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  1. Hayden seems to get away with murder, what is it he actually does?
  2. Transfers

    I've had enough now, I'm deleting my stream links.
  3. Transfers

    Cannot wait to be blown away in the last hour, it's gonna be mental.
  4. Gonna miss the melting face
  5. Transfers

    @youraccaddaccaservice or maybe Mark Douglas.
  6. Transfers

    New left-back? Nicolás Tagliafico from Independiente for £4m
  7. Ashleys not budging and it's not gonna end well anyway, so Rafa might aswell fuck off now.
  8. He only wanted to show possible buyers what they were getting, although it never went to plan.
  9. Wonder what the riddler says after this?
  10. Straight back down, seriously shite.
  11. He's playing games again, the little tinker.
  12. Did the IRA not warn of a bombing with code names etc?