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  1. I await visual evidence of this occurring. Solano should provide the soundtrack.
  2. Had to switch off my sister's life support today, been receiving condolences since with many expressing how hard it must of been. I then remembered that night I was carrying two pints back to the table and sneezed.
  3. Introductions

    MYP. (Metalled your post)
  4. "I am very pragmatic. There’s a time to fight, and I was fighting to improve my team in the way I think we have to improve. Now it’s a time to help my team and improve my players. I must improve every single player." "I’ve had a couple of conversations with them this week who were out of the group before who were out of favour but now are here. I said ‘look, I was clear before for these reasons, and it’s clear now that I will try to improve you to be sure that if you can play, you will play." "You have to be sure that if you work hard then you will have your chances. The message is very clear. Before (the transfer deadline), I wanted to improve and I wanted to do things in what I thought was the right way. Now, it’s just to be sure that this group of players, they will be better." "What we’ve done is to change the scouting department so what we have in place now is the people who can communicate with each other and start working on our future. "It’s not that we’re not doing anything, everybody is doing their job now."
  5. Aye, the fight official touched him before Monroe.
  6. Just finished this fantastic black & white, 42 minute documentary on the region back when Harvey and Moncur was ever so popular.
  7. The bin dippers are fuming again after this earlier.
  8. https://streamable.com/ffsnf Sublime tackle.
  9. “LETS SHOW IRMA THAT WE SHOOT FIRST,” an event created on Facebook had 27,000 who said they would attend and 54,000 expressed interest.