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  1. Fat Mike is and always will be a grade A cunt and the club won't be free of him until he leaves this mortal coil (and grade A cunts tend to live longer than most). As someone else said in Mike's head it's always someone else's fault. You know what he's right, it's his father's fault for not pulling out.
  2. He was good on the lead up work but he just could finish! We've never been the same since Santiago Muñez went to Real Madrid. Gavin Harris was selfish twat though.
  3. Yeah of course Idios, thanks.
  4. fyp
  5. Αλλά είναι συμμετρικά
  6. Liked just hanging around in the "bogs" allegedly as well.
  7. "Wham! Bam! I am! A man! Job or no job You can't tell me that I'm not"
  8. It's a Cartier, there's only one person camp enough to wear one of those around here, no not you Martin.
  9. Well Murphy's gone, that's one out the door.
  10. Must make Carroll surplus to requirements. What about Loic Remy on loan? Think I read he's looking to move.
  11. No that's country music Unfortunately watches are a bit like cars if you have a mechanical interest.
  12. Because in 1972 when refrigeration was nowhere as good as it is now, chicken was expensive as fuck and a rarity. There are recipes from the 40/50s for 'City Chicken' which is not chicken for that very reason - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/City_chicken
  13. That's a classic, Brietlings are way to over the top without 'radiation'. My Dynamic is identical to that picture, steel band, white blue white face, only difference is the days are in Suisse not English. Mrs Nb has a ladies version with the face in reverse, blue white blue, and no day date, which is nice albeit a manual wind.
  14. If you're open to suggestions I'd recommend either a 50's or 60's Omega (the Dynamic I have is also from around '67/68), good watches and parts are still readily available; alternatively military watches are great value and you can get some amazing watches like Jaeger LeCoultre for a fraction of what their other models cost; or look at a good vintage Tudor, which are Rolex movements and cost way less.