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  1. I'm working , but as soon as I pop in here to read the phone rings.
  2. Popular here in Sweden too. I think they can look quite good if you're tall.
  3. I saw that dance performed by some lads at a party last week. It wasn't pretty...
  4. Friday night- working. Saturday night- working. Sunday night- working. It's three o clock in the morning and I'm so bored. I wish something would happen. Nothing major like planes crashing but something Maybe a small fire....
  5. I've had a scar removed from just above my eye. I'm not doing that again. Stitches in the eyelid are not comfortable. Plastic surgery is something that my friends have started to talk about a lot lately. (We are getting to that age?) My mind is made up. I have had too many operations in my life to even think about having any more. Other people have hang-ups about my looks. I don't.
  6. After my caraccident my neighbour started to park in my space. (A space I pay for) When I asked him not to he just looked at me and said: -But you dont have a car anymore, do you. So when the builders had to put their skip somewhere I told them that they where welcome to put it behind my space. (Blocking in the car that was parked there) The skip was there for four days. Everytime I looked out the window it cheered me up. Better than painkillers.
  7. Mine is www.bukefalos.com ie: www.magpies.nu
  8. I vote:
  9. This is where I live: This is where I work: Stockholm-Arlanda