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  1. So Rafa is the favourite to be sacked https://www.skybet.com/football/specials/manager-specials
  2. It seems to be coming in threes for some of those "MLF's".. They hated Moyes. They hated being relegated and now their new home shirt is taken straight from the popular 1980's TV show Bullseye.
  3. Please let him sign for them only to fail. The only good manager memory in recent years they have would be ruined.
  4. If it's that much maybe we'll get a better half time show, much as I love watching two people mis kick balls onto a target or kids taking penalties again mascots.
  5. Can you get one without the logo? or can you steam the logo off??
  6. They're convinced Moyes will be sacked before the end of this season... Please let him stay if only to watch them implode!
  7. We aren't going to win the Championship because the last game for Brighton is against Villa who are going to roll over so they can say they've fucked us again.
  8. I think Ashley will go along way to finding the cash and keeping Benitez if only because the NUFC brand hasn't been this strong in years; with the manager being at the centre of the feel good factor. Not many clubs have the managers name chanted, in a positive way, more at home games than the players on the pitch and that makes him as valuable merchandise wise as any player.
  9. Does this mean we can't sing that we'll win the league unless we pretend it's ironically???
  10. Can we go back to the match naming convention we had before Christmas? The one which helped get us results because we've played shit since we stopped using them!!
  11. Anyone know if they'll be streams available?
  12. I really want them to though... Well I want them to get enough points for them to really believe that it's going to happen only for it to be denied at the 11th hour.
  13. You sure? They've replaced 'mag at work' with 'Mags wanting tickets..' and endless threads about Moyes not being sacked without thinking that he may of know the state of this season at the start of the year and just been told relegation wouldn't be the worst thing. You also get the odd diamond in the rough where they try and guess what huge plan we've got for them in retaliation for their planes without even thinking that we've not given it any thought. Muppets the lot of them.
  14. What's the earliest we could get second place given the remaining games?
  15. Do none of them think that maybe he's known about the lack of funds / dire financial position at the club since he was recruited and told then if they're relegated then it's not the worst thing? That would go to explain why he's always talked about a relegation battle this season and everyone at their club seems resigned to being in the bottom three.