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  1. Transfers

    Yup, it was Babacar. Never here him as a target for anyone. We should put a bid in for him. Eh, why not?
  2. I've already forgotten who's our shirt sponsor. A Chinese gambling site, right? And no, I'm not going back a couple of pages, nor am I going to google it.
  3. Transfers

    It's been almost 24 hours since I last post and STILL no new signings?!?!
  4. Transfers

    ^^ Then again it could have been Khouma Babacar. Or was it Babar the elephant?
  5. Transfers

    Aboubaker was a wonderkid to try and get a few years back on FM, 5 star potential. Haven't heard much about him since in real life football, but I did watch a bit of his game with Cameroon recently and he looked very strong and capable. The announcers went on about him while I was watching.
  6. Mike Ashrey MingLee https://static-cdn.jtvnw.net/emoticons/v1/68856/1.0
  7. Transfers

    You've convinced me. Let's get him.
  8. Oh please no or we'll never here the end of things like: "Chin Tu Fat", or "Wai Yu So Tan", or" No Pah King" from Fish for many years to come.
  9. Thank you. And god bless you.
  10. I was speaking defensively. And yes, Barton and Nolan were spineless defensively. He made our back four better at that time, let's put it that way.
  11. Oh my goodness this is such sad news. I had my shots at him for his play the last couple of years in particular, but there is no doubt he was exactly what we needed when we first came up. He had so much confidence on the ball, sometimes too much confidence, and added steel to a previously spineless midfield. He gave us more than his money's worth and by all accounts was a wonderful person. R.I.P. Chiek. Heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and the club.
  12. Transfers

    Tammy Abraham, eh? For such a young guy who scored 26 goals this season for Bristol I don't remember hearing anything about him. Not from the TV announcers, fans, media, nobody. Strange.
  13. Windows ME and NT? I remember avoiding NT at all costs from all the negative internet chatter. At least I think it was NT I was avoiding. Stained glass window. That's not what Fish intended this thread to be about.
  14. 80 + million in TV & Commerce money. We've all read and seen figures close to that, but to actually see it in Quiff's post makes you shake your head. There is absolutely no excuse for any Premier League club not to put out a half decent squad. What a racket for those teams always near the bottom, and those are usually smaller club's with much lower overhead. Shameful.