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  1. Makes no odds imo, they’ll go down. He’ll have done an excellent job if he does save them, but he’s not that good a manager. His stock is the highest it’s ever been due to a good run at the Euros but other than that he’s not done a great deal in his career. The thread about him is belta on SMB, he was mint then they called him worse than shite when it looked like he was using them as leverage for a better Wales deal, now he’s quality again.
  2. That’s fucking brilliant.
  3. This is where I am as well. I think the club will be sold, Ashley is a fucking meff and while I’m nervous he will fuck it up I think he really does just want it sold now so might refrain from being his usual self in order to push it through. I don’t really believe a word the papers are saying at the minute good or bad as due to the NDA I think they’re all just taking shots in the dark.
  4. Is he going to still be dancing round his ironing board pretending he’s a happy go lucky guy on Monday?
  5. So he won’t sell, won’t spend money on players, but his long term goal is to have the mackems be a top 6 PL side (something they have never been). For fuck sake man.
  6. Aye, it’s not a great run but I’m not scared of it like I would be when managed by Pards or McClaren. Man Utd without Pogba are a lot more reserved and may struggle to break us down. As DK said the only real hiding I could potentially see is Man City but even then it’s not going to be like the humiliations we have had in recent years.
  7. Aye, as much as I’m not bothered (although it would have been a nice boost for Lascelles) it’s fucking absurd that a bloke that has been in a defence the press have been rightly ripping to bits is called up over Lascelles.
  8. http://www.echo-news.co.uk/sport/15634215.Shrimpers_boss_Brown__Sunderland_manager_is_my_dream_job/ Phil Brown breaking the news that he would love to manage the mackems in the Basildon Canvey Southend Echo
  9. I don’t think it matters who they get tbh, that playing staff is fucking rotten.
  10. Should do a Sunderland shirt signed by Lee Clark.
  11. They’re total fucking shite. Nailed on for the drop if they lose at home to fucking Bolton.
  12. Aye was going to say, free flowing attacking football is not something I’d associate with Everton.
  13. I'm not saying it's impossible (although I think the mackems hope of an automatic relegation situation is), I just personally don't see it as being massively likely as the FA haven't exactly been particularly heavy handed with points deductions on PL sides. I think it also opens a bit of a can of worms for the FA as clubs like Manchester United and Manchester City have been taking some pretty aggressive stances themselves to ensure players pay less tax on their wages with the way they structure where those wages are coming from. I saw it as a bit of a show of force by HMRC doing the raid and arresting a man as he quivered under his desk, rather than making me think it is a huge issue. I'm working on something currently where a company is defending their position over potentially structuring a deal to avoid $8bn worth of tax, they were never raided they just got a letter. I think the fact the press aren't making a massive deal out of it leans to the fact it's not going to be a massive deal. The bid also came after the allegations so it's not like they're going to suddenly get caught by surprise with it.
  14. Aye, it’ll be a fine, the taxes that were owed, plus interest on that money from the time it should have been paid. They’re pinning a lot of their hopes on the Swindon thing. The thing was though the Swindon one was more transfers and was in the early 90’s, it’s also worth noting that Swindon were originally meant to be barred promotion and relegated, they fought it and got the relegation bit taken away then ran out of money when they tried to fight the taking away of their promotion. Its pure fantasy land stuff from the mackems imo.