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  1. Seems neglected by his legs, lungs, eyes, throat and a few dozen other body part/organs mate.
  2. Dont think I could survive without his pre match get in the mood tweets.
  3. That was dreadful. Right where we left off in the last pl season. Agree there seemed to be a lack of urgency at times which is surprising. Lots of work needed and no time or support to do it. Gayle useless upfront at this level, especially alone. Perez is useless, Diame is worse. Noone seems to have the slightest bit of quality. Too early to judge Merino though. This season is going to be a shower of shite. Ant made a fair point. Its more fun watching other teams as a neutral. So long since we've had a footballing side, or even one that doesnt disgrace itself on the pitch at this level.
  4. Which what you'd think as soon as that time sheet came out as well. Yep. Dire stuff.
  5. We've been shite but I thought he's one of the better players today.
  6. Yup. I'd take Ritchie off at half time though. Has been unable to get a decent ball in and looks frustrated.
  7. Bloody hell Ritchie 3 great chances at getting a cross in and fails pathetically each time.
  8. Lol horrendous stuff at the back
  9. What are the false promises you were going on about then? Let him run on the nod of others. Too many people stopping others from running on the nods of others.
  10. Storming the championship. Good times
  11. WTF Yes there's absolutely no owner I'd rather have
  12. Most exciting thing about our team sheet these days is Colback not being in it.
  13. Been a while since we had a wum/CT
  14. Left the footballing side to others has he eh? Quite clear from Rafa's comments that he's already gone back on his commitment to the manager regarding transfers. But thats nothing to do with football I suppose.
  15. Who said that he's said that he's got it all figured out? We're gone from a top 6-8 side to relegation strugglers/championship level under him. In addition to that he's successfully sucked the soul out of the club. Only recently has the place started to feel a bit lively again due to Rafa's presence and the hope that Ashley might just have finally learnt something. That hope is already looking very slim, the twat is doing it all over again and he will as long as he's here. You can keep telling yourself he saved us from financial difficulties in an attempt to feel better about an absolute cunt of an owner.