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  1. Aye I'm hoping that's the case. He had a bit of a mixed record, probably more misses than hits but I always think it's hard to know who he really wanted to bring in and was blocked from getting. If the rumours about him trying to fight a bit of a power struggle with Rafa over the January window have any truth to them whatsoever then this is good news.
  2. Doesn't really say much about him though does it? Going solely off their international performances players like Gerard and Lampard wouldn't have been rated highly by many. I'm not saying the lad is a world beater but there's no point trying to be this negative about a rumoured loan signing in June.
  3. He'd have been one of the brightest up and coming managers in the game a week ago he's hopeless now though, and now they're back pining for fat Sam.
  4. Aye I saw that, I'm not sure why a club on the verge of takeover would be trying to hire a manager and pay for his compo to get him. I agree with what ewerks saying, I think he must have asked for a certain level of transfer fees to build the squad and has been told that wouldn't happen so he's told them to whistle. Utter fucking shambles of a club.
  5. Nothing at all to worry about yet Noelie, the window hasn't even been open a week. You're also not counting Atsu because he was already here but are counting Mooy likely going to Huddersfield when he was on loan there last season (he also hasn't signed yet).
  6. Imagine getting turned down by a manager so he can stay at Aberdeen. That means they've got absolutely fucking no money imo.
  7. ffs
  8. Aye that sounds the most likely explanation for it.
  9. Aye that "we only have to pay £6m if we sell him" rumour is fucking laughable, have to be a right knacker to believe that. What club in their right mind would agree to that? Especially when we had Everton bidding £30m as well, I've never heard of a deal structured like that before. If they're paying installments and they sel him this season they'll carry on paying installments for a player they don't have on their books.
  10. Keepers have been fairly exempt from this sort of thing though, the Buffon fee has been the world record since the late 90's iirc. I agree Sissoko fee was probably more of a joke than this one but midfielders generally go for mental money, as Fulham rejecting £20m for a 26 year old Championship player shows. The Mackems must be buzzing, they'll probably be able to use about £2m of this fee to get themselves a shit player.
  11. Ah right aye figured Buffon was somewhere around there. Stunning amount for a keeper like, especially a keeper that was in the worst team in the league. Makes you wonder how much someone like Butland would be 'worth' in this market, similar age iirc and he's far better imo.
  12. "Would you take £8m? No? Okay how about £30m then"
  13. Will that be the second highest fee for a keeper after Man City's recent purchase? I can't remember how much Buffon was. Unbelievable to spunk that sort of money on him like.
  14. Aye I'd be telling him to whistle. As you say I'm not fussed on the deal anyway as I don't see a great deal of upside for us, if he's shit we're stuck with him as a prominent striker, if he's good he goes back to Chelsea and we're back in the position of needing a striker again. I'd rather us get a player on loan with a view to sign permanently or buy one.