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  1. Oddly strong language, he only played for us for six months, in which time he did his best to help keep us up and played well before moving to stay in the premier league which made perfect sense.
  2. Sky will say owt to keep a potential betting market open though.
  3. Charnley to be kept on to make tea for the new directors/chief exec.
  4. Thats how stupid this conversation is.
  5. A key is what you put in a lock you reprobates.
  6. From Caulkin - Reports from "the city" that Staveley and and NUFC have now signed NDAs and a formal bid is expected. Express Sport - Amanda Staveley launches £300 million bid for club with £300 million also to be made available for transfers. now that bottom one is standard paper bollocks but if Caulkin thinks the bid is happening than I trust him
  7. Fucks sake fish, it was a genuine question.
  8. Gloom...?
  9. Aye, Merinos been playing with the Spain Under 21s and Rafa likes to rotate, nowt wrong with Shelvey and Hayden as a pairing. Time to get a proper look at Lejeune now!
  10. They've a really good, young midfield already so I guess not. He played a little last season but not a lot iirc, sometimes at CB so he didn't impress.