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  1. FFS. Stop making rational, coherent, sensible arguments here.
  2. I think it was more a case of their only match winner not being injured.
  3. He was fine until Ant infected his computer
  4. Only someone like him would fail to do that sort of due diligence
  5. After that, I assume you are flushed with success
  6. Thickness of the post though - phew
  7. It would be better if they had Joe Kinnear involved. The price would end up being $400.
  8. Perhaps they should only allow those with no hands and feet to own guns.
  9. This is what always gets me. The gun lobby says you cannot take away the Constitutional right to bear arms, but the right to bear arms only came as a result of an amendment to the Constitution. Fuckwits.
  10. Just another example, which we did not need, why Russia should not have been given the World Cup. Taking the p*ss
  11. Looks like its sponsored by Google!
  12. But that was the problem last time when they took Finn, Tremlett and Rankin - taking a punt on the fact that they could bowl fast and generate bounce. That worked well. Pick players who are playing well. Not sure about Ball or Overton, as neither will play unless one of Broad, Anderson or Woakes can't play due to injury, and I would rather have another spinner than watch Ball again.
  13. Hard to know which is the aggressor in this situation, with idiots on both sides calling each other schoolyard names. Need someone to take the mature, diplomatic approach - ho, hum
  14. Prefer 3 other teams to be DOOMED