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  1. Transfers

    According to The Chronicle Live we're in for Sporting midfiedler William Carvalho. However, Arsenal are preparing an improved bid of 30 million. http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/newcastle-united-news-transfers-live-13374102
  2. Transfers

    Can't wait till he gets his fists on your lapels.
  3. Transfers

    Wesley Sneijder is on a free. Guess his wages would be too high for fat Mike, huh? Sign him for a year or two to help us out and move on to better things would seem reasonable to me.
  4. Transfers

    As of today, 7/23, I'm a little concerned about the club. I just took a look at our 15/16 squad and I'm not convinced that this team is any better than than that one.
  5. That is really nice, Tom. Fantastic. Hey Tom and Andrew, I didn't know you guys played guitar. I play the Kazoo. Hit me up sometime and we'll jam!
  6. What time does the game start BST?
  7. Welp, he's only 23 so that's good. And according to transfermarket his primary position is as a right back but he can play left back as well. So all that chatter about what little playing time he got at Liverpool and Marseilles implying that he's complete crap means nothing to me now since he was only 19/20 at the time. Let's hope he can do a job when called upon.
  8. Please tell me you said that like this! http://ytcropper.com/cropped/SS596f96b8292b3 <iframe width="640" height="480" src="//www.ytcropper.com/embed/SS596f96b8292b3/loop/noautoplay/" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><a href="http://ytcropper.com" target="_blank">via ytCropper</a>
  9. I just worry if Rafa will stay here building the club at this pace.
  10. yeah this signing, not only did it not move it actually shrunk a little bit. Shrinkage.
  11. ba da bump...
  12. If I had Adios's emote of Noelie's willy, I'd use it right about now.
  13. The best trump card ever developed.
  14. Will this be a subject of your next podcast? I could call in and we can discuss it over a cup of tea. Or cocktails perhaps? What's your favorite cocktail?
  15. He had better mobility than Tiote or Colback. And, imo, would have been better than Jack fucking Colback in all areas.