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  1. Wish someone would murder yee
  2. He's fucked off back to Darlo in embarrassment now mind. I did give him the lashings of a dog verbally
  3. Front and back, all over the grapes not being frozen enough
  4. Nah, he did bite my finger though the dirty darlo cunt. He's a fucking prick like, booted my sisters doors trough couple of months back. I let it slide a a one off. Then yesterday I was aeguing with my sister on the phone and I heard him mouthing off in the background about me, red mist... went over and giving him the lickings of a dog. He didn't like being called a woman abuser like. Or a scruffy ugly darlo bastard. Afterwards he claimed to only have not punched me cos im her brother. Fucking bollock
  5. Got into a bit f a scuffle night! Sister's boyfriend prick!!!
  6. Trying Barcardi Oakheart for the first time. Ready nice in a tall glass with ice, pepsi max and a slice of lime
  7. Hung parliment was a perfect excuse for a different party to prop them up on condition of a second referendum. Fucked it
  8. Mayor Adam West:(
  9. J. Carver, was the best coach in the premier league. He'd tear it up for them down there
  10. It'll be an out of work manager, they can't afford to pay Sweaty Fc any compo
  11. Not for 5 years though, how old is he??
  12. Read that the DUP will demand more resources for Northern Ireland. Yep, more resources for them whilst leaving the rest of us in austerity. Silly bastards
  13. So ultimately the tories are still going to be in government...
  14. Dup can fuck off
  15. Her frown