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  1. RIP Bruce. He seemed to be able to move with the zeitgeist and successfully align himself to any emerging form of entertainment. Almost as if he had forsyth.
  2. Is Tom on the meth these days then?
  3. I hope we were classy enough to provide them with a proper send off.
  4. Trust you to find the wankers bar.
  5. Brighton is Green and Hove is Labour. Your point stands like, just don't accuse us all of being queers AND cunts.
  6. I'm going. Pissing it down and freezing here currently. Be nice if we turned up for once.
  7. Like walking into a fucking migraine, the clip of the place.
  8. I saw us win a pelanty shoot out once, at the time I figured it was about as good as a trophy.
  9. Fist, how did you manage this cliff top evacuation? Were you holding on to something? Did you quickly spin around to watch its flight? And how did you manage to sit down to wipe afterwards?
  10. I think all this hard Brexit is part of the set up. An elaborate contrived bag of shite to save face and ease the realisation of the thick cunts that they are indeed thick cunts and should never be allowed anywhere near the controls ever again.
  11. Can someone link me to what I've missed please? It might be semenal.
  12. This thread's like bad acid. And blue pop.