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  1. England are much better now than 4 years ago whereas I believe Australia are substantially weaker. Anything can happen in the WC though. Form is out the window when certain teams play each other.
  2. God I hope England and Australia are in the same pool
  3. Didn't lose to them. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't relish traveling to Saudi or Iran (to play Iraq) to do anything. Not getting results against Iceland, Mexico, Austria and Georgia are worse. That's before you consider a 5-1 defeat at home against Denmark. Think about it.
  4. Honkie eh?
  5. Pitch was bad, tactics had dramatically changed playing a back three, and we had no Tim Cahill, a little bit like Ireland without Ray Houghton back in the good old days. Dominated possession too as we always do. Matters not, we made it.
  6. Poor lad. Sounds like he needs a holiday. He could come down under but being the way he is he may be a target for a few clouts from Irish backpackers and the like.
  7. Fair enough. Yes, it is complex. Do you support A team then, Paddy?
  8. Complex or just too too ridiculous of a reason. Perhaps a combination? Go on, I won't ridicule.
  9. So what national team would you support if it were based on where you were born?
  10. So then, Paddy, my original commiserative comments stand.
  11. Good luck against Denmark, Paddy.
  12. So, Dubliner?
  13. I thought you were from Belfast.
  14. I'd imagine Switzerland were cruising it playing into their hands. Don't have players that can create or threaten and score, NI. Has always been and will always be. Good effort to have played a match to get to the WC though. You should be proud.