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  1. Agreed. I think the problem is that he seems to go missing quite a lot. It was hard to tell he was playing during the first half of the Swansea game. But he's scored a lot of goals for someone who has rarely been used as an out-and-out striker.
  2. If all of you want to invite Merino in to have a go at the missus after 5 games, you're welcome to, and as I said, I didn't see the second half v. West Ham. He was as shit as everyone else against Huddersfield and I don't care what any of you have to say to that, because it's true. Definitely made Sanches look a mug v. Swansea though, that was class. Forgive me for not wanking myself silly over him a month into the season. We've all been burned that way before and I'd like to see a bit more adventure and getting forward from him (without pathetic dives) before I get me fucking kegs dirty.
  3. Get in, great away win. Have it you 75% possession jokers.
  4. Aye, that was a booking if Hayden's was.
  5. Watching him out there makes you wonder where he's been all this time. Why has he never had a run in the team?
  6. Get in! Winning the game at both ends.
  7. Rather the opposite to be honest, the wanking over his "tidy and competent" play on here after the Huddersfield game was way over the top, he was 7/10 at best in that game and that's being very generous. First half against West Ham, toiled for not much, overhit pass that Atsu managed to rescue for the first goal. I'll grant the second half may have been a huge improvement as I didn't see it. I understand the urge to want him to be good as he's one of the few signings we made to improve a bang average team. But trying to be objective, he looks at home in our side, because he's looked as average as the rest of them. That said he looks far better than Sanches today.
  8. Fantastic save. Seeing some great leaps and headers from Joselu. Shocking dive from - imo - a nothing player in Merino. I've seen nothing about him to convince me. He looks about the same as Sanches. No impact on the game.
  9. Transfers

    Krul Mbabu Hanley Satka Lazaar Gouffran Anita Vuckic Thauvin de Jong Murphy Subs: Sels, Ameobi, Armstrong, Toney Kit man: Riviere
  10. Transfers

    Here's a fun exercise. Vurnon Anita released Sammy Ameobi released Yoan Gouffran released Haris Vuckic released Lubo Satka released Florian Thauvin sold Kevin Mbabu sold Matz Sels loaned Adam Armstrong loaned Daryl Murphy sold Ivan Toney loaned Emmanuel Riviere released Siem De Jong sold Grant Hanley sold Tim Krul loaned Achraf Lazaar loaned Take that heap of shit and make a first XI out of it, then predict where it would finish in the Championship. Bonus points to anyone who fires up FM and actually makes that team and plays as it.
  11. Transfers

    Which we will not, because we will still be owned by Mike Ashley. 16 outbound players. Not counting those who had no first-team future (Vuckic, Satka, Mbabu) and those who are coming back (Armstrong, Toney) that's 11 outbounds and 6 incomings. No side in the world has ever been promoted and gone "You know what would be great? To sell twice as many players as we bring in for our consolidation season."
  12. Transfers

    While we have Benitez. I suggest the first second you hear a whisper of a rumour about him going, you slap a sizeable bet on us being relegated. The odds will only shorten.
  13. Transfers

    The money in this window has been truly mental, I'll grant, but there were bargains to be had. Martins Indi at 7m, Gibbs at 7m, Jota at 6m, even Wood at 15m wasn't atrocious value for money, he's probably better than Mitrovic will ever be and we paid 12m for that plank. All of those players would've improved the squad. Grosicki was another good option who wouldn't have broken the bank. Ryad Boudebouz moved for pennies. Snodgrass on loan wouldn't have lit the world aflame but probably would've improved us. None of those would've even scratched our 12-year-old record signing. Basically there are no excuses for this travesty. Everything we and Rafa were told was lies. The war chest was bullshit, sell-to-buy (which Rafa admirably did, an entire XI of absolute deadwood was shifted this summer, some of which I will grant he bought) was also bullshit, wipe our own noses was bullshit, it was all lies from the start. Just another day at NUFC.
  14. Transfers

    I think it's pretty clear by now he doesn't give a single fuck.
  15. Transfers

    Not even bothering with the helicopter/Bryan Ruiz farce this year. Blatant two fingers up to Rafa and everyone who gives the fat chancer even a single penny. At least it looks like we're not going to peddle Gayle without replacement.