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  1. Have you started it yet Meenz?
  2. You're welcome.
  3. Blade Runner 2049 is sensational, no idea what Parky is on about.
  4. https://www.marijuana.com/news/2017/10/uk-bill-legalizing-medical-cannabis-passes-first-reading-unopposed/?
  5. Just don't let them see your posts on here.
  6. Yeah man, anybody else notice how Colo's career has taken a down turn since leaving us?
  7. Aye man, that and the gabapentin. No doubt my liver is ruined.
  8. Out of your jap's eye you mean.
  9. Went to the cinema last night to watch the National Theatre Live version of Hamlet that Benedict Cumberbatch was in a couple of years ago. I was Absolutely blown away by it.
  10. I'm about 5 minutes into the new Curb and I'm already howling. Fatwa the musical ffs.
  11. That Swann and Bloers thing I went to last night was really top drawer.
  12. Out of order that as well as everything that's kicking off over there.
  13. Off to see Graeme Swann and Bloers' theatre tour in Durham tomorrow night. If it's any good Bloers is at the Playhouse in Whitley next year so I might head to that as well.
  14. Fill filthy just copying that.
  15. Totally forgot about Tremlett, sure he played in the last series down there but he was completely finished and was generating hardly anything above 80mph.