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  1. You could see it as soon as we were linked with some shitty arsed French winger on the last day of the January window when we were allegedly working our bollocks off on Townsend. Wonder who was in the ear of Charnley there. I also wonder who wanted his pockets lined by that agency again.
  2. Transfers

    A shame that it didn't work out for him really but with Elliott and Darlow, you do have to wonder why he was signed. I know Elliott was injured for a lot of the time but Woodman didn't move until January IIRC.
  3. Allardyce had a "Performance Director" I believe, didn't he?
  4. Aye, possibly. That philosophy extended to the coaching staff under Pardew and McClaren where it seemed like there was about 4 coaches and then Beardsley working with the kids
  5. Maybe they've cottoned on that they need more than one bloke trying to run every facet of a Premier League football club. I can imagine everyone there reporting to Charnley for everything under the sun.
  6. Thank fuck for that. Identified some very good players, no question but his track record is littered with players completely unsuitable for English football, not to mention massive injury problems. There's that link with that French agency where he was definitely pocketing some back handers as well.
  8. This is FM 16 but I think I've clocked Scotland
  9. Transfers

    Lee Ryder sez that Florian Lejeune is pretty much completed so that should stop some bed wetting for a bit.
  10. They need to put her in the bin and get another Tory MP who can handle themselves with a bit of common sense and decency. A Boris Johnson, for instance.
  11. There's a Korean player called Lee Bum-Yung It's got nowt to do with what we're on about but it's funny.
  12. I saw them linked with a striker from Hibernian (I think) as well so if there's anything in that, it seems their player and manager recruitment is going to be using the bare minimum
  13. Very nice way to tell him you can't be arsed banging on
  14. Hes campaigning in the marginals too over the summer so that might well swing things. It really does seem that everyone is working under the assumption that there's going to be another election and Labour are the only ones with their act together
  15. Depends if they get a second referendum or not