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  1. ENTJ-A apparently
  2. Had tramadol after my cancer op, I went to a wedding and did other stuff(s) didn't end well for me but it was fun
  3. Not going all tranny and Suzanne but them are fucking woeful Ant mate
  4. I'd rather pay more for classic stuff and buy less. It lasts longer. I have an unholy obsession with Carharrt stuff at the moment which is costing me a fortune mind, so I might just be an idiot.
  5. Brogues are alright with the right clothes like. ive a pair of redwing boots that I wear with smarter gear and I love them, expensive mind but will outlast me probably.
  6. I have a really quiet confidence according to mates and work colleagues, in reality I am just biding my time and thinking about what I say so I don't make a tit of myself. Not sure if this is anything to do with owt but I hate seeing people walking in public and eating. Sit down dinner is no issue, just mooching about and scoffing a greggs for example is disgusting to me.
  7. If he was he must have meant AIDS, the fat mong
  8. Is the highlight of your life?
  9. Anecdotal but the lack of skilled workmen in the construction industry is killing us. Its driving wages up since the tradesmen can just move jobs whenever they are offered a pay rise. The bigger companies can manage the pay rises, the smaller ones can't. Once the skilled foreign workers leave it's only going to get worse. Total lack of pushing decent apprenticeships by successive governments and the complete bollocks up by the CITB means there isn't even kids going into trades to keep it stable as is, never mind if there is a push on house building.
  10. Perez got 9 goals and 6 assists last season. It's not amazing but it's not as terrible as people are making out
  11. Just call it the league cup Shirley?
  12. I don't think Perez has been as bad as all of you tbh. He isn't and probably never will be a world beater but in the formation and way we play he grafts getting back into position and maintaining shape a lot which makes it difficult to then be supporting the striker. Could do with a better option but don't think he is an obvious weak link.
  13. Comfortable as fuck there mind, could easily be winning too.
  14. Saw Interpol in London. Flew back from my holidays straight to London, was fucking done in but it was worth it.