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  1. Or the Stephen Ireland maybe, he's missing two grans.
  2. I'd be gutted for Buffon to go out this way, but for the rest of them, I hope Sweden win. Since 2006 the Italians have acted like they've got a God-given right to be at the top table and they've not been particularly good in the meantime, a finals run in 2012 excepted where they bored their way out of the group, beat us on PKs in a wretched match, and got trounced in the final.
  3. Better if he is, doesn't have to grow up supporting that shower.
  4. Still waiting to hear the t-word applied to this utter cunt. But he wasn't Muslim, so he's a "shooter" or a "gunman." Fuck off. Innocent victims, RIP.
  5. Also moaned about the terrible reception he got at SJP in '11. "One greedy bastard", I believe it was. It hurt his feelings, how awful of us to criticize someone who tried so hard in all fifty or so appearances he made over 4 years.
  6. Mrs ATP and I were discussing this over the past couple of days. Hillary is utter poison for the Democratic Party. They lost the election because of her awful campaign. The longer she hangs around in the background rattling chains and doing spooky moans about Russia, the worse it is for the party. Like all ghosts she needs to move on.
  7. The clock continues running while the ball is still on the field of play. So when you "kneel down" or "take a knee", you touch the ball to the floor, which ends the play but keeps the clock going. It's a way of running down the clock, rather than trying to throw a pass which might go out of play (stopping the clock and thus letting the losing team have more time) or worse, being intercepted by the other team. At any rate, it's being used now to protest during the national anthem at sporting events, we did a lesson on this last year with my middle school kids. A (white) baseball player did it last night too, which is the first time it's spread outside American football.
  8. In your day, women didn't even have the right to vote, so I understand your consternation. Safety wink needed? Not sure.
  9. Agreed. I think the problem is that he seems to go missing quite a lot. It was hard to tell he was playing during the first half of the Swansea game. But he's scored a lot of goals for someone who has rarely been used as an out-and-out striker.
  10. If all of you want to invite Merino in to have a go at the missus after 5 games, you're welcome to, and as I said, I didn't see the second half v. West Ham. He was as shit as everyone else against Huddersfield and I don't care what any of you have to say to that, because it's true. Definitely made Sanches look a mug v. Swansea though, that was class. Forgive me for not wanking myself silly over him a month into the season. We've all been burned that way before and I'd like to see a bit more adventure and getting forward from him (without pathetic dives) before I get me fucking kegs dirty.
  11. Get in, great away win. Have it you 75% possession jokers.
  12. Aye, that was a booking if Hayden's was.
  13. Watching him out there makes you wonder where he's been all this time. Why has he never had a run in the team?
  14. Get in! Winning the game at both ends.
  15. Rather the opposite to be honest, the wanking over his "tidy and competent" play on here after the Huddersfield game was way over the top, he was 7/10 at best in that game and that's being very generous. First half against West Ham, toiled for not much, overhit pass that Atsu managed to rescue for the first goal. I'll grant the second half may have been a huge improvement as I didn't see it. I understand the urge to want him to be good as he's one of the few signings we made to improve a bang average team. But trying to be objective, he looks at home in our side, because he's looked as average as the rest of them. That said he looks far better than Sanches today.