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  1. No advertising your spares. Edit your post. How much?
  2. I'm not enough of a 'people' person I'm afraid
  3. I'm leaning towards no... I'll be actively looking for something better whether I take it or not. I'm basically without a disposable income here but it's otherwise great. Just not working shifts is the greatest, in a better mood for it. Rarely even have a pop at j69 anymore
  4. Cheers I'd already pretty much talked myself out of it.
  5. Fuck knows, my life is a mess
  6. I took a temp job a couple of weeks ago and it's a piece of piss, laid back place but the money is shite. Went for an interview last week and it looks like a dirty sweatshop but the money is better and it's permanent work. They've been trying to ring me and sent me an email a couple of hours ago offering me the job and I don't know what to do. Be skint or be flogged?
  7. They'll be hosting anti drinking driving campaigns next
  8. Some children are going to the stadium of light today to talk about racism according to Look North.
  9. Wonder if they still think none of our players could get into their team
  10. Bookies will be laughing too. Apart from the one who laid the huge draw bet in the Vegas area
  11. I didn't think there was loads in it, but 118-110 is corruption. Ggg is an animal. Mayweather should have fought him instead of that circus the other week
  12. That is a fucking farce. R£match r£sult
  13. Aye that's the risk you take with it at set pieces. The argument for it is it's more disciplined and your defenders aren't getting dragged around the box by opposition movement. Don't know which way proves most effective though
  14. Can't say I've seen us using it. A big thing always seems to be made of it when a zonal marking team concedes though but never viva versa, I find it a bit odd. Can't say I have a preference, both ways have their advantages.
  15. http://www.rafabenitez.com/web/in/blog/the-truth-about-marking-set-pieces/32/