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  1. He's a definite Liverpool fan and told me as much. It was an awards ceremony where he was the compare and said he absolutely loves the Geordies and they deserve so much better!
  2. His opening gambit was "how much do you despise that thunderc*nt Mike Ashley?"
  3. I met Colin Murray in February and had a long conversation about NUFC. Made his feelings about Mike Ashley very clear
  4. Indeed. But still 'FSG is killing our club....'
  5. Anyway the whole media circus is worth it if for nothing else, it brings amusement watching all the Liverpool fans going into meltdown on Twitter. I genuinely don't get their gripe with FSG - have they forgotten how truly dreadful they had it under Gillet & Hicks?
  6. FT & Reuters are media sources I trust - certainly more than Daily Mail, Sun, Sky Sports, Chronicle etc. 'Due Dilligence' is being speculated. As far as I can tell, this line is coming from Lee Ryder and Lee Ryder alone. Besides the point, how can he possibly know due dilligence has begun given that both parties have signed an NDA? NDAs are to protect both parties. They signal a genuine interest, nothing more. It's a totally different situation to 2008 and 2009 though. (for Jimbo's benefit)
  7. What do you mean 'if'?
  8. Wasn't LM Prince Adam to Freddie's He-Man? He'll have croaked it with him, man...
  9. Was using us to make money but loved the club. That's the difference between him and Ashley. Sir John Hall dared to dream, Freddie & Douglas were all about making us a cash-cow first and successful second in my opinion. Plus points? He brought SBR to SJP. Minus points? He sacked SBR waay too hastily.
  10. RIP Leazes Mag
  11. 2nd in the league?!? I've brought him up well!!
  12. The boys done great... 73 points against my 46!!!
  13. Are you kidding me? His tongue is worse than ours! (12 going on 30!)
  14. Boom! I'm in... The nipper's going to join too!
  15. It's why there's been no leadership contest - no-one in the Tory party wants to be the leader who delivers Brexit so they're all happy for May to take the flak. Spineless tossers, the lot of them! Just as in 1992, Labour are stronger for NOT winning this time. Next GE (whenever that may be) I expect them to win comfortably. And the nearer to 2022 it is, the bigger the majority I'd be willing to bet.