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  1. Nee changes. Merino and Clark on the bench
  2. Bollocks, Lawro has predicted us to win. Guaranteed loss now that useless cunt has put the hex on us.
  3. We wont be near the bottom three. That’s obvious from performances so far. The first two games aside, we’ve been impressive.
  4. You’re right. It’s a catastrophe. We should be pushing for top 4 given the massive investment in the summer. Howay man Noelle, you’re slipping into CT territory here. Rafa is working miracles on the pitch and we might even be on the verge of seeing off the FCB. Get with the programme. These are good times for us.
  5. Trump makes the tories look competent
  6. i'm shocked and appalled that you think that
  7. Sunderland is a hole, I was born there, lived there till my early twenties, moved away and then stupidly moved back again. It is full of chavs, it's the only place I've ever been where being intelligent is seen as a bad thing. It has no culture, unless you count taking speed, drinking, fighting and shaggin as culture. The town centre is an embarrassment, populated by retarded, fat, ugly, useless, ignorant, inbred, nylon clad chava scum. one of the comments from the piece. he's wrong though. i grew up in washington and being seen as intelligent was seen as a bad thing there too.
  8. some interesting comments at the bottom of this blog. he did ask for it like https://www.ilivehere.co.uk/sunderland-why-god-why.html
  9. agreed. very harsh piece. i liked townsend and couldn't really blame him for fucking off after trying a lot harder to keep us up than most of his teammates. i think he may regret his decision now we're back up and there is takeover talk doing the rounds, but i'd hope he'd get a decent reception. or that he won't be booed, at least.
  10. so yes, much more like a blackburn, a burnley, a doncaster or a stoke.
  11. all the places you mention are great fun, in my opinion, and are well worth visiting for a weekend. with one notable exception.
  12. point one - that's your hunch but it's pure speculation. nobody knows what we'll end up with. point two - perhaps, but we already have a world class manager who has won trophies pretty much everywhere he's been and at clubs like liverpool and valencia, who competed with clubs with bigger budgets.
  13. why couldn't we compete for titles if we were lucky enough to see a man city-type takeover?
  14. first sentence: It is highly likely that the Brexit negotiations will fail, imposing an abrupt shock on the UK economy and ruining relations with its neighbours.