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  1. Good one de Charny
  2. 26/27 season, I've finished 7th a few times recently as ageing players aren't doing it and young players aren't ready yet. Sold fan favourites Marcus Rashford, Bart Ramselaar, Reine-Adelaide, Clement Lenglet for princely sums and dipped into the Wenger-esque reserves I've been accruing. So I've just spent £150m on players. I've 3 "World Class" talents on my books, Fucking Chelsea.
  3. Staggered Essembee hasn't made a drunk driving/alcoholic link yet.
  4. Big fine and community service?
  5. Good piece. Always surprises me how little background work is done on people like this Alexander Jarvis.
  6. Transfers

    We don't know how far along deals are, it's entirely possible that we sign two or three tomorrow for all we know. Far too many pants being pissed on twitter. Chronicle might not be getting the message across in the right way, in the right terms, but the jist is the same; Stop being massive fannies.
  7. How did he do goal-scoring wise? Never prolific me. Where did your goals/assists come from?
  8. Working from home today, thank God. Off to get a gallon of lucozade, a bacon butty and some aspirin.
  9. Transfers

    As an aside the point wasn't "We're going to do well" it was "We're going to sign someone, stop panicking." That that point eluded you, is of no great surprise. Bambaclart.
  10. Transfers

    How many of those seasons did we have Benitez?
  11. Could be the photo, but that looking like a velour football shirt. Does it have "Juicy" in glitter on the back?
  12. Well, that's 33% of the Pickford money gone on a lad that played about a dozen times, and now plies his trade elsewhere. Fucking Hell.