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  1. Anyone got a feeling that this Barnes was brought in because Charnley was struggling with transfers?
  2. Yeah I think so as well, looked like he got taken by suprise then panicked and used the wrong hand
  3. I was sure that was going to be saved all the way until it hit the net
  4. I dont know about Krul not being good enough for the prem I think its more that Rafa just doesnt fancy him, Sels is Sels and Darlow showed in the championship that he can be error prone so I can see why we might be looking at a new keeper. Elliot will be kept as backup I reckon
  5. Should of said 'just by some very slight gnats cock sized chance'
  6. I'm just hoping everything from the board to manager go smoothly for a while so we can just think about the goings on with actual football. If Rafa stays for a few years (with money to spend) then I think we stand a good chance of going places
  7. Don't get caught saying things like that over on the old RTG there marra
  8. Extra time, this game has been fucking shite mind.. pens might make watching it just about worth it
  9. Weird to think back on that year.. we could have ended up with him if he didnt go to the scouse, didnt we also apparently try and sign Klose that year as well? Ended up with Martins
  10. This Sigurdsson would be one of our most exciting signings for a long time but he'd cost far too much when like you say, we'd probably rather spend £15-20m on a #10 from abroad
  11. Actually forgot about Sels So get rid of 3 out of the 4, I'd keep Elliott
  12. Wouldnt be against getting rid of 2 of the 3 out of Krul, Darlow and Elliot. Should get an alright figure for Krul as well
  13. First of many, though But aye its a bit like a rich tea biscuit
  14. Then just before the window shuts 'couldnt quite get him over the line'