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  1. Tanzo?? Jesus, all the oldies are coming back - good to see! How do
  2. Thought this may have been about getting our saturdays back, and fucking off sky changing all the games to sundays and shit
  3. Aston Villa Liverpool Man Utd Arsenal Blackburn Fulham!!!!! Hardly notice they're there! Sheff Utd Pompey - coppers are harsh though.
  4. We paid £1.5m for Given. The fee was settled by a tribunial.
  5. A few people need to wake up and smell the coffee. The good times are here. We have a top manager, and a seriously committed financial backer. We'll probably get into the top 4 this year, with Ameobi being the top scorer. The year after? Who knows? Probably win the league in my humblest.
  6. We'll have taken the full stand, so I'd imagine there'll still be a fair few left.
  7. He talks a good game.
  8. I'd only go if Newcastle got through, and if we do, I should get one anyways.
  9. The way you told that, had me in stitches
  10. Having the same trouble, net has been very slow. Hopefully, it's just temporary. I'm on the 4 meg one, I pay it for a reason
  11. This isn't the first time we've done this though. They did it in 2001-2002 when we were doing very well and I first got my season ticket.
  12. Owen and Luque are our best two strikers. I think they'd compliment each other quite well and I hope they're given the chance to play alongside each other.
  13. It was a nice touch the first time, but I felt the more Shearer chants that went on, it became disrespectful to the players doing a good job on the pitch.
  14. Got my ticket on Saturday. Soopafan tbh
  15. Curbishley is better than Allardyce.