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  1. I think results and how they are achieved are already worrying because they can create a negative momentum that will be hard to shake off, especially without the input of players of top flight quality. A positive momentum can make ordinary players looking decent..,
  2. Was just a matter of time after this moronic stupidity.
  3. What a moron. How anyone can think you would get away with such antics is beyond my level of understanding. Even if the ref hadn't seen it it would have resulted in a ban.
  4. He will only be free to stay if he is buying a Wurst maker as well! reciprocity [/Barnier] http://wurstfueller24.de/wurstfuellmaschine/
  5. Si tacuissent philosophi mansissent.
  6. Excellent negotiating by Everton. Somebody should have told them inflation in May was 2.9% not 2900%...
  7. I could bring my old avatar out of retirement...
  8. And it's either "gefüllter Fisch" or "gefüllte Fische". Shocking misuse of German grammar! Isegrimgate tbh
  9. It's "gefüllte Fisch", shocking misuse of German umlaute! Meenzergate!
  10. In regards to football aesthetics and tactics: Johan Cruijf 0 Sam Allardyce 2
  11. http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-14---the-penalty-kick Referee probably got his own rule book...
  12. I hope you don't get me wrong and start to think I'm picking on you as I seem to only post in reply to you nowadays. I just don't find enough time to post more often these days and just concentrate on things I think are really worthy for me to contribute. I'd actually be happy to drink a (German) beer with you next time I am in Hamburg...But unfortunately I think that your numbers are totally wrong and even the wrong numbers are incorrectly interpretated.First of all, it's not just 11 members of parliament in Germany with a immigagration background. The article from the Spiegel is misleading (at best or simply fake news).From the current members of parilament it's just 11 members with a turkish background. In total the number of members of parliament with an immigration backgroud was 35 (in 2013). The difference to the UK seem to be rather marginally tbh (especially if out think about the commonwealth background).http://www.migazin.de/2013/09/24/bundestag-abgeordnete-mit-migrationshintergrund/https://www.welt.de/politik/wahl/bundestagswahl/gallery120462622/Tuerkischstaemmige-Abgeordnete-im-Bundestag.htmlAnd I agree that there is a lack of representation of turkish people in the German parliament. But then again of those approx. 15000000 people living in German with a Turksih background, less than 1000000 are eliglible to vote because of their nationalitiy.Add to it that you have to take in account that represenation iin a democracy has a lot to do with (a majority) people deciding who or what to vote for. Therefore I neither do find it strange that very few members of ethnic minorities do stand for elections and thatethnic monorities are inadequartely representated in parliament.First of all
  13. Predominantly white societies having/voting for their own kind. Now, that is shocking.It would be interesting to know how many non white persons stood to be elected and failed (because of racism ). Edit: Plus I have no clue how this is related to free movement.
  14. Fair enough. I hate most of the cunts.