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  1. Transfers

    You're having a laugh with that video surely? Don't get me wrong, I want to be pleasantly surprised by Manquillo, but he looked like shit in that.
  2. Transfers

    Be honest man, you're just happy it's not your throat getting jumped down. For the record, I wouldn't touch Markovic with a barge pole. He's like the midfield version of Manquillo, another Liverpool reject who spent his last season on loan at a relegated shitheap.
  3. We could've done a lot better, can't lie. Rafa's record with fullbacks has been pants so far, this guy looks like a nailed-on plum. Let's hope I'm wrong.
  4. I think Krul has run his race here. Good keeper on his day but those days are getting fewer and I don't think he fancies competition for places. Darlow was responsible for a few spectacular cock-ups last season that cost us points, but he also had amazing games like the one against Forest. Good to keep as no. 2. Not sure if that's what he wants.
  5. How unfortunate. To be honest I find it hard to conceal my contempt for him. The last 3 years of his time with us were one piss-take after another. We should've got shot of him far sooner than we did, but of course the ludicrous wedge he was on made that difficult. Of course, working with the defensive powerhouse that was Mike Williamson for so long hardly made him look good....
  6. Minging shirt as well, the all-red back is horrific. Looks like something Brentford would wear.
  7. My son is 2 1/2, the first six months were wretched (because we had no idea what we were doing), and I have to say, it was pretty blissful for about two years. Now he's turning into a right little terror though, a proper little troll. The "terrible 2s" are real apparently.
  8. Transfers

    Don't really want any of those players you mentioned that are "not happening" so no loss.
  9. Transfers

    Wouldn't touch him with yours. We've been linked for so long it'll be another Thauvin situation, he blatantly doesn't fancy coming here but we'll throw enough cash at him to make him dirty his boots a few times a match. Avoid at all costs.
  10. I thought we'd broken him down for parts years ago. The fucker probably is more metal than man by now.
  11. Their assistant manager, who was due to take training on Monday the 29th, has done a runner as well. Pretty soon the tea lady and "Catts fer me like" will be the only ones left at the club.
  12. It would be just like fatso to bugger off once things have stabilised, but either way, this isn't going to happen.
  13. God rest his soul. No time at all to go, what a tragedy.
  14. Of course pens will send this dogshit Hudds team to wembley. I almost hope they make it, they're rubbish and we will tonk them in the PL.
  15. Never wanted to be here, absolute fraud of a player. When they describe players as stealing a living, they're talking about Thauvin. I don't reckon his kit had to be washed more than twice.