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  1. Asi Nine more like
  2. it's like choosing between different pieces of shit. Utterly clueless. They'd be better off going for an unknown lower league manager than that bunch of clowns
  3. They've leapt up to 3rd bottom, breaking into double figures with a third of the season gone. Epic stuff!
  4. Yeah. Him and Lawrenson.
  5. Its far more likely imo that ashley would derail a deal by asking for too much money. If there is a deal at all.
  6. Any purchaser would put an indemnity into the purchase agreement to protect their position. In effect any losses due to the hmrc investigation would be refunded bu ashley from the purchase price. Theres no reason why is should derail any deal.
  7. You get the sense he dismisses it altogether though. Probably on the basis Shanks/Jock Stein didn't need this nampy pamby bollocks.
  8. He's old school. Like a dinosaur.
  9. Utterly useless and destructive manager. As everyone except Shepherd expected.
  10. He seems like a nice bloke from what I've seen of him on telly
  11. Souness mainly seems to bang on about what he wasn't responsible for. So what did he actually do? When you take away transfers, team prep and match prep/tactics, what's left? Dancing & vibes?