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  1. As he always intended
  2. We got our box this weekend. Wish I hadn't now
  3. I thought we made a 30m profit last year on transfers. So, if we have spent 30m this year, we should still have the funds from the sales of players, such as Murphy, Thauvin, the young lad to Everton. That should have been enough for Perez or similar. So, where is all the money the club makes?
  4. Hopefully, if he does play, he will not miss open goals again, when he could have saved us from relegation
  5. Of course - it relates to him and therefore is hugely important, much more so than climate change, IS, Russia, Syria, world poverty etc, etc
  6. Surely that was always going to be the outcome, whoever won
  7. Really not sure what anyone sees in Ball.
  8. And I think he said that they got the timing wrong, as well
  9. People who think that leaving a shopping trolley in the neighbouring parking space is the same as putting it where it should be put, or leaning it against my car so it won't roll away!
  10. Not sure how he can accuse someone else of showboating and keep a straight face
  11. Not least because of concerns with his fitness
  12. We will be lucky to give any of them away. We will probably have to pay some wages just to get rid - especially Riviere and Saivet, who have been wank on loan, apparently.