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  1. I watched it with quite low expectations so I guess I want disappointed, obvs not a patch on the original but you could say that about porno.
  2. Train spotting 2. Decent, more than just the nostalgia trip I was anticipating. Diverted plot quite a bit from porno but enjoyable enough all the same. 6/10
  3. Rattled
  4. Good news I reckon. Implies Rafa has full control
  5. they could both make even more money if it went the distance tbf, and agreed a rematch. would that weigh on flloyd? we all know money is his main passion, same goes for connor tbh
  6. My money is on whoever Parky and CT fancy
  7. wormwood, you mean
  8. hope not, i was looking forward to the seeing the early days of him as saul, rather than just his backstory as jimmy. i'm a fan, but the wife has given up. she didn't love breaking bad as much as me and finds it too much of a slow burner.
  9. The statue of cracking down on your civil liberties
  10. Davis is having his pants pulled down on day one - we're heading for the softest of soft brexits.
  11. Well done David, you held out on your first red line for all of a few hours https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/jun/19/uk-caves-in-to-eu-demand-to-agree-divorce-bill-before-trade-talks?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other
  12. A blow to the stots like that would put most men down tbf
  13. So we have an indefinite amount of time to live with this potential threat hanging over us. The so-called war on terror is a bit like the war on drugs - I'm not sure how it's ever going to be won. Jim Jefferies has got it right on this one. The only way to fight hate is with love, which is why the way communities across the country have united and displayed great humanity in offering shelter and support for those affected, has been exactly the right response. Unfortunately there will also be nutcases on both sides of this "war" as we saw in Finsbury Park yesterday.
  14. That's the worry - will they ever relent? It's hard to imagine them ever agreeing to an equivalent of the good Friday agreement, given their stated objectives - even if western forces were to withdraw from conflicts in the Middle East.
  15. these people seem to think connor is going to stand a chance. if you can't be arsed to watch, it basically boils down to flloyd being older and apparently not strong enough puncher to knock connor out.