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  1. Does that belong to SAFC or Short? If it's Shorts or one of Shorts companies then a bust Sunderland could see the land literally sold from under them as Sort recoups his investment. This being the property stripping model which help make his fortune.
  2. Maybe 'tin-pot league' was code for 'we'll struggle'
  3. It's something like the third Thursday in March which is the cut off.
  4. Would it be better for them to enter administration or fail FFP?
  5. Loads of them still think what he did was fine because she wanted it and the rest stay quiet because from when he was charged to when he pleaded guilty they chanted "he fucks who he likes" and don't want to think how defending child grooming came so easy to them.
  6. If he did walk to West Ham, who do we even look to replace him? I can't think of anyone who would bring the same atmosphere to the stadium by way of sheer presence.
  7. Loads over the next month or so while the FA stamp this new retrospective banning into place.
  8. Saturday afternoon and on the back of an unbeaten first three games... So many empty seats.
  9. Their match threads are awesome though... 1. Before kick off - They're great and can see an easy three points 2. After kick off - Playing positive 3. Other team score - Hate at Short / Moyes / some named player 4. Other team score again - Even more hate. Relegation nailed on. 5. They score - named player the only one who wants / deserves his shirt 6. Game ends - Hate at Short / Moyes / multiple named players 7. 30 more pagers about how amazing their home / away fans are much better than everyone else Then you have their loaded topics such as "Which three teams do you want to be relegated?" or "Who's you most hated team?" which is followed by 3-4 pages of 'FTM' comments or if a mag replies "another one on the ignore list" as if they're collecting for some special merit badge! I only read it so I know that no matter how shitty my day is, I'm not one of them.
  10. I'm not convinced Ashley understands that Benitez needs to be supported for long term success only because I don't think he, Ashley, understands what is needed to both get success and then maintain it. This is different and I suspect Ashley is more than clued in on how much Benitez is pulling in for the NUFC brand. A midweek ticket based Q&A filled the stadium bar. The last pre-season friendly was packed and the store hadn't expected the volume of sales before the game - the black away strips were almost sold out or at least they didn't have the staff to refill the shelves.
  11. Don't worry.. you all had really good excuses ready: It was on TV Lots of people are on holiday You can't expect people to finish work and then get to the match on a weeknight Nobody goes to a stadium to watch football on Fridays They've cut back on free tickets so only the proper supporters will go (followed by how they have the greatest supporter base) Once we've won a couple of games the stadium will be heaving Source: Shit makem Facebook friends posted over the weekend about the attendance.
  12. Against a better keeper he wouldn't have scored, it looked lazy and lucky in equal measures.
  13. Cheers
  14. Are the goals online anywhere?
  15. Is Mitro even trying?