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  1. 3-1, we'll have these, they're shit.
  2. No, they sold Arnautovic to west ham and replaced him with Jese on loan. I'm not sure the 5 million or whatever we paid for Joselu factored into it all that much.
  3. eh?
  4. Smarthwatch to link up with Strava then next, there are about 8 billion of the bloody things...
  5. Aye, football weeklys first couple of episodes since Richardson left have been crap. the Totally Football Show has been good so far. In less serious football pod circles the Football Ramble are having a new one starting next week call On The Continent with Marcus Speller, Luke Moore, Andy Brassell and James Horncastle which will probably be quite good.
  6. 8 in 28 games but spread over a few seasons, mix of injury and not being as good as Sergio Aguero keeping him out...which isn't that unreasonable. Hes a good footballer, never been prolific though.
  7. If I can make more than £500 for a charity for playing video games I can outdo £850 with this!
  8. Well...I'm locked in now, just ordered a whole heap of gear to get started! Just shy of £600 on a bike and about £250 on other gear and now I can't stop reading up on activity watches and GPS's. This could get expensive
  9. I think you need to chill the fuck out for a bit.
  10. Stoke will have the worst attack with Burnleys players?
  11. Teams Champions: Relegated: Newcastle to Finish: Best Attack: Worst Attack: Best Defence: Worst Defence: FA Cup Winner: Caribou Cup Winner: Players League Top Scorer: League Most Assists: Player of the Season(League): Player of the Season(Us) Signing of the Season(League): Signing of the Season(Us): Biggest Flop(League): Biggest Flop(Us): Worst Discipline: Emerging Next Great Hope of English Football: Managers First Sacked: First to Lose Their Shit in a Press Conference: Misc Completely Nonsensical Prediction For the Season Ahead:
  12. Dunno, apparently Birmingham are in a different region to Villa and West Brom too.
  13. Why are newport in the north section and cardiff/swansea in the south? This is nonsense!
  14. What's this competition?