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  1. Welcome to mumsnet. This thread is fucking gross.
  2. Nice one. I knew you must have had a use.
  3. Another MP leaving the committee room said: “She was very concerned about people who have lost their seats. The party is going to help them, some of them are in dire financial situations." You couldn't make these cunts up.
  4. Rudd looking like she's stood in the corner of a 50s prison yard.
  5. @Ant can you do some sort of script so that I auto-like my own posts when I press the submit button?
  6. Fucking Tory supporting student on the radio there: "I just want the Conservatives to win because I want to work hard, and when I work hard I want to have all the things that I can get." Literally what she said. They've had Labour supporting students on using words like community and what's best for the most unfortunate etc. Then they wheel out that" me, me, me, give me what I deserve" cunt. Couldn't have been more perfect.
  7. Nicky Campbell is all over the shop on 5 Live. Talking about May's failure to get a strong mandate for "breakfast" :lol:. I hope he's right and her husband is telling her she'll get what she's given from now on. No more blood sandwiches.
  8. Feel a bit sorry for Clegg. Suspect he's probably a decent bloke, despite burying his face in Cameron's arse cleft for a while.
  9. Why the fuck would anyone vote for Zac Goldsmith? The weaselly cunt resigned "on principle", lost, forgot about those principles, and they've just voted him back in as a Tory.
  10. @Rayvinget a smile on your face, you mad cunt. This has been an incredible groundswell of support for Corbyn's Labour. Whatever the Tories do now, they've been damaged and weakened in a way that seemed impossible a few months back. I don't know if the Tories can afford to call another GE. Which is mental from where we were a few months back.
  11. May's hotching breath has finally caught up with her. I bet it's never smelled worse than this morning. I wouldn't want to be the one opening the coffin lid...
  12. Ugh.
  13. I thought it gave them a majority last time and they went on to pick up another 5 or so seats?
  14. Honestly I reckon I could get Labour over the line at the next election. Shift JC upstairs into a DoF role and watch Captain Charisma woo the country. I would rinse Trump in a twitter war too.
  15. I love that when they had to wheel someone out at the last minute to try and salvage the campaign, the best they could come up with was that stupid cunt.