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  1. Should start studying your own mate, I've only got one now so it's infinitely bigger than the other.
  2. Not a doctor but arent tits like bollocks in that there is always one bigger than the other?
  3. Ok?
  4. Nathalie Emmanuel getting her kit off was the best bit of the episode
  5. Got a company coming to have a look this week, it's only a terraced house so I'm thinking a couple of hours every two weeks should be enough. It's about 12 quid a hour I think.
  6. I like to think of myself of one of those working class heroes mind. Worst part is, the dog goes to day care whenever I'm having a long day at graft so don't even have that excuse
  7. Adrian has had his name touted about by his agent after the hart move. Wouldn't set much sway by it
  8. Not enough legs imo. But it's not going to happen anyway
  9. The last two podcasts have been absolutely superb mate you should give it another go
  10. I'm thinking about getting a cleaner, I know that's probably the wankiest thing anyone has ever said but I live alone with the dog, the house is pretty much fully refurbished now and I have been promoted at work so spending more time there. The last thing I want to do when I am home is clean the fucking thing, especially after spending 8 months doing it all up myself. My mam would go mad if I said I had a cleaner mind.
  11. Both, 15 million each should be enough
  12. Playing him out wide is why he kicked off and sulked at all his previous clubs
  13. Think we should chuck in a cheeky bid for Ronaldo
  14. Thought he was having a medical at WBA yesterday but it appears I'm wrong