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  1. Can see it going badly wrong tbh
  2. I wonder if their attendance will half again if they go down again
  3. Fucking brilliant that mad bob like, they were all eating out of the palm of his hand on his ITK takeover threads in the summer
  4. McClaren had a much better squad as well
  5. That video of them from the summer singing 'we've got Simon Grayson' might be the most cringe worthy thing I've ever seen
  6. No its largely because when he has played he looks constantly injured
  7. What the fuck is going on over on RTG Some of them are convinced that some new member on there who is obviously on a wind up defending Grayson in every thread is actually Grayson himself Like when they thought that TerrysChippie chap was the TrueGeordie for whatever reason, class
  8. I'll be very happy with 4 points from these next 2 games, 3 would be decent
  9. It will most likely be a small (in football terms) fine.. probably a couple million
  10. 6 in a row literally means the world to them.. funny how we beat them 5 times in a row from like 2002-05 I think and it never really got a mention
  11. I expect that thread about the takeover thats on there will be very lively tonight
  12. Its rank like, never seen another ground like it
  13. https://twitter.com/Mattyoliverr_/status/924298650989350912 Fucking state of that
  14. He signed Owen, Luque and Boumsong
  15. Its literally all they have to cling on to at the moment, their support really does revolve around us