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  1. Fish, unfortunately you have malware. The only way to get rid of it is to go to a site called Pornhub .com. When there, type in "virus removal" in their search engine and make your selection. Good luck.
  2. You are so right, sir.
  3. I just rewatched the game and every time Merino had the ball I felt safe, a cozy warmth all over my body.
  4. Aahhhhhh, I missed Lascelles' goa! I would have shirley ripped my shirt off and rub me nipples!
  5. oh. my. goodness. that' another glorious chance missed by Joselu.
  6. Yup. Should be 3-nil right now.
  7. Get IN ATSU!!!
  8. Newcastle vs Stoke Saturday @ 1o am est 7 am PST (<-----I have to put this because that's how it's been done the last two games ) Paco mentioned in the Chronicle that Merino is ahead of Shelvey so expect a Merino, Hayden midfield pairing for this game. Don't see why Gamez shouldn't start again at LB, and Murphy out in front of him on the left side? Just like the past two games, please. Tight and compact defensively and take advantage of any chances we get. 1-0
  9. Sissoko
  10. Absolutely. When you think of great #10's you think of the likes of Zidane, Bergkamp, Cruyff, Lascelles.
  11. Oh Sorry...thought you were the one going on about Merino. Apologies.
  12. What? Merino was boss in that game. No offense but you and those sitting next to you need glasses.
  13. Or Elliot Manquillo LeJuene Clark Gamez Shelvey Merino Ritchie Murphy Lascalles (?) Joselu
  14. I don't see any reason why this can't work especially away from St. James' Park. Put Hayden the deeper of the three.