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  1. That reputation for promiscuity doesn't come from nowhere. I'd say it's his own fault for being naive.
  2. Looks like Bannon might have been given the boot (or have already quit weeks ago, depending on who you listen to). Don't really see what difference it makes at this stage, but I suppose it's something.
  3. Made his first TV appearance just before WW2 apparently, which is pretty remarkable. Although my favourite thing about that fact is that the programme he appeared on was called "Come And Be Televised". Things were blunter in the olden days.
  4. Only final ones.
  5. It's almost like Parky made a funny
  6. He's dogshit like. Sub-Lawrension miserablist with minimal actual knowledge and no curiosity or interest in obtaining any. I've switched to James Richardson's new one and it's so much better purely for his absence. If he turns up there too, so help me god...
  7. Ashley, don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more.
  8. You're probably right. Failing upwards, the preserve of the truly downtrodden.
  9. Speaking of the gays, as I so rarely do: Does this mean we get to electro-shock and chemically castrate the little snowflake?
  10. Banned turbans
  11. Or possibly very bad...
  12. What can I say, I'm just very good at virtue signalling.
  13. You can't prove your bollocks are round.