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  1. Fucking disgusting player Smalling. Should have been sent off in the 3-3 a couple of seasons back as well. Cunt.
  2. I was about the rant about the same but then they scored so I couldn't be arsed. "One way traffic really since the goal". I don't think we've been under any pressure at all.
  3. Undeserved. Still confident though
  4. Saville scored against them, let us enjoy that irony
  5. I think Grayson had them pulling in the same direction to some extent, they're just absolutely shite. And whatever problems there are beneath the surface won't be fixed by a manager without wholesale changes to the playing squad. Which won't happen. They'll want him out by the new year.
  6. I think they're beyond help
  7. Or he's lied again
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. Shame, I don't mind Coleman.
  10. I should have cropped that one
  11. 1 nil to professor panty. One more from earlier in the week, as as an opening day special.
  12. http://news.sky.com/story/plane-and-helicopter-in-mid-air-collision-in-buckinghamshire-11130285 Please. PLEASE