bigger, tighter cunts than him that behead children for entertainment.