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  1. If you like the Beach House, the Sundays, etc, so dream pop, this is NZ's latest export, Fazerdaze.
  2. Armstrong's days must be numbered as well, so if Mitro and Murphy are off we definitely need another striker in.
  3. Two, where has Woodman gone? Last season we had a keeper out on long term injury, one away on loan and bought another, so looking at it logically this season we were always going to have two surplus to requirements. You would hope because he supports Newcastle and the thought of playing for his club and Rafa would appeal. He shown he's an outstanding keeper. I never said he would I just suggested he would be a worthy target. That's his fat name is it not? Jelly Elliot, Jelliot?
  4. Jelliot and Darlow are both mistakes waiting to happen and that's why Rafa wants a new keeper. Krul (sorry Timmy it's time), Sels and Jelliot should all be shown the door, Darlow kept as number 2 and a new keeper brought in. I'd like to see Forster brought home.
  5. That's the one. Hate to think what the soundtrack for Judgement Day will be but I bet CT has it on cassette already.
  6. That's so fucked, he was racing a superbike at Imola two weeks ago.
  7. Reminds me of a shit reboot of the Judgement Day sound track from the 90s.
  8. It's terrible that it's suicide. Maybe it's because of Michael Hutchence's "suicide" but you always wonder if it was unintentional, more misadventure.
  9. Early Sub Pop stuff is great. I've still got this on vinyl and it will be gracing the turntable at volume this weekend.
  10. You know they're called One Nation here. If only we could get them all rounded up into Queensland and then they could succeed from the rest of the country, no one give a fuck as they build their wall.
  11. And I was another, all we need is for CT to be a third then we can remake the good, the bad and the utter contrary.
  12. Alive is a shit Pearl Jam song and seeing they were the work of the devil, those fuckers will still be here with Keith when the world ends.
  13. RIP Always preferred this