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  1. Aye, same here. Incredible the way Afghanistan in particular have risen from nowhere. It's not long ago they were only affiliate members of the ICC (that's two levels below Test status with the likes of Malta, Greece and the Isle of Man). Think Ireland will do ok eventually too as they often seem to punch above their weight when it comes to sport in general.
  2. Viz letters page:
  3. Yeah but they'd have been 'heavily vetted'
  4. Had about 12 nutritionists, the fat cunt
  5. http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/owen-jones-gleefully-brands-daily-mail-an-open-sewer_uk_594b7656e4b01cdedf0058cc
  6. And aye, the values of those places will plummet, what a load of shite. They'll be worth more than what they paid for them already. They won't even see the people in the social housing bit they just don't like the idea of it.
  7. Fuck them, I hope they're seething, the utter cunts
  8. Might be wrong but I thought there was initial talk about using empty luxury housing in the borough as a temporary measure (arguably mooted for political reasons / to make a point and unlikely to happen at a guess) whereas this is a more permanent solution. I don't know that they're finished necesssarily.
  9. Aye, fair point, I wasn't saying they would own them, that was more of a follow-on from KD's comments. I think sometimes it's a mix of both though, aye? Anyway, not relevant either way in this case as you say.
  10. They aren't but the re-sale value would still be a fortune in this case. Incidentally, all the bits of affordable housing I've seen locally are part of the same housing estate with the same access roads etc. Although I don't imagine in this case they'd have access to the luxury gym, swimming pool etc. Not that it would matter because none of the people who buy the dear ones will be living there.
  11. Probably or at least some meeting half way. I don't think he'll have been on a great deal of money anyway. Perhaps I'm being too optimistic but I see this as another battle won by Rafa.
  12. I think there post-Allardyce (where Ashley probably had some justification in thinking the staffing was excessive) and pre-Rafa (hopefully, at least) it's been an issue throughout the club in general.
  13. I almost mentioned him as it happens