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  1. Transfers

    I'm already calling him WANKillo and that's it sorted.
  2. Transfers

    And all this talk about transfer progress being slow seems to forget that we have a load of shite to sift. I imagine they're working on two fronts atm and we've just seen two players sign in a week. Waiting day to day for any news seems like the surest way to drive yourself mental.
  3. I'm aware I started it btw.
  4. BlogOnTheTyne is the little hub for all his Chronicle articles and the tweets he sent have the same, desperate, skin crawling tone where he's trying to come off as above it all while simultaneously seething. There's another one where he responds to someone implying he's "punching" for having 90,000 followers with the response "He must be doing something right!" The kid didn't even tag Ryder ffs. So, he's searching his own name from his alternate account so he can send tweets to people slagging him off in the third person instead of doing his job. I think I've broken him. This is two days after he blocked me. It took him two days to come up with some embarrassing, vague threat of copyright infringement that he had to send from an official (I'm assuming) Trinity Mirror affiliated Twitter account because he's been on the Special Brew on Amelia's bus to Preston and is too busy watching Mark Douglas do his job properly. What a spanner.
  5. Genuinely embarrassed for him. We're currently playing an actual match that he should be watching and he's trying to throw shit insults at me.
  6. Not too blown away by what others have said about him but I'm putting some faith in Rafa to coach him into a decent defender. Him being able to play on both flanks will probably come in useful as the season wears on.
  7. Not sure anyone was buying them for the economic benefits, like
  8. Pretty sure Blaze and Storm were characters in Streets of Rage 2. They'll DEFINITELY be X-Men. Paging Fish
  9. Not listened to either of the first two since I was about 12 and filled with the anger of a teenage boy but I might have a listen tonight and see if any nostalgia pops up because I used to love them.
  10. I always pop down to the free stages but, as expected, it's going to be pissing it down
  11. Remi Streete took it on the sly with a wide angle lens.
  12. Especially since it ended in this.
  13. Prefer mine tbh.
  14. You could probably get decent wedge for Krul and Darlow and not miss them if you got a capable keeper in tbh. They're massively high on Woodman too so you can understand them looking at any chance to give him opportunities.
  15. great Viz letterbocks ending there