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  1. Saw them in 2007. Yeah mostly their lyrics were dark, but now we know why now.
  2. Autran and Viala. German efficiency.
  3. Thing is McGregor is smart. He'll be defensive to conserve in rounds when he needs a second, third, fourth and fifth wind. Wouldn't surprise if McGregor wins the first three or four rounds but then he'll gets dominated after that if he doesn't knock Mayweather down. Mayweather doesn't have it in him to knock McGregor out. But he'll win by sheer weight of volume over six or seven rounds in the end.
  4. Conor McGregor could retire after this fight. He won't though, it sounds like his allegiances lie with the UFC which is good. It is where he belongs.
  5. Haven't hoyed since I was 16 tbh champ.
  6. No cheeky cunt. I don't lose my shit. You are talking about internet shit haha. Fuck that. I live in Sydney. You live in Newcastle. I have women to respond to... Hahaha
  7. Yeah, it's a joke. Funny as fuck. No problem man.
  8. Not Tom but little adios punching away the lightweight he is.
  9. Re-read page 50 from the top. Adios started this little infraction. Tom and adios had been colluding to be being cheeky little cunts. Adios tried hard but failed. Just doesn't have it.
  10. Reported. Have you not been made aware of the new standard operating procedure required?
  11. Fuck off, you little Northern Ireland cunt.
  12. Thanks Gloomy. Revealer of the truth. You don't require the truth syrup.
  13. Right, I see a piss take here. Good job. Very good job. Well done.
  14. Is that so... Never seen a report button on your little phone screen or monitor, yet you mention "report" randomly in a legitimate forum thread? You are a fucking idiot.
  15. Trying to turn this around now in desperation are you, you flop?!? "Reported" You sad wanker.