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  1. The newbie's a bit of an angry man to many "e numbers" in the blue pop
  2. Rafa must need money we bought him for £8 million
  3. Rafa hopes Darlow has a future at the club. Benitez also stressed that he was “hopeful” new signings would arrive in the coming days as he seeks a striker, a midfielder and a goalkeeper - and made it clear the club would “do their best” to recruit players with Premier League experience.
  4. There's obviously no place for him at the club
  5. Still needing 3/4 new ones in means having to ship 9/10 out to try & generate some money & space by the looks of things.
  6. Aye i'd fancy a Cabaye, Shelvey partnership in the middle
  7. We've still only got a team that'll do well in the Championship at the moment.
  8. 1-1 full time score
  9. 3,000 of our fans there
  10. https://www.nufc.co.uk Looks like you can listen here. Now if anyone can get any moving pictures
  11. This from Rafa "Mike convinced me he would give us the last penny of the money available" “We are not asking for more, we are asking for the money we can use" Sounds like they're trying to with hold Rafa's transfer spending money
  12. Hopefully we'll find something like you did last week mate
  13. Mike Ashley's 17 word presentation "It’s clear we have smashed the ball out of the park with our Selfridges of sport concept,”
  14. Serious question here lads we all know Rafa has to start the season with a 25 man first team squad. At this moment without the addition of a new keeper,CM & striker we have 8/9 players too many. What will happen if we can't off load them ? They'll all have contracts as first team players shirley will they be put on paid leave ? or made to just train with the young un's any ideas ?