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  1. Aye agreed, people say De Jong has looked ok in the friendlies but I have real trouble trusting a bloke that seems like he is made of paper mache to last the season.
  2. I think Rafa is waiting on some players leaving but I agree it's not ideal. Aye this window hasn't been as exciting as people would have hoped, I'm hoping that this one is just Rafa aiming for survival and once that's accomplished he will try kicking on in future windows.
  3. Colback and Anita were our starting central midfield pairing for the first half of that season. It's also worth remembering that If Rafa had come in earlier we would have likely stayed up, he got 3 wins and 4 draws from 10 games and we only got 6 wins and 6 draws from the prior 28 games under McClaren. I'm not saying I am really happy with the squad as it currently is but I think it's definitely stronger in at least the midfield and front line (fwiw I also think going in with Mbemba, Lascelles, Clark, Lejeune is better than Mbemba, Lascelles, Taylor, Colocinni). It's also going to make a big difference having a capable coaching and management team from the start of the season (with 2 pre-seasons and a full season under their belt with the team).
  4. He's just a little bitch tbh. He's an incredibly untalented bitch. People should just start calling him soft as for some reason he seems to think he's nails, I'm not sure why he thinks it matters even if he was. He's shit at his job and presents himself like he just woke up from under a bus stop bench, if he put half as much effort into those things that he does trying to convince people how nails he is people might not disrespect him as much. He'd still be a bitch though.
  5. Good to see the lad has signed. Fully agree that the top is fucking lifting as well, shame as the home and third strips are canny.
  6. He looked shite for the mackems but tbf the vast majority of players look utter shite for them. I was pretty underwhelmed with Clark last summer and he ended up being solid, hopefully Rafa can coach this lad into something. If not £5m is fuck all.
  7. Aye no doubt it'll be a while before the club finally announce it. Lee will be waiting for his apology from Troops for all the abuse he took in the transfer thread.
  8. Aye his little bit added absolutely fuck all for me as well, a distraction and a waste of 5 minutes. Petty I know but I don't like when shows include someone because they're a fan of the show, or someone on the show likes them. It just pulls you out the show for a minute. Was he uglied up btw? Not a looker is he. Suppose he's got enough cash not to give a fuck, but still he made the boggle eyed lad from This is England look better than he usually does.
  9. Can't say I'll shed any tears for him the bloke was a bit of a cunt in the end. Agree with acrossthepond's sentiments.
  10. Agree with Quiff, it's frustrating as a fan not to have plenty of new players but I think once the money from some of these high fee players starts being spent we'll see a fair bit more movement. I have a hard time thinking that we'll enter the season with what we have and that Rafa will walk. We're in for this Murphy lad and likely others, as supporters it's justifiable that people just want to see him in but I don't have a problem with the club trying to negotiate his fee down a bit so they have more to spend on others. If they botch it all up and we end up with basically what we have going into the last week of the window then I'll start to get mad.
  11. Congrats Troops. Also I'm chuffed to see that horrific time you and your mrs have had has come to an end HMHM, I hope it's a lot better for you both going forward.
  12. He's fucking shite isn't he? I'm not sure why Man City are even arsed about trying to put in a clause like that, I suppose it's just a safety thing in case he suddenly becomes really good. These clauses are going to be a real problem going forward, I know they've been big for a while with sides like Barca, Juve, etc but they seem to be becoming big here now too, it's just another way of the bigger sides having huge amounts of players on their books while giving them all experience. It's shite really as we're just going to see these Morata type of deals more often where they sell the player and once he starts garnering interest they exploit the clause only intending to sell him on for a profit, hopefully more players will do what Delofeu (reportedly) did and knock the deal back but it's not likely.
  13. Thauvin got more goals from the wing than Mounie got up front in a similar amount of games. The French league is just as hit and miss as the Dutch league imo and his record was about 1 in 2.5 games which isn't much off Riviere's 1 in 3 for Monaco before we signed him. I see no reason whatsoever (short of an injury ridden season) that Gayle couldn't match the sort of numbers (or better) Deeney, Rondon, Vokes, and a couple of others got last season. He managed 7 in only 8 starts (15 sub apps) his first season at Palace, 5 in 11 starts (14 sub apps) second season, and 3 in 8 starts (8 sub apps) in his final season (which was under Pards), he's also no doubt improved since then and has a bit more confidence about him rather than being in and out of the team. I'm not opposed to us signing a striker but our focus should be elsewhere as imo striker is one of the harder positions for us to improve on (our starter anyway). We'd also still be lacking in creativity which is the main problem I think, I'd rather we spent big on a player for that number 10 role, a central midfielder, a left winger, a left back, and perhaps another CB. It's a shame the Lewis Holtby rumours seemed to be bollocks as I would have liked a player like that in behind the striker.
  14. Aye it's a weird one, similar could be said for Perez as well imo. I still think Mitro will be shifted as like many have said it's pretty clear Rafa doesn't trust him.
  15. Burnley, Watford, West Brom, and Southampton all survived and their top scorers had 10, 10, 8, and 7 respectively. You don't need a striker that can score 15+ to survive in the league, the market is insane and striker have always been at a premium so I can see us focusing more on other areas and perhaps getting a striker from abroad as someone mentioned. As J69 has said a few times I'd like to see us get someone like Murphy for the left wing, he'd take some of the goal scoring burden off Ritchie. I still think an attacking midfielder is one of our biggest needs as no one was able to fill that role adequately last season.