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  1. Where in California are you thinking about. I live in southern California so I'm partial to that part of the state as opposed to the north, although San Francisco is nice. San Diego is great and you can't beat the weather. Vegas is a 45 min flight away from southern Cal or a 5 to 6 hour drive. I'm going there next weekend.
  2. This guy lives down the street from my grandpa. He was drunk out of his mind from what I've heard, maybe what saved his life.
  3. Absolutely worthless tactics. Leave Glenn no more excuses.
  4. How about a swap with Luque and a few million for Beckham? I'd take it.
  5. NOt sure if it's the best of the year but A.F.I. - December Underground
  6. Bridge for sure, and Harewood if he's Chopra's replacement, not Shearer's.
  7. Newport Beach, California
  8. Sorry to upset Renton but I heard that they were going to remake Westworld a few years ago. Don't remember exactly but I seem to recall some mention of Arnold involved, of course that was before he ran for govenor. Renton, I hope this doesn't cut into you commission.
  9. Do you think that Souness ever sat down and thought that maybe these injuries have something to do with his training? Whether they do or not I don't know, but it has gone way past a bad luck and apart from the cursed training ground there has to be something behind this. Or does someone somewhere have an entie set of Toon voodoo dolls and keeps ripping the legs off of specific players.