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  1. Didn't he do well, to reach those innings? Etc.
  2. I enjoyed series one a lot. Hated the second. Enjoyed the film. Hated the first double episode of the new one and decided not to persevere. Just finished Ozark. Decent but nee breaking bad.
  3. I can't watch that at work, but from the title it appears to directly contradict a program I watched on BBC, aired just last night. Truth is, we will never know what, if any, differences in ability or aptitude there are between the sexes because behavioural factors are so ingrained from birth. I can't see a feasible or ethical way of even testing the hypothesis either to any degree of satisfaction. Anyway. This reminds me of leazesmag, who when on here used to constantly whinge about how downtrodden he was as a white, middle aged man. I can't summon the words to say how fucking pathetic that attitude is. Also irony etc. Look at the demographics of Trump's cabinet ffs. What I really don't understand though is how any woman or member of any minority can conscionably vote for the orange cunt.
  4. If Sarah Silverman is all that is wrong with the world I want the world to be wrong.
  5. @wolfy BTW, nice to see Trump is living up to his non-hawkish isolationist promises by now threatening Venezuela with military action. Fucking hell, he's desperate to play with his toys isn't he? Still, at least he's not Hilary.
  6. Buy your Samsung S8s while you can! Just don't expect any software updates for a while.
  7. Two things. 1) If he is playing a blinder, he's doing it by chance, rather than design. 2) if your second scenario transpires, it would likely result in mass loss of life in south Korea, including many US combatants. This is assuming nuclear weapons aren't used, otherwise anything could happen. But then if NK look foolish and pipe down, nothing has really been achieved has it, except for increased enmity. How is that playing a blinder?
  8. I need to brush up on my geography and geoglobal politics.
  9. Talking of which, there's a bbc quiz on who said what on their website, plus an article on what Trump has said previously about nuclear weapons, which gives the impression he is itching to use them. Sorry, can't work how to extract the URLs from the BBC app, which my phone defaults to.
  10. If you were blinded to the origin of the recent rhetoric, you would be unable to attribute which comments belonged to which leader. There's a reason for that, both are as mad as each other. That's concerning. As for a nuclear arms race in the south China sea. Is that really a good idea? In a way I can't "win" here with my concerned standpoint. Firstly, I still think the probability of escalating conflict is low. Probably less than 10 percent. But if it does happen, there will be far greater concerns ahead than this message board! Guess my main issue is that people didn't think Trump would be that bad. Well, he fuckng well is.
  11. That's true. I'm fairly sure the way not to approach it though is to step up the rhetoric the way Trump has. We're at a critical juncture here, and I can't think of a worse person to he leading the free world. I'd feel mech more confident if Obama was still in power personally. Difficult situations require tact and intelligence to resolve, not mindless bluster.
  12. I think people are still in denial about Trump. It's more than a bit concerning that the rhetoric Trump employs is virtually indistinguishable from that of Kim. There's an assumption that it's empty rhetoric and that both men are sane and only concerned with self preservation. Can't say I agree with this assessment personally. Also think people are underestimating Trumps executive powers as commander in Chief. Read up about it, he doesn't have to consult Congress. I'm sure he would prefer to bypass them actually. I hope these checks and balances are as robust as are assumed. Also what's this about climate change not being relevant? Arguably mankind's 2 main existential threats are nuclear war and climate change. Well guess what, he's already working on the latter, and looks like he's about to start work on the former. Still, at least he's not a professional politician. And especially not a female democrat at that.
  13. Aye, not getting at you in particular but I think most people underestimated how catastrophic Trump could be. Hope you're right and this will de-escalate. I'm 99 percent sure we won't have a global nuclear war myself. Thing is, I'd still not like to have the 1 percent nagging doubt. Not with 2 young uns in tow. Thought we'd left this shit behind in the 80s. I would rather reach a Roddenberry future through conventional means. The increasing isolationism we're seeing, epitomised through Brexit, suggests this is unlikely.
  14. Or Trump.