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  1. I'm not saying one tit was THAT bigger than the other, but I reckon she couldn't avoid swimming in circles.
  2. Thankyou. I knew I wouldn't be alone. Mrs HF rolled her eyes when i pointed it out.
  3. Lying to someone never keeps them sweet in the long run. If Rafa knew it he wouldn't have to name the owner as being the problem when it came to transfer delays. There's clear discord with Rafa and Ashley fighting each other to protect their own interests. Looks like rafa has won this round with Murphy though, so that's great news.
  4. Spot on. Never had a problem with it. Ashley makes his bed by lying to managers, rather than being able to bring them along with that vision. "Rafa, you'll have to sell to buy this summer, but in January and next summer, there'll be cash raining about you. You can see we gave McClaren £80m so there's evidence of this."
  5. It's not about mental prices at all. We can't pick up any cheap deals either. Rafa is raging we've missed out on loans and free transfers as much as the brinkmanship with Murphy over a couple of million. In what world do prices drop and better players become available (3rd and 4th choices) as the window wears on? I can't believe how delusioanal some fans remain after 10 years of this shit.
  6. He's already said himself he's never been given an amount that the club can spend (according to press). His concern isn't the transfer kitty. Loan signings and free transfers have gone begging when we have one of the lowest wage bills in the division.
  7. Even cheaper for Ashley to lend the club it. he won't though, because you then have nowt to spend next summer.
  8. £79m equal share is spread over 10 month, so would be £8m a month, but we get a bit more in the summer and winter windows. Don't know what it is. Maybe enough to buy Murphy with a higher offer? Not going to be a kitty to get much more though.
  9. Who puts up that guaranteed income up before it arrives? Whole ethos is we'll only spend what we have, not what we're due.
  10. Ashley's been very consistent that NUFVC has to wipe it's own nose. The club hasn't got much money. He put £15m in last year, so the bank balance is zero if he had to make up the losses. Income this year is spread over the whole season. He told rafa that money would be available though. He had to in his mind. If Rafa had walked in the summer then Season Ticket saless would have bombed.
  11. I think both parties have spent the summer mindful of what can be brought to evidence when it gets down to the court case. Privately I think Ashley promised funds for transfers and an increased wage bill to keep Rafa happy. Keegan says he always got told what he wanted to hear by Ashley, and then he wouldn't hear from him again. Rafa, learned from Keegan though, he wanted a public assurance that he would get funds before he would commit longer term. Ashley had season tickets and kit to sell, so he was careful to say that Rafa can spend every penny that the club generates. With nowt in the bank and payments coming monthly rather than in bulk before the window closed that was about as worthwhile as the promise of "no capital outlay" but many took it as a positive promise of £150m revenues being spent in the summer. Ashley covered his arse for any court case when he could say the cupboard was bare. Rafa's gone further than Ashley, he's saying publicly that Ashley personally promised there was money for transfers AND WAGES (which is important when it comes to free transfers and loans). If Ashley doesn't refute that, either publicly or in writing then his position is weakened when he gets to court. If Rafa walks before the window closes then the club can always say "we still had business to do" and rafa has no case, so I don't think he'll go until early September. I'm not confident he's going to get anything near what he wanted though. Question will be whether he's satisfied enough to plough on with what he gets or thinks he's been set up for a fall, can't achieve mid-table comfortably and jumps ship.
  12. Complete nonsense
  13. I think Rafa was careful to say he was told that funds were available. Charnley's signed dozens of costly players over the last 2 summers, upping the offer on Ritchie bt £2m at Rafa's insistence. He's proved perfectly competent at signing players. It's pointedly a dig at Ashley so the fans know it's Ashley, like it was when Keegan said roughly the same and Wise was Ashley's fall guy.