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  1. Lost my stream & i dont care United bastards
  2. We're doing really alot better than i thought we'd do. Getting sick of the commentators United this & united that there's 2 uniteds on the pitch you idiots
  3. I'm surprised we're going 2 up top against these i justhope we get the chances to score
  4. This from Mark Douglas ... Big call on the left-wing from Rafa today. Team is interesting! Announced officially in 10 mins:
  5. Given that Man Utd are 2nd in the league & are unbeaten in 37 home games i think we've every right to fear the worst
  6. With Pogba, Ibrahimivic & Rojo available also Lukaku not scoring for 7 games i think we've got a hiding coming today
  7. Your prediction is more likely as i can't see Rafa starting Mitro
  8. He should have called him christmas
  9. I moved up to the North East in October 1974 we lived in Felling for a couple of years before moving to Cramlington to be near my dads job at Brentford Nylons. It was a few months after the cup final not only was i the new kid in school i was the new kid with a scouse accent. Obiviously the school bully didn't take to kindly to me as he was a mad Newcastle fan one day he had me pinned up against the wall in the school corridor. Thankfully the headmaster came round the corner just as he was about to give me a beating & saved my bacon. He left me alone after he saw me at the match a few times.
  10. Yeah this is one of those games were we're not expected to get anything from. The best we can hope for is to try & contain them for as long as possible before the eventual barrage of goals go in 3-0
  11. I think most people are at the stage of willing the deal to go through & yet there's always that little doubt that Ashley will balls it up.
  12. If it doesn't go through by the January window we could be in a pickle with Ashley's reluctance to further invest in the club.
  13. How optimistic is everyone about the sale going through "no news is good news" & all that.