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  1. What this recent run has proven is that the league is bang average and an organised, well drilled side that is working their bollocks off is enough to see off a lot of teams, especially at home
  2. Nailed on they'll beat us, mind
  3. They'll probably be playing up front next week
  4. They've beat our record for the longest time taken to score a goal in a league season too. Get the party poppers out
  5. It's certainly realistic; David Luiz was all over the fucking shop for me.
  6. Aye, I didn't take anything necessarily positive out of it but not sure anyone has ever so beautifully described the chase to get rid of ennui. And people say this place is up it's own arse. I'll have a look at those two, Alex. Been meaning to dig into his other books since I "acquired" his bibliography so I'll hoy them on my Kindle.
  7. Funnily enough, I'm reading through Nothing to Envy, which, I think, Ant recommended and it's well worth a read if you're interested in what actually happens/ed through the 90s to get them to this point. It frames it with a human interest angle so it's not some dry history textbook but the author talks about how it's completely disorienting at night since even the 'ambient' light you take for granted at home (lamp posts, headlights, shop signs etc) are completely gone so there's no way to actually tell where you are. Also, they make young men sign agreements IN BLOOD that they'll fight for North Korea, if there's ever a war
  8. Aye, they raved on about him but he's basically just graft. McClean showed more than him when he first burst onto the scene and he's shit as well.
  9. at that and the chicken nugget story. I mean, that's a piss take that has somehow been snuck in. Surely?
  10. If Grabban is badly knackered, they should be worried. And he's not even very good
  11. Koln fans causing havoc with those fannies at Arsenal will be the highlight of the season. Everyone might as well pack it in now.
  12. Joselu to score two and then spear Mark Hughes through the advertising hoardings.
  13. I like to think they let him off with the offside because they felt a bit sorry for him and then he goes and misses anyway
  14. Listening to Graduation since it's 10 (christ). Holds up.
  15. Unlucky