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  1. I actually think the Chinese government runs the country fairly well. Unfortunately they have a very emotionally immature populace. Someone in Taiwan (biased) once described mainland China as what would happen if you let chavs take over your country. There's elements of truth in that. As for the BBC, are they not just reporting that it happened? Has there been any wider commentary on the issue?
  2. Aye I read this. It's not really a PC issue IMO. China is populated by people who are just hopelessly insecure about their nation and how it is perceived, and fiercely nationalistic. Any slight against the motherland requires contrition and repentance. Chelsea have issued a grovelling apology and China has threatened to ban them from ever returning. Nation of crybabies.
  3. This forum is nigh on impenetrable for newbies mind It's like a proving ground where you have to commit to at least one argument with a forum mainstay in order for everyone to invest enough emotional capital in you for it to be worth sticking around.
  4. Wtf What was he even angry about?
  5. Sargon doesn't monetise his videos but seems to make money through Patreon. About $6k/month. The thing that really stunned me recently is some Professor who recently became the focal point of Canada's ire by refusing to use people's personal pronouns. He's a psychology professor and the sort of people who watch Sargon have swarmed to him. He makes $60k/month. At the start of the year, no one had heard of him.
  6. Yeah I told you that. I'm sad enough to follow such things He now has 460k subs though, plus sponsorship deals. I suspect he's pushing £60/£70k now.
  7. True - Hello Fresh was something we used for a while, before stopping it and just buying the stuff locally and using the same recipes. Still though, I find cooking tedious and could make an argument for working into the evening and earning more than it would cost me to get someone else to deal with dinner. The problem with restaurant food is that it's probably not very good for you to eat it that often, and you're paying a premium (though it will depend on the place I concede).
  8. I don't have a cleaner but Andrew's logic seems sound to me. How long before we hire chefs as well though? Although you could claim Deliveroo already handles that.
  9. People are going to start getting the wrong idea about this forum...
  10. We must be sorted on the flanks now, right?
  11. "Hundreds of millions of years ago, people were trading for rocks and stones." That's amazing.
  12. Ah so you think the 'story' is ridiculous. I agree tbf, but there it is. You want me to post a picture with today's newspaper or something? I want to stress that I knew nothing about this watch or its value (or lack thereof). Moreover, I didn't buy it, so it's hardly any form of statement with respect of my wealth. I don't even own a house man
  13. ...do tell?