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  1. Political Science
  2. You do. But it was a requirement in my studies. I still follow what is happening.
  3. Read it first. I can't do it. I know enough of the country over many years of analysing. North Korea is the Soviet Union of post WW2. Unforgiving.
  4. NK will not give over. It will never happen in my lifetime.
  5. Similar in China champion. Not by blood, but by swearing allegiance to the Party and not the state. It is fucked up and complicated.
  6. The future of your nation is in safe hands with people like you in it.
  7. I commend your humanity, but certain sex offenders and paedophiles are beyond the rehabilitation option. Many sex offenders are born sex offenders and nothing beyond castration can stop them from being sex offenders for life. No, I wouldn't leave them to their own devices to die in a hurricane but they would be the last to worry about in an emergency. Anyway, looks like this perfect storm is heading straight for the Florida Keys. This will be catastrophic.
  8. And if you are not part of the cult you get sent to a gulag. Guilt by association keeps the populace in check too. Death would be preferable than doing time in one of these; https://www.businessinsider.com.au/un-north-korea-prison-camp-2017-3?r=US&IR=T#former-prisoners-say-conditions-are-so-bad-that-20-to-25-percent-of-the-prison-population-dies-every-year-note-this-is-the-first-of-multiple-disturbing-illustrations-supposedly-made-by-a-defector-who-spent-time-in-the-prisons-2
  9. It is what it is. There are no solutions to this problem.
  10. Syria can try, but they will ultimately fail. Good story though that they have achieved more than Qatar given the resources of both countries; http://www.smh.com.au/sport/soccer/syrias-world-cup-soccer-bid-mesmerises-a-divided-nation-badly-in-need-of-hope-20170905-gybn32.html
  11. 2-1 to Iran now. A little more urgency is required by the Syrians.
  12. Syria. Well, I don't envisage a memorable WC being held in Russia so I guess for that reason they deserve to go. These arab teams love to play-act and time-waste through a game. Syria is doing it now against Iran and it isn't even half time yet ffs.
  13. Fuck off man. I will not be caught playing your games.
  14. OK, I'll be serious for a moment; So on the day that NK announced the readiness of and released photos of Kimmy inspecting what was thought to be a thermo-nuclear warhead that it just so happens that an earthquake caused by the natural shifting of fault lines at a depth of 0km occurred by sheer coincidence? Righto.
  15. Another suspected nuclear detonation; http://www.smh.com.au/world/south-korea-says-north-korea-may-have-conducted-a-sixth-nuclear-test-20170903-gy9q5v.html