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  1. Well my "vacation" has truly fucked my expenses. Two days off the coast snorkeling and diving resulted in the worst sunburn I have ever experienced. After making it home, the next day I collapsed and was driven to the hospital. My core temperature was bordering on 102 degrees! Sun poisoning. Three night bill awaits me.
  2. A judge has issued the punishment of a book report to a lass who shot her boyfriend. The couple had wanted more followers on their youtube account. Set up the stunt of him holding up a phone book and she aimed at it then pulled the trigger. WTF?
  3. Absinthe. How does anybody enjoy this? The sugar cube was nice but the battery acid taste has put me off. I think the term for me me is three sheets to the wind.
  4. Trump signed a $12bn deal to sell Qatar dozens of F-15 fighter jets. Putin offers Comey political asylum. Pence has hired Richard Cullen as his new lawyer. Come on you, Jenga.
  5. Justin Barnes, who has never worked in football and will not be employed by the club, has been named as a lieutenant to help run the club. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/06/15/mike-ashley-drafts-trusted-abrasive-lieutenant-help-run-newcastle/?WT.mc_id=tmg_share_tw
  6. yeah, but isn't this bloke very damaged goods?
  7. Southampton has been given clearance for a £190 million takeover by Gao Jisheng, the chief executive of Lander Sports Development.
  8. Bus incident in London.
  9. Brilliant editing.
  10. Clay Higgins (R-Louisiana) is receiving plenty of backlash after posting this. "The free world… all of Christendom… is at war with Islamic horror. Not one penny of American treasure should be granted to any nation who harbors these heathen animals. Not a single radicalized Islamic suspect should be granted any measure of quarter. Their intended entry to the American homeland should be summarily denied. Every conceivable measure should be engaged to hunt them down. Hunt them, identity them, and kill them. Kill them all. For the sake of all that is good and righteous. Kill them all."
  11. Cheick Tiote was a wrecking-ball midfielder loved by Newcastle because he cared so much
  12. With one swish of his left foot Cheick Tioté was a Newcastle United cult hero
  13. His social media director having a go at Khan.
  14. Paul Joyce, Northern Football Correspondent June 5 2017 "Newcastle United have won the race to sign Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham as Rafa Benítez looks to bolster his attack for the assault on the Premier League." "The 19-year-old forward enjoyed an exceptional season on loan at Bristol City last season, scoring 26 goals in 48 matches, and will now make a step up in standard." "The deal represents a coup for Newcastle and Benítez, who has good relations with Chelsea from his spell as interim manager at Stamford Bridge when he won the Europa League in 2013. " "Brighton & Hove Albion, also newly promoted from the Championship, had been interested in recruiting Abraham, who will instead move to St James’ Park on loan."