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  1. Reviewing contracts and any ongoing legal cases are standard due diligence tasks during an acquisition. Any half decent business man would have a team going through them in detail. I suppose, in simple terms, they'd be doing a projection of the impact the HMRC case could have in financial terms. If the likelihood is strong enough but they're still interested, you'd expect the bid amount to be adjusted accordingly. If Ashley is smart(fat chance), he'll have done his own calculations and have a price in his mind that factors it in. People have talked about big points deductions but is that really likely? Why punish the football side of it? Does it have something to do with the FA? Havent read a lot on this admittedly. If there's fraud you jail the officials and fine them and/or the company. You wouldnt punish, say a retailer, by telling them to throw out 40% of their stock or shut down shop for 12 hours a day.
  2. Definitely seems to be something in this now but as with all things Ashley you're constantly managing expectations that anything good could happen. Fingers crossed!
  3. Aye we've seen a fair few worse defenders than him here. Its wonderful to see us so well drilled and organized isnt it? For so long you we've been watching us half expecting everything to fall apart at any moment. Rode our luck in this game for sure though, Joselu was sure to mess that chance up. Here's hoping it gives him a major confidence boost. Atsu and Perez are a lot of huff and puff with little end product ,we'd be so much more dangerous with better players in those positions. Enjoyed Yedlin pocketing Mane for the game too. Mental pace he's got. Brilliant in that moment where he covered for Clark from halfway across the pitch to get the block on Salah. So good to be able to look forward to the football again
  4. Aye I'd go with that too. For the time being anyway, the misses were shocking mind
  5. Couldnt catch the game but a very decent performance by all accounts. 4th We'll have these little great runs while Rafa is here I suppose. How good is it to see us so well organized and drilled for a change
  6. Perez sums up the lack of options we have in attacking midfield. He's been rubbish but I agree with those saying its not really Ritchie's position. Diame is worse than Perez. Shelvey and Merino's strengths would be lost to a great extent playing in the no. 10 role.
  7. Enjoyed how utterly rubbish Sanches was today though
  8. Aye all of those players did well. There's a proper player in Merino somewhere. Atsu and Perez were horrible at the end mind. Nice to get a little bit of confidence going at the start of the season.
  9. Transfers

    Not sure what to say anymore now really. Bring on September
  10. Transfers

    I swear I read it somewhere and thought it funny at the time but if Swansea can get Sanchez then...
  11. Transfers

    Meanwhile the likes of Swansea and Stoke sign Sanches and Kagawa. They've got owners signing 500M cheques though
  12. Transfers

    Remarkable isnt it. If Rafa stays on after this shambles I'll have added respect for the man. This whole thing is now little more than a test of his patience.