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  1. Joselu will play as a number 10 imo, so it won’t be 442
  2. Alright mystic meg
  3. Meanwhile the construction industry is in a recession after two months of negative growth
  4. Be a proper shite tournament without the good old “Socceroos” though wouldn’t it, worst name for anything, ever.
  5. Someone who played decent teams?
  6. No cherry tomatoes so I’m doubtful
  7. Worst post I’ve ever seen
  8. Nah, they really need to get after each other
  9. Nice, I'm off to seen QOTSA on Sunday
  10. The ginger girl off glow is kooky piano warbler Kate Nash, looks canny different
  11. He barely played at Dortmund because of Wiegl being class and keeping him out tbh
  12. See he has been accused of wanking 'at' a couple of women? That's proper weird that, like bloke in the bushes weird.
  13. Would have been 30-0 if it wasn’t for me mate
  14. Bit different but my first football memory is playing football. I was 7 playing for my first kids team, played in goal. Lost 11-0 but got man of the match..