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  1. Transfers

    Aye got to the point where it just didn't seem as if he was learning earlier in the season and that late Villa equaliser was the finish of him after a few shaky moments. I think everyone was willing him to do well but mistake after mistake meant fans and finally Rafa ran out of patience.
  2. Transfers

    Yeah my thoughts too! Wasn't really sure why we'd go for him with 2 better keepers already
  3. Transfers

    Apparently on his way to Chelsea
  4. Transfers

    We're apparently after Valencias CB Aymen Abdennour
  5. Gonna be hilarious the meltdown on RTG when they spend nowhere near the amount of 30 million on players. It's gonna be the "Carroll Money" MKII
  6. Sacked Puel after reaching a final and getting them 8th. Madness.
  7. City to win the league, us to finish top half and Huddersfield relegated is 18/1 on Skybet.
  8. Awaiting Essembee to ask when were playing Sunderland
  9. Reading the replies to this and Spurs fans genuinely think they only have to pay 6m if they sell him this window.
  10. Apparently close to appointing Derek McInnes
  11. Yeah seems daft going in at this early stage in the window with 30 million. A daft negotiation tactic.
  12. That 30 million for Sissoko must be burning a hole in their pocket. Mental for a keeper with one good season under his belt.
  13. Crub.