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  1. Bet you'd get your cue out for either!
  2. Who Michelle Forbes? Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Hunger Games, to name but a few Michelle Forbes?
  3. Btw Michaela Tabb has a touch of the Michelle Forbes about her doesn't she?
  4. Jimbo forgotten his login details again?
  5. Early signs of how much a cunt Ashley is tbh.
  6. Either that or I was pointing out the stupidity of the statement. You decide.
  7. Of course you can but it's still only infinity, it's not as if it's finite.
  8. I think it was Meenzer that originally mentioned 65daysofstatic all those years ago, amazing band. Anyway one of the few shows they are playing this year, and I wish I could get there, is at the Boiler Shop in Newcastle, 5 December. http://www.stephensonworks.com/tickets/2017/12/5/65daysofstatic Go see them if you can. I see The Fall, Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Liars are also playing at the Boiler Shop in October - you lucky bastards.
  9. Grant Hart of Husker Du after a battle with cancer, only 56.
  10. It's true, the things our government, right from the British ruling officials through to subsequent independent Australian elected governments, is criminal and the indigenous population deserve so much better. But thankfully our country was smart enough to separate itself from English rule when it was put to the people.
  11. http://www.nufc.com/2017-18html/unlikely-new-n.html
  12. Keegan, Shearer, Guttierez, Hughton, Nolan, Rafa, Ashley's history speaks for itself.
  13. You said that the first time and you were wrong then too.
  14. Problem is his reputation will always precede him and that's why Rafa doesn't trust him.
  15. Mitro showing he doesn't learn from his mistakes once again.