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  1. Teams Champions: Man Utd Relegated: Huddersfield, Brighton, Palace Newcastle to Finish: 17th Best Attack: Tottenham Worst Attack: Newcastle Best Defence: Man City Worst Defence: Huddersfield FA Cup Winner: Arsenal Caribou Cup Winner: Man City Players League Top Scorer: Kunt Aguero League Most Assists: Eriksen Player of the Season(League): Lukaku Player of the Season(Us): Elliot Signing of the Season(League): Lukaku Signing of the Season(Us): Murphy Biggest Flop(League): Sissoko again Biggest Flop(Us): Perez Worst Discipline: Mitrovic Emerging Next Great Hope of English Football: Fuck Knows Managers First Sacked: Koeman First to Lose Their Shit in a Press Conference: Rafa Misc Completely Nonsensical Prediction For the Season Ahead: Someones cock will pop out of their shorts like Peter Beardsley at Euro 88
  2. 7-1, 6-1, 5-1, 4-0, 4-1....3-1 to the toon this time. When we are up for it against these anything can happen and has happened numerous times.
  3. We live up Horsley Hill at the minute, it's no Darras Hall, but it's no Elswick too. The new place is a God send. Steph's cousin owns it, and is allowing us to have it for 4 years at a much cheaper rate than she'd charge anyone else. Never thought I'd say it but I like living down here.
  4. Thanks a lot mate. Love her to bits, she may work at STH like you when she gets her doctorate in a few years. Been with the wife nearly 4 years, and she's saved my life, it's all good. Next week we're moving in to a stunning place in Westoe Crown so I can't moan too much anything really. They've only been up 10 years and we face the beach. Thanks Alex too. Had my latest brain tumour tube day yesterday. 40 minutes down a tube. Can't grumble though because I'm still defeating the odds for now at least. Hope everything is hunky dory for you too.
  5. I've been to Millisle, it's a place that is better than Whitley Bay.
  6. When is the next big Toontastic meet up?
  7. You'll die a wanker though, and although I hardly post on here, ie one a day, I don't even think I've written anything offensive. You know fuck all about football and I'll repeat for the 10,000th time you are horrifically boring cunt I would say all this to your face. This board is generally ruined because we have about 10 people who you can actually talk about football. If you carry on the way you're currently going, you'll reciprocate the American "40 year old virgin", because 32 is too fucking old. Get a life and a woman. Granted your biceps will get smaller with less wanking, but it'll stop you from being a horrifically sad cunt. Delete my account. Cheers.
  8. Talk about stalker. So what? Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow as I have to go in to your hospital. See you then. Shame about the ROI result today anyway. Nar me grandma was born in Tipperary, so I wanted them to win, plenty good cunts amongst them amazingly.
  9. Thanks for deleting me Meenz you anti-EU seperatism fella.
  10. Real Madrid are about to sign someone called Jesus.
  11. I watched the first 20 minutes and wrote on twitter, switch it off till 1035 for the pens after a 0-0. 3 more minutes and I'd have been right. I thought Wales v Norn Iron was the shitest game, but this beat it.
  12. Poor Northern Ireland. Horrifically shite game though, worst of the tournament.
  13. What's a realistic aim for your team this season? Fust place, nowt else good enough for t'1992 English Champions Where do your team need to strengthen to achieve this? When t'Ridsdale were 'ere we'd av signed Messi no't bother, but these days we eat all, sup all and t'pay fuck all. Which of your players do you predict having a big season? Greatest fans in t'country will win t'league for 'em. 22,000 average gate, gonna be 24 this t'season. Best t'supporters int world. Which of your players do you expect to have a disappointing season? If they do let t'Leeds fans down they'll get t'kicked to fuck all over t'Batleh, t'Pudseh and t'Headingleh Which fixtures do you immediately look for? Really look for t'fixture much, was 'opin for those cockneh twats Millwall but they lost t'Baaaarnsleh int play off, we owe 'em wun. Which away game are you looking forward to the most/least? We're t'Leeds Younaiiited, other t'clubs look forward to playin us, more than t'other t'way round What's your most memorable game against NUFC? I only realleh remember big games, so t'no Noocassle game come t'mind Which Newcastle players would you like to see in your side? Malcolm McDonald were t'last player up there I remember, good few t'years ago Where do you expect Newcastle to finish this season? 'oo?
  14. Just started adding mates and what not on facebook for the first time ever. If anyone wants following off here, just tell me your username.