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  1. I'm just going to see the highlights and see how crap we played as I didn't watch Soccer Saturday or listen to the game as I had a better thing to do at the same time.
  2. Ladies and Gentlemen - Saliva.
  3. Was always a god in FM06, never had him on the 2007 though so I might need to check him out.
  4. I've tried Gimnastic but failed badly, I might try again though soon.
  5. Cracking match for the neutrals, nerve racking for both the managers.
  6. He wont go at the moment.
  7. I wish Paul a speedy recovery.
  8. Linfield: - IFA loving little bastards, manager does nothing but moan and moan all the times. Some of their fans are wankers as well. Ards: - For obvious reasons, I am a Bangor supporter. Celtic: - Because I like Rangers so it's simple as. Any Italian team: - Coward bastards.
  9. Remained undefeated in the Premiership by hitting five at home to Aston Villa.
  10. Was a goal down to Blackburn Rovers at St. James' Park but because of a Steven Taylor header we went on to secure a three-one victory. Up to second, won four out of four now in the league. Maybe I might win something this season because I have not tasted defeat this season, still early I know but....anyway.
  11. Explains a lot if you look on the BBC Site. 1420: HALF-TIME Charlton 0-0 Newcastle That's that - thank goodness.
  12. Christ, I hope not. This seems it's going to be a long afternoon off football, unless we score soon.
  13. I must be a better manager than Roeder and Souness because I have actually won at the JJB Stadium against Wigan. Antoine Sibierski and Obafemi Martins scored the goals. Also beat Chelsea 2-1 and Man City 1-0 in the first two games, both at St. James' Park.
  14. I know, T-Keith. Twenty-nine minutes and seems no 'keeper has been troubled. Pathetic. Come on Newcastle.
  15. I really should try again with Newcastle, as I always fucking fail with them it's not funny no more.