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  1. sorry gerrard is a puff,he is the most over rated player in footy
  2. i went on the sunderland 1 and was suprised to see a post!!!!!!!
  3. gerrard is puff,liverpool are shit,you only won because we played even worse,and liverpool fans are so backstabbing,i was at the game and you booed owen,what did he do wrong????he did the right thing from moving away from liverpool
  4. the thing that pisses me off is that me never comes out after games,he just lets terry mac do it,hes had 15 months to turn it round and we have gone backwards,and he cant say he aint had the money
  5. i think we will get a result at wigan,we will have dyer and hopefully luque back by then
  6. i am not worried about the west brom fans,its the riots going on about there becasue there are just down the road,i have been everywhere with newcastle and all the fans are nice,
  7. just i dont know where i would be going
  8. we wil start emre i think because hes class and the more minutes he gets under his belt the better he is going to get
  9. anyone going to west brom on sunday,i am going,but those riots were in birmingham are only like a mile away from the ground,and just abit worried about it