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  1. Transfers

    I'd like to think that given the fact that Rafa is there and the level of work needed, they know what they have to do and how quickly they have to do it. But as HF has regularly pointed out, it's daft not to be concerned given Ashley's history.
  2. Transfers

    Does it need any more work than it did last summer? The quality certainly needs to improve more but I'd argue we needed just as big a turnaround last summer as we do this. I do think that given the amount of work needed, we need key players in as soon as possible though. If we only needed one or two we could maybe afford to wait until August but the team is going to need to look quite different to last season so we need to get a move on to be ready for the kick off.
  3. Transfers

    By my reckoning we signed Sels when I was in France for the Euros and I arrived there two days after the Wales game. So it was probably about a year and a week since we signed Sels. At the time I'm pretty sure everyone was raving about us making early signings too. Edit; actually looking at his thread on here, he signed on the 29th so we're not even at a year yet. Was he our first signing last year?
  4. Transfers

    I think it's 11 of the other premier league teams that have a higher transfer record than us and off the top of my head at least two of them only went above us last season (one being the newly crowned champions at that time). I would guess that up until a few years ago it was probably only five or six teams that had a higher record than us as the fee paid for Owen was massive at the time. Clearly Ashley's tightened the reigns but I think the reason we've went longer than usual to break our record is more to do with the fact that we had a high record up until a couple of seasons ago. We certainly had a massive record fee relative to the success we've had recently.
  5. Transfers

    It sounds about right. Owen and particularly Shearer were records that were much higher than most premier league teams and probably still above a few teams (Watford, Bournemouth, Brighton, Huddersfield, Burnley) but when you see Palace spending about £30m on a player you can see we're falling behind now.
  6. Transfers

    We definitely need to break our transfer record this window. If we don't it will be clear sign of a lack of ambition from the board. It's a bit concerning that most of the alleged targets so far seem to be in the bargain basement bracket again. I understand that we need to try and get some value for money as there is clearly going to be limits on how much money their is available. But when you see the money being spent by Everton (the highest team that I think we can realistically have a hope of catching in the next couple of years) and being suggested about the likes of Bournemouth (£20m for Ake) it shows we aren't going to get anywhere if we're looking sub £10m. Of course last year our targets weren't widely known at all before we signed them so I see know reason why the papers should have any more accurate knowledge now.
  7. Went to see Transformers last night (wasn't paying obviously). My expectations were really low given the reviews but aside from being at least half an hour too long and Hopkins being awful in it, it was a reasonably enjoyable blockbuster affair. Enjoyed it as much as most of the recent Marvel/DC films.
  8. Not sure if anyone has mentioned American Gods but I enjoyed that. No idea of how it compares to the book but it's worth a watch.
  9. I don't listen to much TMS as I usually have them on the telly but whenever I'm in the car listening to it, it's Blowers I want to be on. Aggers is good but Blowers just sounds like cricket.
  10. It'll be good to see if Rashid Kahn can have any sort of impact act test level. He looks amazing in T20's.
  11. That does sound like it might rival The Room in the brilliantly awful stakes.
  12. From what I've seen of him in the U21's there's nothing to suggest he'd be a better option for us next season than anyone we already have.
  13. I think the reason to be pleased by this isn't that Rafa is some sort of supreme talent spotter, but that it removes a potential cause of conflict that could cause him to fuck off.
  14. Ireland and Afghanistan given test status. Happy to hear that.
  15. The fact that he recommended Riviere as a signing even if he was well down the list, should have been enough to get him sacked. You can't tell me that even for the price we paid for him we couldn't have signed many better players.