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  1. Yeah, I know. I don't know what to think about this fight tbh. What does it prove? Does it do anything for boxing which I think as a sport and interest is waning. Certainly won't affect MMA. Conor McGregor is the best boxer in the UFC but if he wins or loses, does it matter? I will be watching it though.
  2. Mayweather is old and not as strong as McGregor, but he has the skills to keep him at a distance and use his jab to score points. I don't think Mayweather is capable of finishing anyone of note anymore. McGregor is training to last the distance. He will have the stamina. If McGregor can't finish him in the first 4 rounds Mayweather will outlast him and win.
  3. Mayweather is a seasoned pro man, been there done that. McGregor will have too much respect for him after having a right go the first few rounds.
  4. It will go the distance, McGregor and Mayweather, but Mayweather will win. McGregor will put on the bigger and more dazzling hits but Mayweather will put more on overall. People will argue it and no one will be none the wiser, but both will be set for life.
  5. It has just starting to become getting out of control, re-active rather than solely pro-active as was previously. The warning signs have been there.
  6. Points have been made; This is different from the conflict with the IRA. The IRA sought independence. Radical Islam's goal is to create a caliphate and to destroy the non-believers - women and children included - and by whatever means possible.
  7. Al Qaeda and ISIS are borne out of the result of opposing Western Democracy, yes, but they kill each other too, and it is also borne out of a need to be the purest of the Islamic faith so-to-speak, and that is to revert to medieval philosophy and tradition, and who believes the 'truer' version of the religion.
  8. Absinthe - is that still available with LSD in it or is it banned in Europe?
  9. Now a car has rammed into a police car in Paris on Champs-Elysees. Unconfirmed yet whether it is terror related but looking that way.
  10. Was born in '78 and only a kid during the most intense of the IRA's activities. Got a grasp of what was going on in the late '80's and early '90s but as you say reporting of it wasn't prolific especially over here. What you describe is pretty bad. Hope things don't get as bad as that tbh.
  11. Have always respected the resilience of Londoners through turmoil. That's not in question, but what is is that it appears to be the current hotbed for terrorist acts in the Western world. You cannot dispute that. Sad times. The Grenfell Tower tragedy was also extremely unfortunate no doubt.
  12. Another religiously motivated attempted attack on a police officer at Paddington station, London. Is this the worst London has had it since the blitz?
  13. I'm afraid this is the new norm in your country. This is exactly what ISIS and the scum who uphold in Sharia practices have been praying for. It is a divider and has reached new levels now. The talk in Muslim society will be about Islamophobia. That article is repulsive btw.
  14. Another terrorist attack in Nth London, but this time targeting Muslims it seems...
  15. Whatever. Little consolation. The next 2 World Cups will be the worst in modern history. Russia with their professional MMA and bodybuilding hooligans, and Qatar because it is in Arabia.