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  1. http://en.calcioefinanza.com/2017/08/17/newcastle-uniteds-profitability-coming-cost-owner-mike-ashley/
  2. Some swing on that wide.
  3. Had a cracking time at the athletics last night actually.
  4. http://www.thefootballlife.co.uk/post/163574190511/george-weahs-cousin-is-ian-cathro-doomed-at
  5. One thing I definitely believe he'll give us will be a bit more tactical nous in that position. It's no coincidence when we've signed him based on some of Rafa's comments about people applauding midfielders in that position (erm Colback) for doing loads of running based on his match stats, but in his belief when you're in that position you shouldn't be wasting your energy as to him that means you're out of position a lot, which has a knock on effect on everybody else.
  6. Currently reading this as I've recently binge watched Vikings and I'm now fascinated by it all. Check out this book on Goodreads: A Brief History of the Vikings: The Last Pagans or the First Modern Europeans? https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/677074.A_Brief_History_of_the_Vikings
  7. Dunkirk. Thought that it was excellent. Top notch soundtrack, tension built throughout and stunning cinematography. Realised coming out that at points I'd been sat there with my hands in my mouth due to the tension. Found myself welling up a bit at the credits at the end, totally taken aback.
  8. Interesting to hear from somebody who sees this day to day.
  9. Last.FM scrobbling never fucking works on me mobile like.
  10. http://www.upi.com/Science_News/2017/07/04/Doctors-to-research-MDMA-effects-on-curing-alcoholism/1841499148061/
  11. It's called something like Death On a Staircase, done by a French documentary crew originally but was aired over here on the BBC.
  12. Gloom should do the ball by ball on the Beeb website.
  13. Have a blast on Addons4Kodi on Reddit and all will be well.
  14. Have you ever seen the documentary?