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  1. It's interesting the HYS comments aren't so rabidly pro-Brexit now. Is the tide changing? A lot can happen in the next 18 months. Plus Parky has been right about everything. Brexit might not happen.
  2. If, as seems highly likely, we end up in a situation it's no deal (WTO) or remain, what happens? Are these dippit cunts really going to plunge the whole economy off a cliff just to preserve there weird sense of political ideology?
  3. As Ant says, aye, usually, but then there was the likes of Guildford, Woolwich, and Birmingham. Always seemed to be bombs going off in NI as well. Thing is, although it was sectarian there was a clearly defined political agenda which was achievable. I've argued for months Islamic fundamentalism is a completely different kettle of fish motivated by religious dogma and personal gain in the afterlife. Its aim is global domination and annihilation of infidels. He sees it more of a political agenda from what I can tell.
  4. The Paddington attack wasn't terror related. The comparison with the IRA is interesting. On the one hand, the IRA were much better organised and technically proficient, they were a whisker away from assassinating Thatcher. On the other hand, they were much more specific in their targeting, although still massacred civilians on occasions. They were also largely politically motivated rather than religious. This is important because their goals were attainable and they didn't commit suicide. Overall though I'd say the IRA were a much greater threat. Cheers May for risking all of that.
  5. The maybot needs rebooting. Turn it off and on again. Actually, on second thoughts, just turn it off.
  6. Daily Heil commenters are utter cunts. I can see a riot happening like. Hot weather, long days, and fucking Tories leading the country with a minority government. The demographic makeup of Kensington is horrific, look at the difference between mean and median salaries. Proper gated communities and favela stuff. This is the future of the UK if we don't change direction.
  7. Is that sarcasm? Do you not think the 600 odd MPs that actually run the country should be on more money than GPs, head teachers, CEOs of small companies, league one football players etc? It's a fucking important job and should have remuneration that reflects this. It should also be full time and free of CoI. I'd suggest £150k starting basic, which is only enough to get you a mortgage on a 2 bed flat in London.
  8. Don't wait for an inquiry or another tragedy. Strip that cladding off ASAP. If it's true flammable cladding was used to save marginal costs it's truly disgusting.
  9. That truly is the most nauseating display of sycophancy and narcissism I've ever seen. It's surreal, like a scene from a bad B movie. Surrounded by people like that, how can Trump possibly do wrong?
  10. Is it though? I think the recent Euro elections would have put as lot of fears to bed. The EU will prosper in direct competition with us, especially as the US is gone.
  11. It makes sense for you to be right. But then again, nothing makes sense any more. We live in a post-sense world.
  12. What about the other option, the one May seems to be pursuing, we leave completely? We will just be another country to the EU, with no benefits over the likes of Angola, Argentina, or Australia. What leverage do you think we have that would incentivize the EU to broker a better deal than we have now? An economy of £3 trillion vs one of £20 trillion? The UK is also massively exposed to foreign investment, most of which are footloose and can move to the EU very quickly. Of course, the EU will benefit from this. What the fuck do we gain though? This is fucking madness, but neither party has the cajones to stand up to the vile jingoistic press to stop it. I guess Corbyn has stood up to the press but has dodged this issue, by far the most important in our lifetimes.
  13. The link at the bottom of that article, "Britain: an economy on the brink" is also canny. Canny frightening that is. Are you still convinced we will get a cracking deal CT?
  14. Like they had a realistic choice otherwise? Give over man. Half the population, probably more including the young no shows last June, do not want any form of Brexit. Probably half of those that do want a soft one. I reckon Parky's right. It's not going to happen in a meaningful way.
  15. Honestly, given the chaos Brexit has already caused, what type of idiot would you have to be to support it now? Other than immigration, I never even understood what Brexiters aimed to achieve. Oh yeah, there was us mass exporting British goods to the rest of the world and being allowed to eat bent bananas. Righto.