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  1. Aye Clarke has been one of our top signings of recent years. Mostly because of his form and how solid he is and secondly because he's from Villa who were glad to get rid and they've capitulated trying to replace him
  2. Probably because he's the player that they've been pining for years for. Quality technique and even better graft. They're just envious and so they should be. They should really be envious about everything we have when you look at how tinpot they are.
  3. 9 points out of 12 from the teams that will be around us is a cracking start. Especially when you see the likes of Palace without a win against 4 of the poorer sides in the league and Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs dropping points against Burnley.
  4. Crystal Palace says hello
  5. Because Diouf was all over Darmian last weekend so Rafa counteracted their strength.
  6. Both Manchester clubs away and Chelsea at home their next 3 fixtures
  7. Apparently been found in Liverpool now
  8. Probably no bother since it's against Bournemouth
  9. Everton got dicked tonight I see. I think Koeman has assembled the slowest starting 11 known to world football.
  10. Pretty sure he's still only ever scored at home for them too
  11. He's just not cut out for that role as he hasn't got a range of passing or amazing shooting ability. He also seems a bit afraid to get involved as much as he's surrounded by the opposition's centre mids and centre backs meaning he has little to not time on the ball. Whereas when played out wide or as a striker he can concentrate on isolating one or maybe 2 of the opposition defenders and has more time on the ball.
  12. Ritchie needs to stay out on the wing as he's one or if not our best player. Moving him inside would nullify the threat and hard work he brings to our right hand side. Murphy or Atsu I wouldn't mind trying there as Perez doesn't show anything of note and hasn't stood out in the countless starts he's had there.
  13. Pretty sure they save a run of games like Southampton, man u Liverpool and city coming up too
  14. Trooper man can you please have a day off. I'm miserable as it is beìng at work on a Monday