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  1. Here's an example of some woeful defending for City's opening goal. As much as Pardew is tactically inept, surely this is just laziness from the players? Nobody seems bothebusting a gut out there. http://nufcvisualised.wordpress.com/2013/08/21/calamity-of-errors-1-silva-1-0/
  2. He was also named in the Team of the Year as well for Ligue 1. Played in the World Cup, but can't recall how he played.
  3. Bayern have come out and said Hargreaves ain't going anywhere. BBC link
  4. I think the problem is when Titus or Boumsong mess up, it's something that's really comical. We're also famous for our bad defending, so we're easy targets.
  5. I agree that Sven has got a good track record and the quality of players who could attract would be exciting, but judging by his time as England coach - he brings in so much controversy. As a team who is always in the papers for the wrong reasons - do we need this?!
  6. Blame the fans? Are you mad?! Everyone can see it's Bellamy and Robert's fault
  7. Same old Newcastle. You watch, we rush him back to early - gets injured again - out for more weeks
  8. Shearer's past it and it's sad for me to say this. To see him on the pitch being so slow and ineffective is pretty sad to see. As a team, we've become too predictable to play against. We lob the ball up to Shearer hoping he can flick it on to someone or hold it up. The top teams in the Premiership rely on pace up front, running into spaces, getting behind players - but with Shearer, we can't do that. Every team knows how to play against us. Every player has a sell by date - look at Arsenal, they've use Bergkamp sparingly, Giggs can't even get a game at Man U and he'd still in get in most Premiership teams and there's Keane too. Even though Everton are crap, they're still refusing to play Ferguson unless they're desperate. Sheringham is the only old timer left, but unlike Shearer, he's still mobile and can do a job if not used all the time. In my opinion, he's a poor captain too. How many times have you seen him rallying up, encouraging and communicating with other players? Speed was the one that held the team together. I don't blame Shearer though - Souness shouldn't have let it come to this.