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  1. Dedication's what you need
  2. They've saved that much by road tax going digital though, surely
  3. Always thought Ray Donovan was far-fetched but inow it seems like they've toned it down a bit
  4. It's all a blur after about 1998 tbh
  5. Unbeaten in the 2006 World Cup weren't they? 3 draws iirc
  6. You on about Hoddle with the pass btw? Anyway KK never scored in a World Cup and Lineker with the strapping was Mexico '86 but none of his 6 goals were scored that way if memory serves me.
  7. I don't recall that one tbh.
  8. Some player though. Better than Hoddle
  9. Don't forget Captain Lager
  10. Like Milo off Pusher 3. Right down to the cooking skills
  11. There's a bit in his autobiography (worth a read, if you haven't already) where he was stinking of drink from the night before and almost marked a peak-era Shearer out of the match (he was playing for Derby at the time).
  12. Knowing CT, it'll be Florida
  13. Nee way will that be the starting XI in the first match. I'd be pretty surprised if they all made the final squad.
  14. Fair enough