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The Fish

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  1. Almost.
  2. You'll become infuriated with the unsubtle dialectic.
  3. He doesn't mention his girlfriend, that's meeeeeeewwwwaitaminute!
  4. Aye, fuck it. He's a narrow minded, arrogant, intransigent bellend.
  5. Attendance doesn't equal support, or anything other than attendance.
  6. What time is love? I wanna see you sweat.
  7. Attendance does not equal love. Conditional or otherwise.
  8. Well into Eurovision, is forever posting Europop videos from (what looks like) the 80s (the most gay-friendly decade in music), can cook, takes really good care of his body, has a barbed tongue, is often the first to post that picture of Keane and van Nistelrooy...what more clues did you need?
  9. Someone who stops going to the match on principle will likely still be checking scores, watching streams, reading stories and so on. Attendance does not necessarily equate with love of the club, or with being a fan, in fact it's an "all thumbs are fingers" kind of deal. Trooper loves the club unconditionally, he attends conditionally.
  10. Answer the questions.