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  1. Rafa would have been the winner 6 weeks ago. As it is, we're three quarters of the way through the break and "The club is now reviewing its scouting operation"
  2. Transfers

    Glad it's not just me. Fake blues
  3. Transfers

    The vast majority of chatter about Newcastle United transfers every summer can be categorised one of three ways Rumours - Newcastle are (not) chasing player X Complaints - Why haven’t Newcastle signed anyone? Placation - Stop being impatient, signings will come The rumours are part and parcel of football and have been since Andy McCombie mentioned he liked pan haggerty more than panaculty (one for the great granddads there). Most of us just dismiss the names that are thrown in the pot and no-one takes any of it seriously. At least not until someone respectable confirms there’s something more to it, or (more reasonably) until there’s a picture of the player holding up a shirt. Sky Sports and their partner Sky Bet have taken to an art form the generation of rumours that drive a gambling market to extract cash from the wallets of their viewers. It’s a racket so simple and transparent you’d almost admire the audacity of it, if the lack of regulation wasn’t so dismaying. This factor has skewed the rumour mill beyond all reason and only full time content creators will bother to keep up with it all and even then, most don’t bother. As for people complaining, maybe I read and talk to a different sort of person in my bubble but I rarely see much of it. I’m told there are lots of complainers and something must trigger the placators, for me though, most seem to have a sensible view of how the transfer window will play out, with more business logically happening as it draws on. The artifice clubs create, posturing with demands for a quick deal and insistence that the current offer is final fall away to desperation and conciliation, money starts to circulate between clubs and generates an increase in deals being done as the end of the window approaches. What I see more of is the placation, lots of people taking the role of sage and perceptive soothsayer. Rafa’s got this. What you worried about? It’s only June. While I find all three angles quite boring, I do most identify with the view that we should just wait and see. Conversely though, I find myself increasingly irritated by the placators that condescend to complainers, especially when they themselves initiated the high expectations. For example, in May, The Chronicle told readers that Newcastle wanted to get an early start on transfers: They told us this was the “inside track”. That Rafa Benitez wanted “the majority of his Newcastle United recruits signed up by the start of pre-season (July 3rd).” He was “in a rush to get things sorted as soon as possible” and this news was widely shared news across social media. With expectations for early business set high, the weeks passed by and Newcastle still hadn’t added any new faces two weeks before the start of pre-season. However when questions start being asked as to what happened to the early business promised, there was a gear change to recalibrate expectations. Rather than being a different sort of pre-season where faces arrive sooner than they have previously, as touted, we are told that this is a transfer window and pre-season just like any other under Mike Ashley. That “They’ve only signed players in June three times in the Ashley era”. I mean, come on, what did you expect? I don’t mind the club putting themselves in the best bargaining position early on by expressing a willingness to walk from deals that take too long or even papers reporting that stance as it’s given to them. But it winds me up more than a needlessly conceded free kick by Jack Colback to see complainers (where they exist) patronised if they naively bought into notions sold to them by the club and media. Where they exist, I don’t believe the majority of complainers are naïve. There’s a haughty disdain for anyone that rightly wonders what happened to the previous proclamations of pro-activity in pre-season. But they’re only pointing out that we all know the emperor is wearing no clothes. That the whole transfer window news cycle is one big charade to be ignored. …until you get that picture of a trophy signing holding up a shirt.
  4. The fact that it is suicide attacks rather than conventional gives me hope that they'd prefer not to be doing it when all is said and done. If the states that fund terrorism and propaganda are diplomatically swayed away from doing so. If Middle eastern governments are allowed to self rule without western "democracy" being forced on them. If bombs with "Made in the USA" or "Made in the UK" stop getting dropped on weddings, funerals, hospitals and that. If Gaza settlement exapansion can be halted and even a two state solution agreed. That's the sort of stuff that will remove the incentive and reduce the brainwashing that goes on. Obviously you can't negotiate with lone wolves, but no-one should ignore that state actors are involved with perpetuating the motivating factors for lone wolves that could be mitigated.
  5. I know, I stole most of it from you
  6. http://www.true-faith.co.uk/a-skeptical-approach-to-rumours-of-investment/ Wrote this for TF
  7. Transfers

    Makes me laugh that the Chronicle (Mark Douglas) are going on the same way as that tweet. The chronicle said Rafa Benitez wanted all his business done by 3rd July. If we haven't signed anyone and we're 2 weeks from then, either the Chronicle were over-hyping the arbitrary target or Rafa will be somewhat disillusioned not to have been able to get close. It's right and proper to call one or the other out. I don't give a fuck if we sign all our players in June, July or August as long as we get some bodies in. But the chronicle hyped an arbitrary target as if the new, professional, proactive approach at NUFC under Benitez was something to be marvelled at then they dress fans down for expressing concern as the target sails past. Club mouthpiece, happy to be back onside and parrot what they're told to encourage season ticket and new kit sales. No critical thought whatsoever.
  8. Clean shaven! Fucking hell.
  9. That Alexander Jarvis who they quote is a self promoting wannabe with no deals to his name at all. His website is crap. Doesn't list any clients and claims it's because they all want privacy. His company has made no money. They have low 5 figure debt and no turnover to speak of. He's been pushing stories of Chinese investment in Southampton to get in the papers claiming announcements "tomorrow" weeks ago. I THINK his only goal must be adding Twitter followers. If there's been two groups in touch with him I'll eat my hat.
  10. I know why all the other Tories are backing her and sitting back. I just don't understand why she is happily eating the shit sandwich she made for herself. Just put it down and walk away. She's either power mad or genuinely worried at how bad the fallout would be from another leadership race with no-one keen to run.
  11. Put Airplane on for my 10 year old nephew stopping over. Both creased.
  12. I've got time for lily Allen's activism generally and all the time in the world for Akala, but this stuff about the media suppressing the number of deaths is not helping their cause. There's righteous indignation in all stratas of society over everything to do with the fire and the failures at every level from contractors to prime minister. It's a tragedy that has encapsulated the anger that was already felt before and has amplified it. There's a movement that's sprung up with broad support and they're at risk of tainting the whole endeavour as a conspiracy theory with a claim like that. The facts are horrific enough. No need to trump it with baseless stuff.