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  1. I am a third year geography student at the University of Durham and I am undertaking a research dissertation on globalisation and its effects on football with a case study of the Tyne & Wear derby. I would be very interested to hear any of your views on globalisations effects on the Tyne & Wear derby so am wondering if you could provide me with an informal interview on the subject and globalisations effects in general. I am very flexible as to time and place and there'll be a free pint in it. Cheers.
  2. Disgrace, should at least give the new manager the choice until January what to do with him.
  3. Souness is closer to the sack.
  4. Souness out last week then singing his name, worse than Spurs fans.
  5. Fans sounded like mugs today.
  6. Apparently Robert has no transport, fans have seen him walking around outside the ground. He's on another planet that guy.
  7. Heskey not good enough for Liverpool when he signed for them? You seem to forget how bloody good he was in his first season or so.
  8. Johnson is a waster and had gone so downhill everytime I see him now he looks completely out of his depth.
  9. errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  10. Shay has just kept us in it with two amazing saves.
  11. I don't normally moan about Shola but he has been offside in every attack its pathetic, get him off.
  12. Gvie us your login for streamtv it wont let me register.
  13. Anyone know how i can get this game streamed over the internet??
  14. What the hell do you do after you get the head in the disk box, and what do you do with those tiles?
  15. Have to say their supporters did thesevles proud today making fuck all noise apart from a few come on city, was all terracing aswell so no excuses.