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  1. I agree with you but they are still social housing, they will still be renting them and not owning them. So the resale value is irrelevant
  2. They aren't getting the expensive ones man. When you are given land to develop you have to build a certain amount of social housing, these are usually separated from the private sale properties, have separate access roads and no access to the shared amenities
  3. Think there is a big point being missed here. The cladding was flammable and went up quickly, which spread the fire. But these are pre-cast buildings and with appropriate fire stopping in the rest of the building the cladding may have burnt itself out with minimal internal fire spread. If the refurb of the building included interior works then the fire stopping should have been renewed post works and could have saved a lot of lives. It is a legal requirement to install correct fire stopping. This is where I think there may be significant differences between this block and others using similar cladding systems, and where someone will go to prison.
  4. We were linked to him under mclaren weren't we? He was class a couple of years ago but no idea how he has got on at valencia
  5. Would only use it for porn, I have an Xbox one and PS4 and they both gather dust.
  6. Tbf to the sub-contractor they probably presented costs for the three different types of cladding and the client will have chosen the cheaper flammable option. That's what most firms would do anyway.
  7. Are Aberdeen in Europe this year?
  8. That kind of cladding is usually a sandwich with 0.5m aluminium on either side of some "insulation". The insulation is usually fireproofed but depending on where you source it (China) it can be made from really combustible stuff too. All the highrises I have worked on have a similar stay put policy in place but they are useless when the fire isn't contained inside a certain compartmented area of the building, and since it spread up the outside in this case it breached all the compartmention
  9. Is the transfer window even open yet?
  10. Depends on the actual cause, HSE sentencing can now include jail time in certain cases.
  11. Refurbing high rise blocks is a big part of my job. Heads will definitely roll. from what I've heard it was a gas issue with poor fire stopping throughout the building meaning it spread fast, the fact the facade burnt is shocking as well
  12. Gunna need that to pay john osheas wages tbf
  13. Personally think Anita is a better option that Colback but I'm not particularly arsed. Just surprised we have voluntarily gone down to shelvey, Hayden and colback as our only central midfielders
  14. Think I probably would have kept Anita over Gouffran for what it's worth but I imagine he has offers of first team football elsewhere
  15. Released Anita and Sammy along with a few kids. Discussing extending gouffrans contract