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  1. Aye his superpower is basically always looking completely out of his depth. I genuinely have no idea how anyone in the sport would watch him and think "aye that's what we need in our side". I'm not even trying to be nasty about him here I just have no idea what he brings to a team, I thought he'd show something in the Championship but I don't even think that's his level.
  2. Aye he's being ridiculous. He's bringing it on himself as everyone is saying, he was given fair notice that he wasn't going to be in the team and the club were clearly willing to sell him for next to nowt (personally don't understand why you'd pay for a player of his level, I still refuse to believe random lads in the youth set up couldn't have managed the level he showed last season).
  3. Aye, it's always a worry but the professionalism and maturity of lads like Hayden, Lascelles, and Merino gives me hope that they can avoid that sort of issue. They done a good job at dispatching a lot of the shite last season so hopefully they help hammer another nail in Palaces coffin.
  4. I hope they've got 0 points and 0 goals by the time we play them. There's always the worry that we'd do our typical and lose to the wankest team in the league, but I think the way we set up will be a nightmare for them as they'll come flying forward out of desperation and Rafa will have our lot set up to just be patient.
  5. Aye, I think a lot of them took a lot of confidence from getting the job done under heavy pressure last season as well. I think Lascelles, for example, has looked far better in the PL than he did last season in the championship, part of it is likely because he's not carrying an injury like he supposedly was for a lot of last year but I think a good amount is down to his experience from last season.
  6. Aye, it was fairly clear from the off that any chance they had would come through him. Sort of player you'd love on your team but fucking hate him when he's against your lot.
  7. Was just about to say the same about Allen, part of it was obviously because he was getting bossed by a 21 year old lad but he's also a total bellend. Aye that Shaqiri dive was absurd the commentator on mine was full of excuses for him "ooo yeah it's a painful one, he clipped his achillies clearly and he reacted a step later as that's when he felt it" erm nah pal the fat gnome took about 4 steps before hoying himself over. Its fantastic to see all these sides that were supposed to easily brush us off spend half their time trying to have our players sent off (see Shaqiri on Clark) and diving about as the frustration at being unable to break us down sets in.
  8. The mackems seem to hate Matt Ritchie for some reason and constantly talk about how he's shit at this level, or below average at this level. It seems a really odd argument to make when you consider he's got 4 assists already, only Mkhitaryan has more so far this season.
  9. Aye, I remember looking at these 3 games hoping for 1 win out of them. Really impressive how capable he's got this squad looking.
  10. We looked pretty strong throughout, good win and well deserved imo. Another class day, good win for us and the mackems suffered a late equalizer from David Meyler.
  11. Best performance by Perez in a while imo.
  12. Aye seeing that gnome go flailing was worth it.
  13. Get the fuck in Jamaal
  14. These commentators trying to say it was a good tackle because he grazed the ball before wiping Atsu out.
  15. Kick in the balls that like, should be miles away. That was always going to be the way they'd score though as we've done a good job at the back.