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  1. Transfers

    My West Ham mate reckons snodgrass is awful
  2. I fancy a win today. 2-0 to us
  3. aye, I'm leaving that for the fish
  4. I was just about to post that. Good Saturday read on Rafa the obsessive to detail and his back room staff. As long as he's our manager we have a chance of moving forward, despite the owner.
  5. I don't mind the LGBTs having a club, just as long as they keep it behind closed doors and don't flaunt it in public.
  6. Yup
  7. Bye bye Bannon
  8. I was just kidding
  9. I thought you weren't into identity politics
  10. Look at the nazi apologist, laughing at the holocaust gag
  11. oh, wasn't that a shame!
  12. fascinating batting masterclass with KP on sky now, whatever you think of the cunt.
  13. aye, they'll all be a few pints deep by now so should be a lively session. a few will probably be hoping cook goes sooner rather than later, just for the entertainment of seeing bairstow and stokes having a dart with 450 runs already on the board - when was the last time that happened?