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  1. I find if you want something that's a bit more 'classic', if you like (not necessarily really expensive) then it's just not going to be in the sales, unless it's a 'seasonal' colour. I mean stuff like Baracuta G9, John Smedley knitted polo, Lacoste L12 polo. I suppose for more formal stuff it might be a bit different, but I work for an IT firm where I look relatively smart if I wear a £200 suit. I begrudge paying much for work stuff
  2. I don't actually mind them fwiw, just winding you up tbh. Although I wouldn't wear them personally, they're not my cup of char. Those loafers are fucking outrageous mind.
  3. If you're not sure which ones they are they look like other brogues but retail at around 3x the price. Come with a free mug
  4. Another clown shoe advocate sticks his head above the parapet
  5. Thought it had me spot on for some stuff but didn't really recognise myself in some of the categories. I think, like you, if I answered the questions 4 or 5 times it would probably be at least slightly different every time.
  6. I find it hard to blame him too much tbh. He went from being at one PL to another on a Bosman so he must be on at least 40k per week. I've seen 70k reported. Hull will have offered what? £10k a week, if that. Probably with an increase if they go up. Even other PL sides that were reputed to be interested would probably have offered about half what he's on and he's got two years left on his contract. Factor is in that he might have realised he's not good enough and that it's his last chance to earn anything like that and you can see it from his end. Massively frustrating that he's using up that sort of money which could be spent elsewhere but it's unrealistic to expect him just to go. I'd be offering him a year's wages just to go or something like that.
  7. Look like something my granny would've put on to go to the Co-op
  8. Which was obviously a joke and a one which wasn't even meant to be subtle.
  9. That would be quite impressive
  10. Felt sorry for you until I found out you were wearing brogues.
  11. I think it is his level but not necessarily in a side wanting to get promoted.
  12. What happened was he wouldn't move to another club offering him much lower wages and he invented a cover story so as not to appear like he was only about the money.
  13. Toesn't
  14. This post says much more about you than it says about Gloom