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  1. Transfers

    blocked his own brother's move to Real Madrid. Now plays for Dundee Utd
  2. I haven't been to Romania so can't compare but I didn't witness much poverty in Hungary and I was pretty far from Budapest. Wages are quite low but reflected in the cost of living. Unemployment being low created a noticeable difference in how well people were treated at work. They were basically immune from bollockings because they could just leave and get a job somewhere else the same day. Agencies were getting coach loads of workers in from neighbouring countries to plug the jobs gaps in the area I was in.
  3. I'm not even working class anymore
  4. Transfers

    I'd be starting Elliot before both of those
  5. Transfers

    The opportunity to sign someone like Reina would have been too good to turn down because he's streets ahead of what we have but I'm otherwise nonplussed about signing one. Not sure what the crack with Krul is. Does Rafa just think he's completely shite?
  6. Transfers

    http://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/g00/sport/football/transfer-news/newcastle-united-news-transfers-live-13371806?i10c.referrer=https%3A%2F%2Ft.co%2F3M7KAOkD7A It's like I'm magic
  7. Transfers

    Shelvs has been leggier since Benitez called him a fat cunt and he lost a stone. Mackems have all ignored his weight loss and put his improvement down to being in the pub league.
  8. Transfers

    Think a lot of it is fueled by people wanting us to get good fast whilst Benitez is still here before the inevitable
  9. Transfers

    It'll be fine in the Premier League as well like. Not pretty or anything but it's got the work ethic that tends to see most promoted clubs get by. The ones that struggle are generally the ones with the smaller squads. Plus Rafa. Think a lot of people want too much too soon. Myself included
  10. Transfers

    Was Cabaye shit for Palace last season? I'd have no problem playing him with either of those two. Think he'd happily come back as well. It's hard to ignore how wank we were when Shelvey got banned last season. Completely stifled our attacking playing.
  11. Transfers

    Ah and #10 is a real issue. Probably more than any
  12. Transfers

    Think Benitez suggested before we'd signed anyone that we might not have a great team on paper next season but that spirit and competition for places would see us through. We'll be absolutely fine, would like to see a striker still and some real competition for Shelvey... he needs keeping on his toes more than most.
  13. Their u23s. I'm particularly keen for them to have a poor season
  14. Wonder what the circumstances were. Just read his aged 22 son died last year and tried to find out more about that but there's little online about it.
  15. Transfers

    Bodes well for the prospect of signing a striker