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  1. After 10 years of Ashley there's very little we should fear the club will never push on under him. We all know what he wants it for to promote SD? Shirley this must be good news there's 2 Chinese guys mentioned over on NO if either of them are behind this they are far wealthier than Ashley. Let them have ago let them bank roll the club. The alternative is another10 years of Ashley & the ìnevitability that'll he'll piss Rafa off we know the script under Ashley. Howay the Rads
  2. Free hundred mirion pounds for the club ?
  3. Could this we the end of Ashwee
  4. For everyone voting today
  5. She's going to be a reception teacher (little 'uns) she'll be great
  6. Absolutley buzzing Miss T went for her first interview to be a teacher today she's just recieved a phone call to say she's got the job. I'm so happy for her she doesn't graduate until 12th July
  7. Cheers lads
  8. I'm with Renton right on brother bring back the 70's smiley patches you forgot those mate
  9. Just a quick question lads or lasses can anyone recommed a place that does these Spa day things locally as in the North East. I want to give Mrs T & Miss T a treat for everything they do for me. Ive looked on Wowcher etc nearly all seem to be down south shirley there's somewhere local any ideas ? Thanks in advance Steve aka Trooper.
  10. Not changing the sig mate
  11. This is fantastic news what a time to be an NUFC fan.
  12. Rafa quotes: I’m pleased with how the meeting went and the positive approach we are all taking together to build on what we have started this season. “There will be challenges ahead of course, the summer will not be easy, but the hard work has been going on for some time and we can now continue positively with the development of the squad ahead of the start of the new season. “I wish fans an enjoyable summer!”
  13. Cheers Ant looks good from here
  14. We have the means not the willingness
  15. We have the first piece of the puzzle in place Rafa We also have the fans who share Rafa's ambition (why shouldnt we be looking at top 4 finishes) But we need an owner who shares this ambition & sadly i dont think we have that. Honestly the potential for this club could be massive i dont want us to be like Sunderland clinging on for Premiership survival every year i want us competing at the top of the league winning an odd FA Cup or League Cup on the way. We'll never win anything as long as Ashley's in charge yesterday was as good as it gets. We're back in the Premiership maybe's these new Chinese sponsors could be a stepping stone to a new buyer ? Who know's ? I get all the HOPE & PASSION stuff. Maybe's we dont demand trophies, maybe it's time we did.