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  1. If Mitro gets his shooting boots on and Gayle can stay fit then to add someone who can provide useful backup is a prudent buy. What Everton has spent is fucking ridiculous compared to what they would have paid a season or two ago. I wonder if the market will settle down to a more reasonable level when they realise that spending huge amounts of money only serves to empty their pockets rather than creating any more success.
  2. When I saw the interview, this is exactly what I thought too. I hope for the good of the club that Rafa stays but this leopard definitely doesn't change his spots. Ashley is the same arsehole that he has always been. I wish he would just sell up and fuck off. If Rafa does walk then I'll bear him no grudge. He's done well to get us back at the first attempt and clearly has stuck around despite a sour atmosphere in the background. Despite a shitty result today, I thought there were some promising performances, Clark and Atsu the pick for me. Hopefully we should have some less eventful games coming up where we can pick up points and confidence.
  3. Huddersfield played plenty of triangles but just have enough to put a decent final ball to break us down. Midfield sat deep enough to keep the defence protected and you could see they were trying to push it through. Reduced to shots from distance as a result. Not quite home and dry but will be interesting to see how Brighton and Huddersfield fare in their next games with Leeds getting involved too. Certainly taken a bit of pressure off which can only be a good thing.
  4. We'll win nowt with a team full of geordies, even just 2 of them....
  5. I thought the same when Murphy came on.
  6. We were lucky there without a doubt. We didnt deserve to win, they played some good stuff and put pressure on us. At times it looked like they were about to finish us off but glad we got the rub of it. Unlucky for Houghton but we've got to keep on putting pressure on Brighton as its us or them for the top spot.
  7. Rafa knew that all along.....
  8. Reminds me of Shearers goal against Holland in Euro 96.....
  9. Just highlights how much work we have to do over summer even just to stay afloat IF we get promoted.
  10. Without Gayle, we are banking on having several chances just for one shot on goal.
  11. Rafa didnt look happy in the interview. When asked about a lack of signings, he said he outlined what he wanted and that it 'wasnt his decision'. Body language didnt look good either.
  12. I've followed NUFC for long enough to know that fortune hardly ever favours us.
  13. I didnt get chance to watch this, but reading through the thread from the beginning (without knowing the result), it was almost inevitable that we weren't going to get a win. Whats happened? Has Rafa ran out of ideas? Are the players just not good enough for his ideas to be put into practice on the pitch? Lets just imagine we scrape auto promotion, do we honestly believe that with a couple of signings we are going to be good enough to survive in the prem? We've been lucky with Gayle firing so many this year but without him, we're toothless. When Sammy comes back and gets a game, you have to wonder!
  14. But sometimes clubs get a bounce from good results in the cup.
  15. Pleased with that. Good marker as well. Hope Hull put out a strong side so we can see how we fare.