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  1. I quite liked Leeds and Manchester last time I visited both cities. Manchester was very similar to Newcastle I thought, only bigger. I'm not a fan of London, Liverpool or Birmingham like. I wouldn't even compare Sunderland to any of those cities though. It's a town, it has a town mentality that puts it alongside the likes of Middlesbrough, Blackburn or Warrington (just picking towns I've visited).
  2. I'd prefer to have Merino back in the starting line up for whoever. Not at all against Lejeune staying in the team but it is harsh on Clark and Mbemba both of whom have done well this season.
  3. As was Southgate in the same question. Again sounds right.
  4. Aye I'm not arguing against that, just that they would claim it. I did think Cleadon was classed as part of Sunderland though. I know that when you drive into West Boldon there's a sign saying you're in Sunderland and I thought similar into Cleadon and Whitburn. Either way it's the nearest thing Sunderland has to a really nice area although like you say, Ashbrooke is quite canny.
  5. SR postcodes aren't they? That's enough for them to claim them at least.
  6. Tbh saying they won't bid til they've done the due diligence isn't news at all. The other clubs bit, you might be right. They keep saying it but then there's absolutely no news about them going for anyone else other than what has happened in the past with Liverpool.
  7. Straight out of footballers wives.
  8. Sky saying reports of a bid are premature reiterating that they are looking at up to 3 clubs and nothing will happen till they have gone over the books. Fatty's lawyer is saying that a number of credible parties have come forward since Monday.
  9. I certainly get the feeling he's believed something could happen recently. He seemed very pissed off in August but now that seems to have changed a lot. It may be just because we've had a decently enough start but I personally think there's more to it than that.
  10. Cleadon and parts of Whitburn are really nice tbf, I'd imagine there's some pretty expensive houses round there. Mind you they're about as far away from the town centre as you can get. https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/43680448?search_identifier=e340577f1685f63fdc459bee021f15b3#cYGI8DT2X1CfipTo.97 A quick search found that. The decor screams Sunderland to me like, fucking hideous.
  11. Mindhunter isn't really what I was expecting at all. I quite enjoyed the first couple of episodes but I was a bit disapointed after the praise it's been getting. The third episode was a massive step forward though.
  12. Why would you agree a price before doing the due diligence? I mean I'm sure prices have been mentioned, it's no point moving any further in a purchase if one side is asking for a billion and the other is only thinking about three hundred quid. But you wouldn't agree a price until you know what you're buying.
  13. This'll be when it all goes tits up.
  14. Fish it would have been much easier if you'd just asked for a dab instead of a key. I mean ffs, who snorts mandy anyway? Fwiw I find the reverse side of a kebab shop white fork a much better sniffing utensil than a key.
  15. Passing through Whitburn, Cleadon and Roker they're all seem like perfectly nice places to live. My ex brother in law lives near the hospital just outside the town centre and that's a pretty nice area too. But he wouldn't set foot in the town centre because it's a shit hole and the people are all mongs (his words not mine). Of course Sunderland has some nice bits to it just like every city, or in their case town. But the reality is it has nothing going for it to attract anyone. The Bridges is full of people wearing pyjamas and slippers and, like their high street, is full of second hand shops and pawn brokers. If you go out in Sunderland for a night out you're made (in the words of Oz) to feel about as welcome as fart in an astronauts suit. Not because they look down or you, but just because you're not local and they don't know who you are. It's honestly like Royston Vasey. Unfortunately this isn't second information I'm passing on here, I had the displeasure of working there for a long time as well as marrying a bird from one of their mid range areas (ie not up to the Cleadon or Whitburn standard but fortunately not from the likes of Hendon, Pennywell or Southwick which really are like the land that time forgot). Of course there are some very nice people that I have met from there. In fact most of them I got on really well with and still stay in touch with some (fortunately not really the wife). Most of them know exactly what the place is like and lots of them prefer to spend there free time elsewhere. In all honesty, most of them bare no resemblance to the fucktards to who populate RTG on a regular basis. Although get them all together and talk about football and far too many of them lose their grip on reality.