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  1. Dyer was a Pointless answer the other day. Seems about right.
  2. Stop talking defcon down.
  3. Counting down the minutes until CT bellyflops this thread with a link to a tweet tangentially referring a Breitbart report claiming that Shay is a deceitful leprechaun from off of a cereal packet.
  4. It'll take ages for the queue to reach the Boldons. No problem.
  5. I'm torn, because I think ghee does make a difference, but you can recreate some of that takeaway curry smell by chucking some asafoetida, fenugreek powder and brown mustard seeds in right at the start of proceedings (after the oil, before the onions) and that tends to be enough to kid the brain into not realising it's getting a healthier but possibly less authentic version of the end dish. (And fresh coriander is a gimme, yes.) Either way, eliminating ghee is obviously better for you in the long run, and I say that as something of a
  6. It's basically fascism.
  7. Again, I cannot stress this enough - CT is still trying to work out how to explain to his kids that he's voted away their future on a whim. Everything he says needs to be viewed through that prism.
  8. A significant positive shock from cooperating with our nearest neighbours instead of telling them to fuck off?
  9. Hug a hoodie (unless they're Hungarian)
  10. Shit, CT's been over there doing a propaganda drive
  11. This is old, but it did the rounds again recently when the qualifiers were on and it's still a really good read: https://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2012/feb/15/forgotten-story-17-november-1993
  12. In that vein, made this tonight, fairly straightforward (preemptively cut out the vegetable stock though, it'd have been swimming in liquid otherwise, a splash of water to loosen up the spices was enough). Brown basmati rice, lime pickle, onion parathas from the freezer aisle at Asda, Bob's your uncle or aunt depending on how they choose to identify.
  13. Parky is only homosexual when he's on drugs, so that reduces the risk by 50% right away.