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Partizan FC

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  1. Juzni Front (South Front) http://www.juznifront.net/jfforum/ Partizan FC Belgrade supporters forum
  2. Newcastle fans from England were our guests in 2003. In December 2004, when Partizan played against Middlesborough in England, NUFC fans were together with us.
  3. Few photos from Partizan - NUFC match 13th August 2003, Belgrade Belgrade downtown, PFC and NUFC fans having a drink together NUFC fans at the stadium Result
  4. Aye.. Not only Olympiakos but also their friends Red Star gipsy bastards at the 1st place..
  5. Regards for all BLACK & WHITE brothers!!! Partizan & NUFC Mighty Mighty Black & White Fuck the sad mackem bastards and all red & white bastards Grobari (Gravediggers) PFC
  6. Thank you, it's working now but only with default (Metallic 2006) skin. I am using E2 skin, is there any way to make it working with other skins as well? Regards
  7. Sortitoutsi sometimes works, but mostly doesn't. I would like to have NUFC and other Premierleague team's logos and I wondef if someone can tell me where to download that from and how to install?
  8. Hm.. I'll bet on 0-2 goals scored, but I suppose it will be another 0:0 game.
  9. Cock Sparrer - Watch Your Back
  10. Result of 1st leg, match played in Bratislava was Artmedia : Partizan 0:0, 2nd leg will be played in Tuesday 23rd August 2005 in Belgrade, and Partizan FC fans Grobari (Gravediggers) are expecting to go through.
  11. It seems that NUFC and Partizan FC share the same destiny with bad managers and lack of real attackers.
  12. Shame.. They are incapable to score a single goal even with one player advantage.
  13. I betted on NUFC. I expect 1:0 or 2:1 to be final score.