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  1. I've searched the house high and low for my copy, can't find it anywhere. Anyone got an idea where I might be able to obtain it, by any means? I'm absolutely gutted! Also if there's anywhere that's done updates (limited again by the fact I'm looking for the mac version) I wouldn't mind checking it out.
  2. It's magic. Just done with The Dice Man, really really enjoyed it, excellent book. Don't know where to go now, might try some Machiavelli. Aye, The Dice Man is class. Thanks for the recommendation on The Kite Runner btw. No trouble. Only really got in to reading a couple of years back and playing catch up on all the stuff I "should" have read at the moment, so don't expect any more recommendations for a good while yet!
  3. It's magic. Just done with The Dice Man, really really enjoyed it, excellent book. Don't know where to go now, might try some Machiavelli.
  4. Goodbye Lenin is excellent, make sure you do tape it. Well worth a watch.
  5. I'd recommend that. The film's not too bad though.
  6. Big Sur is the sort of follow-up (10 years on) when fame and cynicism have hit home. The Dharma Bums is excellent too. Good stuff, I'll look into getting them. Like yourself I've got a mountain of books in my 'to read' pile at the moment, and I'm a pretty slow reader! You had a chance to look at Kite Runner yet btw?
  7. On the Road. As others have said in this thread, it's brilliant.
  8. The appointment already seems to have invigorated the fan base. On last night's showing, it might seem even the players are excited. This might be the worst appointment ever, but it just might well be the best. It's a while since I was this excited about football.
  9. I assume it won't be live online like normal MOTDs are?
  10. What are the Beeb going to give us by way of highlights? Is there going to be an extra MOTD or will we just get the goals after the Citeh-Wham game?
  11. Can see why they've done it tbh, as annoying as it is for me. Potentially massive story.
  12. The gossip column should make for interesting reading over the next few days, at least.
  13. that'd have more of an effect then you seem to think our defence is under it all the time due to our shocking inability to keep possesion in midfield +1 i think with a bit of stability our defence could be fine, our inability to create and convert chances, or even pass the ball has been our biggest problem this season Absolutely right.
  14. Honestly nothing would surprise me now. I wouldn't bat an eyelid if we spent £40m before January is up.
  15. Sounds like the ground is buzzing. Any ideas on what the attendance is?