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  1. It was obviously a joke towards the mackems calling everyone a mag on their forums Dont let that get in the way of your rantings though
  2. Most roofs would cave in long before he had the chance to jump
  3. Dropped some massive clangers tbf. Rafas all about trust in his players and if Darlow makes mistakes this year it will cost us more in the prem - its a good move in getting rid of Krul and Darlow imo.
  4. https://www.readytogo.net/smb/threads/benitez-future-in-doubt-over-failure-to-secure-key-signings.1373945/ Has anyone seen this absolute fucking abomination? Im embarrassed for them
  5. They can have Colback to if they like but then they will probably want £20m
  6. Rafa must be fuming like, all the good feeling around the club that we built up last season pretty much all turned to shite due to disarray over transfers.
  7. I'd take him for £20m in a heartbeat, wont happen though.
  8. I wont argue with you on any of those based on his performances this season just gone, he actually looked better in the prem the year before some how.
  9. Wouldnt say hes shit like but Rafa defo does not fancy him due to Mitro being a bellend on the pitch more than once and generally being a liability. Its been said more than once that Rafa likes players that he can 'trust' and that can stick to the game plan that he puts in place, Mitro is furthest thing from that which is a shame as he has talent just not the brains to carry out the mental side.
  10. Sauce? I was going to post about him earlier, know fuck all about him
  11. I kind of expected us to sell Darlow, Rafa is all about trust and Darlow made a few bad howlers last season. In the prem they will cost us even more
  12. Anyone seen what the price is supposed to be? Something like £7-9m to meet his release clause?
  13. So him and Lascelles starting then?
  14. Lad... sort of. Who remembers the story about Llambias losing a bet with Ashley and had to run across SJP naked Fuck sake man