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  1. Thanks fellows!
  2. Hahah! cheers lads! Been an extremely busy last few months but then again I've always been more of a lurker Cant wait for the season to start!
  3. Cant believe it One of the best players in a nufc shirt I've seen on his day. Rest in peace
  4. Eh?
  5. Rayvin I swear I've heard more psycho-political jargon from you here than the rest of my life combined Trump's hypocrisy with respect to terror attacks is nothing new. Hitler? He's got to uproot a couple of middle eastern nations and bomb a fair few weddings and funerals before we can start comparing him to Obama. No doubt he will as this is well established US foreign policy regardless of who's President. At the rate Trump's going he might not be in office long enough to do that though Being a dimwitted racist misogynist asshole doesnt really help his case. You can hope his rise is as short lived as Leicester's but what can you say these days?
  6. Like ewerk said MASH have basically forgiven a balance due to them. Such accounting practices are quite common with holding groups, especially the parent billing 'management fees' and the like down to subsidiary companies and then sometimes adjusting them in this manner. Doesnt really make a difference to the financials except moving the balance to equity from liabilities which helps improve some of their financial ratios/performance indicators with regards to solvency which say a bank etc might be looking at. No idea whats the exact case here as they havent disclosed what the balance was.
  7. Centred around his 'it changes from here on' interview from a couple of years ago.
  8. Yeah Even if Ashley manages to support Rafa in the summer you can bet he'll mess it up somehow over the next couple of years. It would take Ashey selling up to kindle some proper optimism in me. This is a mere enjoy it while you can stage.
  9. Its shocking how bad many of our players can be even by Championship standards. And we've known that even when we've done well. You can be sure as hell Benetiz knows it. The shower of shite on display yesterday only gave credence to what Rafa must have been saying about improving the team to the board. Inevitable that he let out some of the frustration last night. Not everyone's a Pardew, ball licking prick sniffing arsehole that he was.
  10. Apparently it was because we were panicking after a couple of defeats only in an otherwise great season.
  11. We've been calling this for a while, Ashley being the thick prick that he is. Then that article that circulated a while back (in the mirror was it?) And yet that little positive part of you cant help but think he might finally have learnt a lesson. No chance. This reeks of the KK saga all over again.
  12. Was a matter of time. This was the main concern during the window. We can only hope he manages to get this pathetic lot promoted and Ashley waits another summer at least before screwing us over again.
  13. Mind you 15M for him might not be the worst deal ever considering 20M being quoted for the likes of McCarthy and Cairney
  14. To be expected if we're trying to do our business on the last day of the window. Cant really see anything happening today.
  15. I think Renton made a good point about the effect of media and especially social media. Hype over facts with you 24/7.