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  1. Oil boiler?! Jesus Christ it's 2017. Surprised you're not burning peat. Or was this a joke? :unsure:
  2. Is there any evidence it hasn't?
  3. Violent crime went up about 20% last year.
  4. Merkel is a seasoned politician. She knows the EU hold all the cards and any deal will favour them, not us. But she doesn't want the UK to fail catastrophically, which it is guaranteed to do if Johnson or any of the other bamb pots get the top job, because that would damage us all (but by far mostly us). So she is making soothing noises to increase the chances of keeping May in power, for now. May is gratefully receiving these scraps of platitude. Meanwhile, May is still paralysed by the loony fringe and no progress has been made.
  5. A reminder that the FT is paywalled.....
  6. To save CT the bother of googling, Pascal Lamy is the former director general of the WTO (2013). A Frenchman who knows his onions. He's right, the EU aren't negotiating. They don't need to, we have almost no leverage whatsoever. It suits the French and Germans to let the clock tick tock and watch foreign investment flow to the mainland. We're fast reaching the stage where we can either make a humiliating climbdown and get a much diminished deal, or we can commit economic suicide. All because of the fucking Tory party. EDIT: And this is why, perfectly illustrated in Figure 1. of this report the EU have kindly shared (unlike our government who buried our impact reports). https://publications.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/87a04301-150b-11e7-808e-01aa75ed71a1/language-en
  7. Apparently yank presidents are obliged to say it. Brown allegedly cringed when Obama said it. May just got moist when Trump said it.
  8. I'm entirely secure on the fact that CT is a contrary idiot. He does pose the philosophical quandary as to whether it's better to be informed and miserable or ignorant and happy though. As long as the soma keeps flowing he gives the impression of being as happy as a pig in shit. How true this is I can only guess. Underneath the Panama hat those piggy eyes have sadness that belies the smug grin.....
  9. I'm naive? Take a look back through this, thread, you have been wrong about almost everything. Like Davis, Fox, and Johnson, you maintained a cracking deal would be easy and we would gorge on cake and it'd still be there the next morning. Cos BMWs and prosecco. Then just yesterday you were of the opinion WTO was an acceptable option and have invoked magical thinking into thinking there are no practical issues of concern here. Exactly like the extreme crackpots have. The nutters who are destroying your own party. The only good news that I can see is that this will see the Tories out of power for a generation, maybe forever. Their utter incompetence, duplicitousness, and callousness has been exposed for all to see. Bunch of cunts. You're welcome.
  10. Everything you've been "pretty sure" about to date has been proven wrong. It's not a simple matter of what business wants, the politics are much more complex than this. I literally can't comprehend how you have such faith in this shambolic government, or how a relatively benign Tory such as yourself (though still a cunt ) could align yourself with the extreme right of the party. Unless you are being contrary of course.
  11. I'm being more civil than you deserve, that's for sure. The 8000 figure is an average figure. The 16000 figure is a peak figure. It's fairly obvious that systems have to be able to operate to the maximum throughput, not the average. Can you grasp this? Regardless, either figure is mind boggling huge. I can't imagine what 10,000 wagons look like. So, a simple question for you. In the event that custom checks had to be introduced in March 2019, do you honestly believe Dover could function? Yes, or no?
  12. And ghee always makes me I'll the next day, to the extent I can rarely eat a restaurant curry nowadays unless it's a dry one (byriani or something skewered). It's also probably very bad for you. It's possibly the reason coronary heart disease is rife in sub continent populations.
  13. Couldn't agree more about coriander. Also Thai food has too much coconut. Think I more prefer the heat from piri piri nowadays.
  14. Whatever. Here's a link to the 16000 wagons a day fact if you're going to be that pedantic. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/feb/20/post-brexit-customs-gridlock-could-choke-uk-trade-experts-warn I've pointed out why your Southampton idea is bollocks, probably even if they get Ant on the case. As for your other "solution". When are you ever going to get that we're not going to get our cake and eat it? Is it not obvious that this is even dawning on Davis? Tbh you're not even trying to debate here. You're just regurgitating garbage from the far right of your party without bothering to fact check anything. What's depressing is suburbs of Sunderland and similar are full of people like you. Which, combined with the best PM of your lifetime, is why we are in this mess.