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  1. A club will pay that for him sooner rather than later
  2. Tidied
  3. This. The best ones are the ones that keep posting about all things NUFC on multiple 50, 100+ page threads but they are not obsessed because its on a Sunderland forum despite the fact they post in depth about Rafas history with the clubs hes been at, the transfers hes made ect ect ect ect. Theres just a handful of absolute losers on there that drag that site down even further.
  4. Anything longer than 5 mins on there is too much/enough for me
  5. You've been spending to much time on RTG marra
  6. 1-1
  7. They are taking the piss out of Boro for losing their first game They will never learn man
  8. No suprise he doesnt want to leave Leeches man
  9. Only a couple weeks ago most of them on RTG were saying they had a better squad than we do But we are the 'delewded' ones
  10. Carroll wouldnt fit in with how we are setting up to play this season, we will replace Mitro with a pacey striker not another target man
  11. They are unreal man I said yesterday I couldnt see them going down again but the way its going and if all of their (best in the world) fans get on the teams back which they will after a bad start it could go south very quickly
  12. Fucking hell what a shambles they are man
  13. I cant see them finishing below the bottom end of mid table, would love it if they did though. Their squad is fucking rank but so is most teams down there dunno if this Grayson can get them playing which might be the deciding factor
  14. But relegation again? Last year the championship was a shite pub league remember