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  1. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Well there's 2hrs 15mins I won't get back. Lovely special effects mind, and the Planet Mul is somewhere I could happily while away my days but the plot is woeful. There's zero chemistry between the lead couple and Delevinge's eyebrows had more charisma than the hormonal teenager that was meant to be the lead man. The 2 saving graces were Ethan Hawke and the cute little chameleon creature who shits out whatever you feed him. I knew there was a reason why I always let the ex take the bairn to sci-fi films...
  2. It'll be like the time my mam eventually bought me a Mr Frosty when I was 27 after denying me one my entire childhood. It was shit
  3. And your son Wyzbit?
  4. I like that! It was a consideration on my list.
  5. Gotta love Gateshead! My bro and his missus have just had a Madeline, which is pretty
  6. I always wanted a Soda Stream but my mam wouldn't let me have one. I know this thread isn't about Soda Streams but it made me reminisce... As you were, lads.
  7. They were boys
  8. If you want stupid names then I could write a book of them given that I spend half my working life present at caesarian sections. We've had twins called Wayne & Dwayne, Blaze & Storm. Girls called Spirit, Mariah, Xena, and the delightful new trend of ridiculous spellings: Jaxsun, Reign-Bo and Dayseigh-Mae. The Yoda-esque creature that I grew is Joseph Alexander.
  9. Who?
  10. I pay £4.60, he's tall, dark and dishy and in the summer he wears only a pair of shorts and a smile. I win.
  11. I see the PM has visited the region and has been to bother the staff at MRI whilst they continue to save lives and can frankly do without the funfair that goes along with her visit. No doubt she's waxed lyrical about the amazing, dedicated emergency services, working tirelessly around the clock as she did following Westminster. I'm not sure I'd be able to hold my tongue if she came anywhere near me with her sycophantic bullshit.
  12. It wasn't necessarily someone who attended the concert. Lots of people come up to the arena to pick others up at the end.
  13. Struggling with this today. Heartbroken for the bairns, parents and other victims and injured, proud of my friends in the emergency services in Manchester, relieved that friends and their children got out safe, tearful at the stories of kindness in the community, despair at the whole fucking mess that is unfolding once again. Helpless at all of it and annoyed at myself for getting upset when trying to explain it to the bairn this morning. It's all too close to home and I can't bear it.
  14. Police saying 19 dead, more than 50 injured.
  15. Explosions at the end of Ariana Grande gig at the Arena. Confirmed fatalities. Fuck man